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What the world needs now is more instrumental Germans sounding like Can.



Well, I know it's bad to do a comparison right from the first sentence, but on this, the second Kreidler album for Mute, it's not necessarily far from the truth. The tunes move, they groove, they provide excellent background music to any mundane programming job or actually sitting down and doing your homework. Live drums, active percussion, a driving electronic bass guitar plays notes all over the fretboard either to keep you entertained or keep himself impressed with his own skills. Sounds like I'm dogging the record, but I do really enjoy it, it's just been done about 25 years ago already. Perhaps there were less people listening to Can back then and catching a live band like them was only for the lucky few who knew of them. With that in mind, I'd like to see these guys live just because I'm not old enough to have witnessed Can in the good years.