We'll All Welcome This Decline Into Fall

  1. Giovanni Fusco "Bolero Avventura"
  2. The Pentangle "Travelling Song"
  3. The Jades "Leave Her For Me"
  4. The Apartments "Mr. Somewhere"
  5. Spacemen 3 "These Blues"
  6. The Velvet Underground "I'm Not A Young Man Anymore"
  7. Françoise Hardy "J'ai Coupé Le Téléphone"
  8. S.E. Rogie "Do Me Justice"
  9. Pat Hervey "Pain"
  10. Nico "I'm Not Sayin'"
  11. Levon & The Hawks "He Don't Love You (And He'll Break Your Heart)"
  12. David McCallum "House Of Mirrors"
  13. Marika Papagika "Zmirneikos Balos"
  14. Dean Martin "Houston"
  15. Satyajit Ray "Charu's Theme"

Jason Grimmer
Montreal, Quebec.

Make everyone a "Mix CD" for our virtual Mix CD Exchange Party and send the tracklist to mixcd at brainwashed. Tell us who you are, where you are, and anything else!