At first I didn't really want to see this film, but the Wayans brothers have never let me down before, after making such timeless classics as "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka," and "Low Down Dirty Shame," along with the ground breaking television program, "In Living Color," I would have figured this would have been the same silly humor as the others, and it was.
  "Scary Movie" parodies "Scream," and "I Know What You Did Last Summer" almost scene for scene. The opening scene with Carmen Electra is almost identical to that of Scream's opening scene with Drew Barrymore. Nevertheless, the Wayans continue to use their wacky humor throughout the whole film. The highlight for me was the offbeat character played by Marlon Wayans and in particular one very well done scene mimicking those annoying "wassup" commercials. With even more surprises that I could mention here and many naughty bits, this film is very funny, even the racist jokes are funny. Spoofing even more recent blockbuster films, there is a surprise ending spoofing The Usual Suspects. If you're looking for a quick laugh and love that Wayans humor check this one out.