Wonderfully written and directed by Sofia Coppola in her first feature film attempt, produced by her father, Francis Ford Coppola.
  Virgin Suicides follows the last few months of the Lisbon sisters to their tragic demise. The story is told by five boys who were in love with the sisters and watched their every step. The parents of the sisters played by James Woods and Kathleen Turner are religious and strict, appearing almost loving and loveless at the same time. Could perhaps they be driving force of the sisters suicides or could their failure to be accepted into the social realm be it? There are times where you laugh at some of the characters, but the overall effect of the film is extremely sad. The movie is somewhat slow paced but always interesting, with a terrific musical score from Air. (Which I recommend - having had the soundtrack since Febuary and wanting to see the movie more and more since then.) There are some really excellent shots within: beautiful cinematography in most of the indoor scenes give the film a retro 70's look and feel. I do hope to see more films by Sofia in the future, as she's doing an excellent job following in her fathers footsteps. So far this year, it's the best film I've seen, although it's competition hasn't been too strong. Don't let this slip by, as I doubt it will last much longer in the theaters.