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Mille Plateaux has definitely mistaken minimalism for boring drawn out mindless electronica babble.

    This collection is simply way too promising andcomes up short in its delivery. Liner notes outline how the collectionyou're holding in your hand is so revolutionary and will usher in a newmovement to the world of electronic music (blah blah blah,...) - inactuality, this is yet another gratuitous label-invented collection,assembled for their own self promotion. Sure, their intentions are togive some of the finer acts some exposure, like SND, Panacea or Kid 606- but the tracks each submitted were brimming with medioctrity. Thinkabout the artists themselves: how many compilations can somebody reallyappear on before it becomes overkill? Agreeing to be on a compilationis fulfilling a favor for the label essentailly - it's difficult for anartist to simply pull a song out of the air and have it be bothexclusive and great. In actuality, artists will generally save theirbest songs for their own albums. Like a depressant this CD will indeednumb your mind and has the potential to make you feel pretty damnedstupid. Minimalism isn't about a boring unchanging 4/4 clicky beat thatstretches on 8 minutes too long, it's about making the most out of aminimal amount of sources. Sans Panacea and Kid 606, I've wasted bothtime and money on this collection.