While Crispin Glover is considered by many to be merely a cult figure, he's always entertaining on the screen, and the top billing of him in a Hollywood studio film is enough to warrant some interest. The interest might have been weakened by the fact that this film is a remake of a less-than-savory horror film from 1971.

Much like Red Dragon, this film is a remake that didn't need to be made. I understand the studio's compulsion to cash in on nostalgia, or a trend, but I don't understand who was nostalgic for a movie about a guy who befriends a colony of rats, and then sings a Michael Jackson song that ALSO didn't need to be remade (the song, "Ben," was written for the sequel to the original version of "Willard," entitled "Ben").

Crispin always gets cast as the weirdo. This time, he, as the title character, is a complete pussy under the thumb of both his mother and his boss. His bedridden mother was apparently instructed by the director: "Act like the mother in 'Braindead' (a.k.a. 'Dead Alive'), but less zombieish." The boss was played by R. Lee Ermey, who did a great job acting like he normally does: a screamy drill-sergeant type guy.

This movie has only one thing going for it, and that is the stellar performance by Crispin Glover. If you love Glover, you have already seen this film. If you haven't, don't bother. And when I say "don't bother," I don't mean "wait for video/HBO", I mean simply don't bother.