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Kirk's music in the lastfour years has definitely been more aggressive and challenging than theearlier more international, ambient and "groovy" releases.
    If I had togive "Loopstatic" a theme it would be political intrigue with theshortwave radio as a propaganda tool. From his last couple of releasesand The Wire interview its clear - Kirk seems to be in full assaultmode - using his synths more like machine guns and his samplers aspropaganda tools. A stark contrast to earlier works like DigitalLifeforms where everything is smooth and pleasing with minimalpolitical overtones. Today's stuff is much harsher - like going to ahockey game or a riot! A typical track starts with a strange, loopedshortwave sample, the mechanical, hihats and other bits start clickingaway. Resonant bursts shoot out of his synths like little laser guns asthe rhythm builds, and (only occasionally this time) ethnic percussionfinds itself enslaved to the 4/4 beat of Detroit house music. Beforeyou know it you are enveloped in a full-tilt sensurround house musicexperience. I guess you could call it mean and nasty,take-no-prisoners, subversive house music. I've never heard anythinglike it.