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Oh boy, back topointlessness. Release through an arrangement with Virgin records, thiscompiles loads of previously released and garbage from Fatboy Slim,Underworld and Gus Gus.
    The only saving grace is "Anon," a cut fromMeat Beat Manifesto unavailable elsewhere. Sadly enough the trackhardly makes this collection worth the price of admission. A coupledecent tracks like Orbital's Mock Tudor or Q-Burns Abstract Message'soveruse of Cocteau Twins samples makes this listenable, but notacceptable. Observing the cheesy pastel cheap computer graphics, potleaf and peace loving messages, it's clear that this disc is made forthe less discriminating listener. The message (beneath the 'love yourmother earth bit') is consume, buy and accept. It does howeveraccomplish making "Clicks_+_Cuts" look good. If you're a Meat Beat fanand want this for the exclusive cut, shop your local used bins.