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Drag City releases thisCD this month, previously only available through FSA's own "Heartbeat"in the UK in a limited edition of 1,000 clear vinyl LPs and 2,000 CDs.
FSA's style is without a doubt psychedelic influenced, with swirlingacoustic and electric guitar melodies, loaded with delays and effects,drum loops and backwards sounds - but that's not everything. It canalso have abrasive pulsing thumpy distorted drums with a harsh boomingkick. On this album we get some doses of both. For most of the firsthalf of this album, we're presented with a taste of the prettier side.The music is simple but has an honest charm. For lack of better wordchoices, it is indeed quite pretty and 'dreamy.' By track five,"Chemicals," the beefy beats sound in and stay prominent for the nextfew songs. Environmental sounds on "Darkwind" shifts gears, turningthis record into a spacious drone record, while distorted guitareffects on "River" turns this into a rock album. A funky drum loop andbass track accent the songs "Dust" and "Rise" and the occasionalintentional tape hiss adds a mysterious layer to a few other songs. I'mquite pleased with this record, recorded between 97 and 99 andself-produced. A Savage Pencil design completes the package withcolorful psychedelic covers and an evil looking inner sleeve drawing.
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