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Some tones, some drones,beautiful soundscapes and even a guitar bit on here. Most unmistakablyCoil, however, this is the CD release of an LP originally recorded backaround Halloween 1998.
The recordings took place outside Coil's studiohowever, and were produced in part by Gary Ramon of the Prescriptionlabel. The LPs were made in a quantity of 99 and only given to thosewho had subscribed to this series released on Prescription. Theoriginal recordings seemed rather different from Coil's work, almostwithout the absolute quality control work that Coil put intoeverything. Coil have rearranged the running order, reworked most ofthe songs, added one song, and left a couple untouched on this release- stretching the 45 minute-long LP into a 72 minute-long CD. Theelectro-glitchy looped bits "The Avatars" and "2nd Sun Syndrome" alongwith the haunting epic, "The Mothership and the Fatherland" remainalmost completely untouched, while in "I Don't Want to Be The One," thesong gets extended about 3 minutes, Peter's voice gets added subtly andan unrecognizable voice (could it be Thighpaulsandra?) appears in abrand new part tagged on at the end. The new track "MU-UR" sounds likealtered takes from "The Mothership & the Fatherland" with thepulsing tympani, mesmerising scapes and Maggot Brain-era Funkadelicorgan. Also added is a vocal whose effects echo those of "AmethystDeceiver." Perhaps the most drastically changed tune is "The SeaPriestess," where a droney sitar has been completely removed. Beautifulchoral voices are added along with brilliant droning Tibetan vocalsamples. Pretty chimes paint an aural picture of the water glisteningin the moonlight and the vocals are mixed much better and prominentsounding.