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Martin Gretschmann, knobtwiddler for the Notwist and Tied & Tickled Trio part-timer, servesup a somewhat greasy yet tasty serving of '80s-lovin' retro-synthpop onhis second Console full-lengther.
Just like scallops wrapped in bacon,you know this stuff is downright bad for you - but it tastes so goodthat such concerns hardly seem to matter. I can't help thinking,however, that this brand of electroni-kitsch finds its audiencedepending on the personalities and labels involved. Consider the veryConsole-like Cylob. Because Cylob cuts his tracks for Richard D. James'Rephlex label, the electronica insiders who hang on RDJ's every movescoop up Cylob releases without a second thought. "Rocket" was releasedin Europe two years ago, but Console is now finding his way intocollege-radio playlists across North America by virtue of the album'sre-release on über-indie Matador Records. The differences betweenConsole's music and Cylob's are negligible. Strangely enough, I suspectyou won't find many people listening to both artists. Don't let hipsterprejudice force you to choose. If you like the one, try the other. And check out that streaming video at Matador's website while you're at it!Check out the streaming video!