Jeff Bridges plays a popular radio shock jock. His success is short lived, as he gives out the wrong advice to a regular caller. Distraught, the caller unleashes his anger in a crowded bar from the barrel of a shotgun. Jeff hears the news after dancing around toaking from a fat joint marvelling in plans to port his radio success over to TV. Quickly finding his way into a nervous breakdown, he ends up slumped over a fountain downtown drunk, mumbling his troubles to a wooden doll.

In many twists and turns, Jeff finds himself saved from street thugs by a loony bum (played by Robin Williams). Jeff finds comfort in his new life as a street wanderer, befriending Robin. You see -- Robin's wife was cut down by shotgun fire by -- you guessed it, the angry caller whom Jeff gave ill advice. Therein lies the twisted bond. Jeff is then led through Robin's plight of hallucinations of a giant dragon, knights, and other nasties. Jeff seeks through it all to seek forgiveness from Robin. In the end he must seek Robin's vision of 'The Holy Grail' to earn forgiveness.