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Lab Report is Chicago area artist and musician Matthew Schultz.
    "Classical Atmospheres" is his 6th full length album in 9 years, the2nd of which is entirely self realized and released through his own website ($12 shipped from Lab Report's music delves intomenacing, soundtrack style industrial soundscapes and ambiance viaSchultz's "anti-tank guitar" invention, field recordings and samples.With "Classical Atmospheres", as one might assume from the title,Schultz explores classical themes in 5 of the 16 tracks while the restare more similar to past Lab Report work, as well as other strange newsounds. "Bombastic One" and "Bombastic Finale" are proud miniatureorchestras, the former augmented by the somewhat out of place electricguitar soloing of American Records' Johnny Polonsky. "Sad and SomewhatIntoxicated", "Soundtrack Standard" and "Horns and Strings" are briefbut beautiful classically minded piano, violin and string/horn pieces,respectively. "The Chase" is a surprising bit of uptempo, metallicrhythm fueled film noir soundtrack that might make Barry Adamson smile."Dun Dun" is a playful cartoon like loop that, as the insert itselfdescribes, 'becomes irritating' (each track is accompanied by a briefdescription and b/w photo). The remainder of the album are theambient/found sound pieces ... drones, washes, hums, thumps, bangingand clanging ... all of which are as good if not better than past work."Introduction" (with additional guitar by Dirty's Tom Slattery) isespecially eerie. These tracks are not simply random noises, they areintentional emotive environments. Altogether, "Classical Atmospheres"is Schultz's most successful and challenging (for both the artist andlistener) work to date. The balance between old and new sounds andstyles works very well and Schultz, as an artist, continues to remainunpredictable and independently push himself forward ...