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Pigeons, "Liasons"

This hypnotic listening experience is as pleasantly soporific and gently gritty as if Mazzy Star had been produced by Alex Chilton.


Soft Abuse

Liasons - Pigeons

The ramshackle-sounding "Pure" probably highlights the group's sonic ambition as well as any song here, with Clark Griffin's languid, sparkling, guitar lines and the haunting, if slightly incomprehensible, voice of Wednesday Knudsen nicely separated from a percussive strum of acoustic guitar resembling a "treated" tambourine.

Griffin wisely has a contrasting abrasive tone on other tracks and the duo's sound is augmented here and there with drum machine, flute, and use of echo. Knudsen sings in French on two or three songs including the spacious cover of Serge Gainsbourg's "Laisse Tomber les Filles" which builds into a weird chant with an instrumental break of squeaks somewhat similar to how it might sound if a box of activated Buddha Machines were attacked by sleepy kittens. I'm not sure if Pigeons can pull this gorgeous, urban- folk mysticism off in concert but they are currently playing dates on both US coasts, and down into Florida, Louisiana and Texas.