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Back to Germany for another beat filled electronic collection.
    Shitkatapult has assembled12 fun tracks of various 12" releases, both existing and forthcoming.The artists are undoubtedly less known than the other compilationsfeatured this week, but the music in no way is less redeemable. Stillrelatively minimal, the beats are faster and the sounds are moreaggressive and with more depth. Worshipping glitches and noises, someof these artists are incorporating true clicks and cuts into the beats,arranging rhythmic patterns entirely from sampled noises. Others playwith more conventional aggressive techno styles, having fun whilekeeping it interesting all the while. Each artist on this collectionwalks down a different street from the other, yet remains in the sameneighborhood - from the jazzy exotic Magnum 38 to the comical glickyNanospeed, the noisy T. Raumschmiere or the minimal Spacetank. Similarto the Blue Cubism comp., this disc can be minimal but captivatingenough to hold your attention through every revolution of the disc.