Distance, "Traffic"

It comes as no surprise that the label that "broke" Vex'd would so eagerly snap up this sinister record from one of the darkest soundsmiths coming from the dubstep community.


Planet µ

With highly-touted Boka and Hotflush releases, as well as more than a few sought-after dubs, being caned by all the premier scene DJs, Distance's debut for Mike Paradinas' potent imprint proves he's got what it takes to break out from relative obscurity.  The synth heavy A side "Traffic" is some sort of primal dancefloor monstrosity, growling and nashing its teeth within the first 30 seconds, and rarely letting up throughout its duration. This relentless storm will demand rewind after rewind, as I imagine it already has at countless South London parties.  On the flipside, the more subdued yet far from tame "Cyclops" creeps along a bit with atonal bleeps, ghostly moans, echoing snare hits, and gut-rumbling bass.  Those in the know have probably familiarized themselves with both of these killer cuts thanks to their appearance during Distance's fierce set during January's near-infamous Dubstep Wars episode on the Breezeblock radio program.  Now, eager fans can get their paws on a copy of their own.