Step Into Liquid

It isn't surprising this surfing documentary is in the vein of Endless Summer, given that the director is the son of the director of that surfing classic. This film, however, does not follow two surfers around the globe, but instead features many surfers from around the globe. The surfing of today, however, is moving in directions never even dreamed of in 1966. The introduction of tow surfing (using a jet ski to tow the surfer into waves too big to be paddled into) and hydrofoil surfing (modified surfboards with hydrofoils attached to the bottom allowing the surfer to rise a few feet above the water) are allowing surfers to ride waves that were never before within reach.
Director Dana Brown and his band of cameramen have captured scene after scene of beautiful surf. Their underwater work alone is deserving of high praise, but their traditional filming is impressive as well. The subjects of this film don't come off as pretentious, they just really enjoy surfing. And while a few of the subjects do fit the surfer stereotype, for the most part you can see someone you know in every face. There are no words I can really use to describe how beautiful this film is. It felt like a perfect way to round out the summer here in New England.