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Once again, JonathanWhiskey hits one out of the ballpark. Kicking off their split 7"series, the concept behind it being one unknown band and one known, theonly thing I could possibly gripe about is the near-impossible to openmailer sleeve.
But it's a small, insignificant complaint. Lazarus Clampgive us "North", a beautifully disturbing tune that incorporates bitsof Hood and Slint, utilising the latter's quiet-to-loud dynamics. Theunknowns here, Grecians 2 By Bukowski, offer us a sound not heard muchin today's indie rock. "David Dark" brings to mind early Seefeel, witha solid rhythm section to anchor things from straying to far. A genericstaticky sample, which surfaces from the low-end murk halfway through,gives the song n almost early to mid-80's industrial dance feel to it.Not a bad initial offering. Let's hope Phil at JW keeps on dredging upthe class talent! All Jonathan Whiskey releases available at