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Without the hype, this one CD/13 song collection assembles some wonderful examples of challenging electronic pieces.
    Compiled by Kim Cascone and releasedthrough Digital Narcis in Japan, it starts with an alarmingly excitingbit from Terre Thaemlitz and proceeds with other fine selectons fromDumb Type, Tetsu Inoue, Tayler Dupree, Nobukazu Takemura and V/Vm. Itmakes no promises, yet it makes Clicks_+_Cuts look like "Minimalism forDummies!" Truer to the ideas of minimalism, there is a slight bit ofrepetition, but the song structure is actually interesting throughoutthe entire disc. You're not waiting to stop the damned thing after thefirst three tracks! Much like a hallucinogen, this disc will playtricks with your mind, excite your senses and keep you on a fun ride,wondering what's due next,...