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"The Somniloquist" (meaning 'one who talks in his sleep') is a limitededition (2000) 73 minute spoken word album by former SWANS and TheAngels of Light leader Michael Gira available signed direct from theSWANS web site.The disc is divided into 5 stories read live:Bloodsucker (1984), The Sex Machine (1994), MTV and the Cult of theBody (1996), The Idiot (1996) and My Birth (1996) that vary in lengthfrom 6 to 25 minutes apiece. The first two stories, or 'fairy tales' asGira refers to them, may also be found in his 1994 book "The Consumer"on Henry Rollins' 2.13.61 book imprint. In short the tales cover thesesubjects: a person being physically and mentally eviscerated byanother, a sex show, the clean-up of an air plane crash, a prisoner andhis experiences in jail, the birth of a child and murder of the motherby the child. Consider these *adult* fairy tales. Gira's frequentinspirational sources are also found here: authority, control, virtualrealities, fame, love, hate, sex, rape, violence, brutality, gore, etc.Gira has the same penchant for painting evocative images with words ashe does with sounds. His speech is delivered in a nonchalant anddeadpan, yet hypnotic manner deviating occasionally for an impassioned,whispered or sung line. His mastery of language and attention to detailis crucial to the visceral nature of these stories. You almost feelguilty for enjoying these tales which is probably the purpose of it'screation ... a confrontation of sorts with the darkest hidden innerthoughts, feelings and sides within individuals and society in general.Luckily for us Gira is not reluctant to share the fascinating and/orfrightening bowels of his mind ...