The first 20 minutes you are just staring, without a clue of what's going on in these simultaneously projected movies which fit to four parts of the screen. The director switches the viewer's attention in various combinations (of 4) making it more sharp. So that at one moment you are realizing that the puzzle is partly solved and that your perception has just been rebuilt to suit the movie's unusual stream: it was shot without montage in real time with four cameras.
EBTG's "Single" follows after Mahler's 5th symphony Adagietto only to finish it with a ridiculous DJ's version of an old russian folk song "Poljushko, Pole". But within this seeming chaos the structure, plot and characters are building.
The most interesting thing happens when you walk out of the cinema finding yourself in a state of incredible lightness and your perception (which got used to that complicated 4-dimensional scheme) frees and allows you to get reality more real. This is a magical movie.