Brainwashed Radio: The Podcast Edition

Mountain in Japan photo by Chris

Three new episodes for your listening enjoyment.

After two weeks off, we are back with three brand new episodes: three hours / 36 tunes.

Episode 697 features music from Beak>, Brothertiger, Kate Carr, Gnod, Taylor Deupree, FIN, Church Andrews & Matt Davies, Ortrotasce, Bill MacKay, Celer, Kaboom Karavan, and Ida.

Episode 698 boasts a lineup of tracks from Susanna, Nonpareils, KMRU, A Place To Bury Strangers, final, Coti K., Dalton Alexander, Akio Suzuki, The Shadow Ring, Filther, Aaron Dilloway, and Ghost Dubs.

Episode 699 is bursting at the seams with jams from Crash Course In Science, Chrystabell and David Lynch, Machinedrum, Ekin Fil, Finlay Shakespeare, Actress, Mercury Rev, Dave Brown / Jason Kahn, øjeRum, d'Eon, Jeremy Gignoux, and Shellac.

Mountain photo taken in Japan by Chris.

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This is a wonderfully schizophrenic release, with an aptly chosen name.
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After reading the descriptions of this release, I thought it might be interesting.
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As morbid as it sounds,rough times usually make for the most brilliant art, whether it be thetortured artist's painting, the sick obsessive's love poems or themusician's pain and loss manifesting itself into beautiful sound.
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MIMIR, "3"

The third album from post-rock post-kraut post-goth supergroup Mimir features members Christoph Heemann and Andreas Martin of HNAS, Edward Ka-Spel and The Silverman of Legendary Pink Dots with seminal guitarist/producer/noise artist/Spice Girls fan Jim O'Rourke.
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Two brand swanking new 7" single releases are available now on vinyl from v/vm Test Recordings.
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This collection of Oldhamtunes pulls a ton of stuff (16 tracks to be exact) from four trackdemos, home recordings, live stuff, peel sessions and other bits andpieces hanging around from the last seven years.
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With ITN moreso than Coiland Greater Than One, I'm mildly aggrivated when I mention them tosomebody and get a response like, "oh are they still around?"
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One album which shouldmost definitely have been instrumental is the fourth full-lengther fromformer Depeche Mode electro wizard, Alan Wilder.
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This excellentraster-noton release is really worth getting. It's a strange andintelligent little EP, with a nice balance between tightly controlledminimalism and playful goofiness. Very impressive!
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Swans, "Filth / Body To Body, Job To Job"

 Since Swans demise in 1997, Michael Gira has meticulously re-packaged exactly what he wants to preserve of Swans 15 year legacy via double cd re-issues, this being the fourth and final one. This set couples the long out print 1983 debut album Filth and the 1982-85 studio out takes and live recording collection Body to Body, Job to Job. In addition is a previously unreleased 25 minute live show in NYC from 1982/3 and a 9 minute live version of "Raping a Slave" from 1984. Noticeably missing are the four songs from the debut s/t EP from 1982.
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