Add N To (X) - Loud Like Nature CD/2xLP (Mute, US)
Cabaret Voltaire - Nag Nag Nag 12" [original version plus new mixes by Tiga & Zyntherius, Akufen, and Richard H. Kirk] (Mute, US)
DJ BrokenWindow - Parallel Universe Vol. 1 CD (Violent Turd, New Zealand)
DMX Krew - Touch Me! 12" (Ersatz Audio, US)
Burnt Friedman and The Nu Dub Players - Fuck Back 12" (Nonplace, Germany)
* Gotan Project - La Revancha Del Tango CD/LP (XL, Canada)
* Gotan Project - Santa Maria 12"/two CDEPs (XL, Canada)
Goudron - Horses & Chariots 12" (Ersatz Audio, US)
Richie Hawtin/Sven Väth/Various - The Sound of the Third Season CD (Novamute, UK)
Kid606/Xanopticon - $ Vol. 10 7" (Tigerbeat6, US)
* Mr. Scruff - Trouser Jazz CD/2xLP (Ninja Tune, Canada/US)
* Mr. Scruff - Beyond/Champion Nibble 7" (Ninja Tune, Canada/US)
New Order - International CD ["best of" anthology] (London, Canada)
Scanner - Spray/Lambertia 12" (Zero G Sounds, US)
Sigur Ros - ( ) CD/2xLP (Fat Cat, UK)
Luke Slater - I Can Complete You 12" (Mute, US)
Dwayne Sodahberk - Don't Want to Know You CD (Tigerbeat6, US)
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Shakin' Rock N Roll 7"/CDEP [mixes by Barry Adamson and Techno Animal] (Mute, UK)
The Squire of Somerton - Transverberations CD/LP (Memphis Industries, UK)
Suicide - American Supreme CD/2xLP (Blast First/Mute, UK/US)
* Super Numeri - Electric Horse Garden 7" (Ninja Tune, Canada/US)
* Tino - Tino's Breaks Vol. 4: Mambo CD [new CD edition] (TinoCorp, US)
Venetian Snares - Winter in the Belly of a Snake CD (Planet µ, UK)