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JG Thirlwell's Manorexia : The Mesopelagic Waters

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JG Thirlwell's  Manorexia : The Mesopelagic Waters.

     We are proud to announce the release of JG Thirlwell's  Manorexia : The Mesopelagic Waters.
This album is released on the Composers Series wing of John Zorn's Tzadik label.

     The  50 minute album contains eight tracks, radically rearranged from the first two Manorexia albums, Volvox Turbo and The Radiolarian Ooze. The album's complex arrangements and evocative sweep owe something to contemporary classical music and cinema, minimalism and maximalism, while undeniable warped and refracted through Thirlwell's unique prismatic filter.
     It is performed by the chamber ensemble version of Manorexia in the arrangements that JG has been performing and perfecting over the last couple of years. The album features the playing of David Cossin on percussion, Leyna Marika Papach on violin, Elena Moon Park on violin, Karen Waltuch on viola, Felix Fan on cello, David Broome on piano and JG Thirlwell on samples/keys, compositions. It was recorded and mixed at Eastside Studios in NYC and engineered by Marc Urselli.

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 The Mesopelagic Waters
In JG Thirlwell's words......

     Manorexia was conceived in the year 2000. I began working on the first album on Thanksgiving morning and released it in 2001. It was started as an electronic and sample based project where I wanted to explore a spatial quality not existent in my other work. I released two albums as Manorexia, Volvox Turbo and The Radiolarian Ooze, both on my label Ectopic Ents exclusively thru my website
    I had wanted to rearrange some Manorexia compositions for string quartet with percussion for some time, and proposed this to David Sefton at UCLA back in 2002, but in course of those discussions we switched to my Steroid Maximus big band.
    Eventually I made the first live performance as Manorexia in Russia in 2006. Kenny Savelson at Bang On A Can proposed my going there for a performance at the same time as the Real Quiet trio of David Cossin, Felix Fan and Andy Russo. Real Quiet agreed to be the core of Manorexia for the Russian dates and we augmented the lineup with two violinists and a violist in Moscow. I rearranged some of the Manorexia material to be played by string quartet, piano, percussion and laptop with Ted Hearne. 
    I have since formed separate Manorexia ensembles in NYC and London. Manorexia has played at All Tomorrow's Parties, The Whitney Museum, Bang On  A Can marathon, Brainwaves Festival and several times at The Stone NYC.
    This album is the product of the first wave of chamber arrangements of Manorexia material.

-JG Thirlwell

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    JG Thirlwell is a composer/producer/performer based in Brooklyn who works under many pseudonyms including Foetus, Steroid Maximus, Manorexia, Baby Zizanie Clint Ruin and Wiseblood. If there is a common thread to his varied musical styles it is a dramatic intensity and an evocative, cinematic quality. He is also widely recognized for his remix and production work, as well as his graphic design.

JG has completed commissions for Kronos Quartet,  Bang On A Can and League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots and is also a member of the "freq_out" sound-art collective, who create on-site sound and light installations. He  also scores "The Venture Brothers", a hit cartoon show on Adult Swim/Cartoon Network.

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