While growing up, I read a few of the X Men comics, even watched a few of the animated television shows, but wasn't that big of a fan.
  After watching this film, I'd like to know more about the X Men, which unfortunately this film didn't really answer for me. However, once again it exceeded my expectations. I was surprised to see a good story though. It seems in the near future, the next step of human evolution is taking place. These mutants are becoming more and more common, but still a rare breed. There is a political bill that is trying to get passed permitting mutants to register so that the average public is notified of who they are. The good mutants are against it because they don't want to feel as if they're outcasts, the bad mutants are against it because they want to take over the world. That's basically the story line. The special effects were outstanding as well as the fight scenes. Patrick Stewart was outstanding as Dr. Xavier as was Ian McKellan as Magneto. Fans of the X Men will love it, non fans, like myself, will enjoy it very much but will have to wait till the sequel for the rest of the answers.