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The Damage Manual is Chris Connelly, Jah Wobble, Geordie Walker and Martin Atkins.
  Eachmember has at least 20 years of music making experience in such bandsas: Public Image Ltd., Killing Joke, Invaders of the Heart, theRevolting Cocks, Ministry, Pigface and Murder Inc., among others, andhave worked with one another in the past on several occasions. "1" isthe debut 32 minute, 7 track EP via Atkins' Invisible Records. Thirtyseconds into the first track it's clear that this band intends to rock.And rock they do, in a very dense manner ... almost as if they'reproving a point. "Sunset Gun" is Led Zeppelin for the new millennium asWalker's massive riff and Atkins' heavy handed rhythm explode whileConnelly unleashes his poetic primal scream for the first time inseveral years. The track ends with someone in the studio saying "ok,cool!" I agree. "Damage Addict" is propelled for it's duration byWobble's big bass groove with Connelly's distorted vocal, jabs ofguitar/noise and samples of giggling children. "Scissor Quickstep" isvery aggro with an uptempo beat, sporadic riff and Connelly up frontyelling like a punk banshee. "Blame and Demand" is also deep grooveoriented, in a Killing Joke sort of way, with Walker's trademark wallof sound guitar and Connelly's gorgeous extended notes. "Leave theGround" finds Connelly in double tracked crooner/spoken mode as astatic drenched bass line and an incendiary guitar solo blaze atop thebeat. Each track is embellished by Atkins' samples, loops andproduction as well as some additional scratching by Chicago DJ Jesse DeLa Pena and synth work by Lee Fraser (Bagman, Sheep on Drugs). Thefinal two tracks are good dub remixes of "Damage Addict" and "Blame andDemand" by Bagman and Chris Cookson, respectively. Yeah, this is amonster. And that's not all. The CD-ROM portion has a sharp interfacefor biographies, lyrics, photos, band members at work video clips andthe in the studio shot "Sunset Gun" video. Very cool. The as yetuntitled album and world tour arrive and kick off in June. Don't misseither one ...