Omen, "Rebellion"

While there are no obvious peak hour dancefloor decimators to be found here, this apparent Random Trio member's solo debut on Tectonic makes a fine addition to any dubstep DJ's arsenal.


Tectonic Recordings

What this relative newcomer lacks in intensity he certainly makes up for in brooding atmosphere, as exemplified best on "Rebellion," where the hospital room heart monitor blips and echo chamber plonks adorn this heavy head nodder.  Omen has a firm grasp on creating and maintaining a strong low end vibe, which remains everpresent on the two B-side cuts.   The ominous textures of "Frontline" are punctuated by a punchy bassline that inevitably breaks out of its shell to demand attention as the prime melodic element to fixate on, even though a buzzy synth hook tries its best to dominate closer to the end.  "Aphrodite" closes this record out with backwards-played beats, ghastly digeridoo-esque groans, and, of course, deep dark bass vibrations.