the man who wasn't there

Following last year's 'O' Brother Where Art Thou', the Coen brothers deliver another remarkable story about unremarkable people. The film takes place in the late 1940's, shortly after World War 2, shot in black and white with wonderful cinematography by Oscar-nominee Roger Deakins. Witty and intellegent dialog are the strongest parts about this film, however. Ed Crane (Billy Bob Thorton) is a quiet low-key barber whose wife Doris (Frances McDormand) is cheating on him with her boss (played by James Gandolfini). Aware of this, Ed finds a way to blackmail her boss for $10,000. Ed is a simple man but from that moment on his life is forever changed. There are many surprises in the film, not including a crazy invention called "dry cleaning" (which is why Ed needs the $10,000). 'The Man,...' earned Joel Coen a Best Director award at the Cannes Film Festival beside David Lynch for 'Mulholland Drive'. Expect to see another Academy Award nomination for Best Screenplay.