Stuart A. Staples, "That Leaving Feeling"

From the Tindersticks front man’s forthcoming album come two songs which are more like his band than the collection of songs he showcased previously. Both are that kind of epic melancholy orchestral swing that Tindersticks do so well.


Beggars Banquet

“That Leaving Feeling” is a classic Staples plus sultry female singer duets (in this case with Lhasa de Sela) that is very reminiscent of “Travelling Light” and “Buried Bones” from the Tindersticks back catalogue. It doesn’t quite reach the power of these songs but it is still a fine addition to Staples’ repertoire. “There is a Path” also sounds familiar. Staples must have gotten fed up trying to find new styles of music to sing to and gone back to something more comfortable. Staples’ previous solo work, although good, was a break from this cosy style which suits his velvet voice perfectly, but these two songs sound much like what I’ve been waiting for since 2003 (a new Tindersticks record).