Reviews Search, "Ozeanische Gefühle"

Although I don't listen to dark-ambient-spooky-droney music as much as I used to, occasionally I'll listen to an album here or there that rubs all my buttons (hooray for impromptu mixed metaphors) and reminds me why this genre can be such a compelling one.


From the get-go, the mood is set by the first sample, a rainy thunderstorm. As cliche as that might sound, Ozeanische Gefühle truly is a creepy album. The drones creep into the picture like glaciers, quiet at first but building to throbbing heads that ebb and flow away. This album makes me feel like I'm sitting in a run-down shack in an empty field at night during a rainstorm, but it goes beyond that: it's an engaging,interesting album. Incredibly, there are no boring moments to be found here. I'm hoping Matt Waldrom returns to the unsettling-drone arena again, because he is clearly good at what he does.