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Strings and acousticguitars set the opening for this charming release from the secondLouisville-based collective featured this week.
  The Halifax Pier'semotion-soaked debut on The Temporary Residence label conveys feelingthrough music, eclipsing the power of spoken or sung lyrics. These sixsongs creep by at a moderate pace, the music building and quelling,reaching intense peaks without screaming in your face. Like goodactors, these musicians know that it's the tone of one's voice, not itsvolume, that speaks loudest and clearest. The Halifax Pier leaves mewondering what's being fed to all those kids in Kentucky. Louisvilleain't so big, but it sure seems to produce a wealth of brilliant bands.And Temporary Residence, whom I've always respected for its superbTravels in Constants CD-EP series, comes up with another winner here.If heartfelt, acoustic, gut-bleeding, Midwestern, 20-something musicisn't your bag, then move on and leave the rest of us to enjoy.