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The brothers Ween are back with their most straightforward album to date.
    "White Pepper"clocks in at less than 40 minutes with a dozen 2 to 4 minute songs. Themost shocking thing about this one is that it's not shocking at all. Ifyou're looking for "Push the Little Daisies" or "Piss Up a Rope" youcan forget it. The boys have either matured, made a conscious decisionto not be as goofy and experimental or maybe both. This is a singalongpop and power pop album for the most part with a heavy nod toward late60's Beatles. There's a few oddballs here and there: the light and airyCaribbean vibe of "Bananas and Blow" (only Ween would write a song witha chorus "stuck in my cabana, livin' on bananas and blow"), the speedmetal of "Stroker Ace" and the jazz rock ala Steely Dan (except itdoesn't suck) of "Pandy Fackler". The final three songs: "StayForever", "Falling Out" and "She's Your Baby" seem to be completelyirony free love songs, the former two with a country-esque flare."White Pepper" is definitely going to have some people scratching theirheads and likely bitching and moaning. Fuck 'em. This is a good album.Ween are currently on tour throughout the States.