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V01I03 - 08231998

For those of you fortunate to live in a place accessible to Boston, check out Amanda Palmer, dirging it out on the piano in concert with Open City (free noise from Los Angeles) and Low String Duo (monique & jonah from bourban princess - its a cellist and vocalist), Ellipse (kamikaze sound collage - featuring Amanda and Chris Goudreau). Its at the ZEITGEIST , 312 Broadway in Cambridge (down Norfolk st. from Central Square) phone 617.623.1065 doors at 8pm, show will start soon thereafter since we have to finish by 12. $5 cover.

We're proud to announce that finally works! It's been hosted on brainwashed here for the last 8 months and will continue to be in both places. Jon will still be doing the design, Global Media will continue to host them both. Thanks to everyone involved.

It's another web exclusive! The brand new album from Legendary Pink Dots is having a showcase of sound samples in advance to its September release date. Check the site for more details.

If your birthday happens to be this week then congratulations and happy birthday, you must be a Virgo. According to ace astrologer, Adam Sandler, "You are the logical type and hate disorder. Your shit-picking attitude is sickening to your friends and co-workers. You are cold and unemotional and often fall asleep while fucking. Virgos make good bus drivers and pimps."

If we missed your birthday last week, then big deal. You're a Leo, and according to Sandler, "You consider yourself a born leader. Others think you are an idiot. Most leos are bullies. You are vain and cannot tolerate criticism. Your arrogance is disgusting. Leo people are thieving motherfuckers and enjoy masturbation more than sex." - thanks to Adam for not suing us


Od McUb
"Collected Works of Od McUb," by Bigg Citty Orchestra - If you've ever heard a CD by Big City Orchestra, you know just what not to expect. This disc consists of various people reading selections from the cut-up books of Od McUb, who, according to the liner notes (nudge nudge wink wink? or is it true?) spliced together various books while living in Holland in the years 1911-1918 to give himself something new to read. The Silverman, Ed Ka-Spel, and Monte Cazaza are among those who read selections. Ka-Spel's book describes how to gather ultrasounds to keep in jars (be sure to have your mom pokes holes in the top first!) by digging in your backyard. All texts seem to have been recorded in a single take, and boo-boos are left in. The Silverman, for instance, cracks up over `tri-cyclic antidepressants'. The music is quite varied. Kan't-Spell and the Silver dude are not credited with providing music, and as far as I can tell, they didn't. But who can tell? I can't. The music in some pieces adds sound effects to highlight the text. In other pieces, the music gets Merzbow noisy and obscures the text. The CD, as usual for BCO, ends with selections from a sound-effects library. Make no mistake, this is DIFFICULT music. I'm sure I won't listen often, but nonetheless, I like it.- Ed Erwin (guest contributor)

While I'm not big on tribute discs, this one has really grabbed my attention. "A Tribute to Spacemen 3" features some wonderful tracks like Mogwai's pretty version of "Honey", Bardo Pond's heavy sonic "Call the Doctor", along with Low's haunting "Lord Can You Hear Me Call?" and Bowery Electric's "Things'll Never Be the Same". My only real beef with this is that there's too many songs from S3's "Playing with Fire" and nothing from other great albums like "Recurring", leaving me wonder how much Spacemen 3 these bands really listen to.- Jon Whitney

Kodo was formed in 1981 by a community of people who moved to Sado Island in the Sea of Japan ten years earlier to devote themselves to the study of taiko (Japan's traditional drum). Their objectives are not only the study and preservation of traditional Japanese performing arts, but also the creation of new directions for what they believe are still vibrant living art-forms. Their willingness to throw away preconceptions also lies behind Kodo's success in experimenting with new musical forms and creating some startling new fusions for taiko.

In addition to drums of assorted sizes, Kodo employs dance, mime, and a variety of other instruments, including the shamisen, bamboo xylophone, gong, bamboo flute, and wooden clacker. But it is the drums that dominate a Kodo performance - the most majestic being the O-daiko, a huge, decorated 800 pound instrument carved from the trunk of a single tree and played by two men.

I'd heard a couple of tapes of Kodo a long time ago, so knew something of what to expect, but I was unsure how they would maintain my interest for a couple of hours. As it was, I was mesmerised. Quiet melodies, with the most subtle playing suddenly erupt into pulse racing beats. Their physical stamina is incredible, especially impressive when the O-daiko is played. The main set was played with hardly a smile in sight. Each piece they performed was carefully choreographed, their timing was immaculate. When it was finished the stage was quickly cleared and set up for the next. At the end they deservedly received a standing ovation. After a brief break they returned for an encore. The straight faces had disappeared; now they were all smiles. It was as if the hard work was all over and they were now very definitely enjoying themselves. Fourteen people on stage dancing and pounding out a wonderful tribal beat. Absolutely stunning, and not to be missed. - David Minshall

As always, check out the latest update of NEW RELEASES brought to you by Greg and Feedback Monitor.


