Throw the Lotus

  1. 101 Strings, "Flameout"
  2. The Gaslamp Killer, "Turk Mex"
  3. El Hijo de la Cumbia, "La Mara Tomaza"
  4. Paul Guiot & Paul Piot, "Amour, Vacances et Baroque"
  5. Alain Goraguer, "Déshominisation I" (from La Planete Sauvage OST)
  6. Agitation Free, "Khan El Khalili"
  7. Alan Watts, "Love You"
  8. Bernard Fevre, "Cosmic Rays"
  9. Beyond the Wizards Sleeve, "Dig It"
  10. Blackway, "New Life"
  11. Brian Harnetty, "Papa Made That Last Verse Up"
  12. Dan Deacon, "Wet Wings"
  13. Master Musicians of Bukkake, "A Mist of Illnesses"
  14. Mahmoud Ahmed, "Ere Mela Mela"

Jonathan Dean

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