"The Life & Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist" - I can't say much about Bob Flanagan that already hasn't been said. He was a smart, funny, masochist who battled it out with CF and survived 20 years longer than most people stricken with the disease. The film document left behind has it's sick moments (Bob nails his penis to a piece of wood was disturbing, but I found more disturbing the times when his coughing had him bent over in pain), but it's also very touching. As much a love story between Bob and Sherre Rose as it is about Bob's art and work and disease. - Thomas Guttadauro

This weekend at the Brattle Theater in Cambridge, they were showing the two French surrealist films by the same people, Delicatessen and City of Lost Children. Delicatessen, while I've seen it before, was definately something different to see on the large screen. A dark, bleak and surreal view of a French urban wasteland, Delicatessen is one of those stories where the distinction between good and evil is a grey area. Cannibalism, an underground society, a circus performer, mischievous kids, the butcher, the mailman and many others make this an enjoyable spectacle. City of Lost Children, also by Caro & Jeunet, also takes place in a surreal, dark and bleak world. This one, however is more of a fantasy adventure and takes our main characters through the dark underground worlds of criminals and evil scientists (who kidnap children to steal their dreams) to rescue their orphan friends. Quite a wonderful film with a fairy-tale theme. Highly recommendable on a larger screen, however.- Jon Whitney


Convergence IV, a gathering of net.goths from all over the area. It's pretty cool bumping into people I know who don't live here. First night featured a live show by Masochistic Religion. They're a band to miss. Very loud and annoying boyz-with-guitarz band with the occasional use of a *coffin* as a stage prop. Sheesh.

Just saw Legacy of Rage, starring Brandon "The Crow" Lee from 1986. It's a pretty typical hong kong kung-fu/crime drama story, but it is kinda cool seeing him being used this way... The film style, dialogue, and action sequences are so different from how westerners do things, and the culture differences are very noticable. Brandon gets to kick ass as usual. The plot is a little far-fetched but that's not why people watch it, of course.

Biohunter, an anime from 1997, is an above-average anime in the genre of "demon possessed people who fight other demon possessed people who rape/kill/fondle with tentacles beautiful young women". Yah, it's derivative. And this particualr movie has very strong Incredible Hulk influences, but they also have a hand which walks around by itself a la Aadams Family, and some really well-done scenery and monster battle scenes. Oh well. Pass the crackers. - Alan Ezust

Subject: regarding your site

i must tell you that this site was a bit of a suprize. very cool. do you have a mailing list? if so will you set me up or let me know how to do so. i'd like to get info on upcomming concerts and new releases. thankyou!

- Jane Heller

Jane: nope - there are mailing lists pretty much devoted to all the bands here on Brainwashed, but no list for the site itself, this weekly magazine is the closest thing to it.

Subject: Post-Rock

Check it.

I am Randy Faucheux III, just a guy really... I like this whole crazy "post- rock" thing and I think your websites (Post-Rock and Brainwashed) are super- fucking-cool. So that's who I am and what I think...

- Randy

Subject: Discipline's Dungeon

Your website indicated a training facility for the purpose of training submission and obedience. Is this True?

I believe that this life style is what I am destined for, I have tried for several years to deny the attraction but the time has come to act and your assistance would be appreciated.

Some personal information to assist you:

I am a 5'1", 125 pound, white, masochistic female.
I am seeking to be paired with a STRONG, DOMINANT, SADISTIC MALE, PERMANENTLY.
I understand the aspects of this kind of relationship and strongly desire to persue it.

Can you be of any assistance. I do not know how to proceed and am in desperate need of assistance.

Hope you can help!

- DeDannan

I can safely speak for myself, not the rest of the US citizens, just because our leader is a belligerant liar and has made destructive decisions, doesn't mean we're all bad people or we all agree with him. Just because Disney, McDonalds, and Bay Watch are some of the most popular exports, doesn't mean we're all into that stuff. We're not all cheese-eating Oprah-watchers.
John Cleese, a Brit who shares the same birthday with me was interviewed recently on US TV and asked what he thought were the differences between the English and Americans. He said: 1. We speak English; 2. When we have a world series we ask other countries to participate; and 3. When we meet our head of state we only have to go down on one knee. - Jon Whitney


OUR LEADER - What REALLY goes on at the Oval Office. There's no sound to this, but you get the picture...


diamanda galas - malediction and prayer
blondie - plastic letters
garbage - version 2.0
sneaker pimps - becoming x
rhythm & noise - chasms accord
the jazz passengers - individually twisted
portishead - portishead
- Garth McNeil

Legendary Pink Dots - Chemical Playschool 3 & 4
Bedhead - Beheaded
Mickey Hart - Supralingua
Stereolab - Dots and Loops
Meat Beat Manifesto - Actual Sounds + Voices
- Jon Whitney

In my cd player: It's a 50 CD changer... don't ask.
- Thomas Guttadauro

Currently enjoying Gerechtigkeits Liga live in Bielefeld, 1983. Whatever happened to them...? I'm only aware of a 12" single and their lp, plus a handful of tapes. Also listening to a tape of Joy Division live in Amsterdam, 1 November 1980. Just came in the post today. Reliving my youth... only saw them once, that was supporting the Buzzcocks at Liverpool University.
HEY DAVID, Ian Curtis killed himself in May, 1980. That musta been one heck of a concert!!! Looks like I set myself up for that nicely... :)
The tapes actually dated 1/11/80. Which I now realise is American speak for 11 January, not 1 November.....- David Minshall

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