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VOLUME 8 / 2005
  • V08I27 - 07242005
    Meat Beat Manifesto, Blue Baby Recordings, Aidan Baker and Ultra Milkmaids, Monos, Foetus, Olvis, Black Sun Productions, Odawas, Entre Rios, Kid Loco, and New Kingdom.
  • V08I26 - 07172005
    The Eye: Meat Beat Manifesto, Marissa Nadler, Stereo Total, Paul G. Smyth, Abelcain, Andrew Liles, Nobody, Sudden Infant, Tunnelvision Reissues, Wolf Parade, Einsturzende Neukitchen, and Superdickery.
  • V08I25 - 07102005
    The Eye: Harris Newman and Esmerine, Fennesz/Sakamoto, The Drift, Sightings/Hrvatski, Shadow Hutnaz, The Mae Shi, The Remote Viewer, EKG, David Gross, Decomposure, Applied Communications, the Wilderness, Zimiamvian Night, Hair Police, and Hidden Songs.
  • V08I24 - 06262005
    The Eye: Comets On Fire, Four Tet, Aranos, Edward Ka-Spel, Fenin, Okkervil River, Esmerine, Stephan Mathieu, Kemialliset Ystavat, Oneida, The Friday Group, Lali Puna, Elliott Sharp/Merzbow, La Societe des Timides a la Parade des Oiseaux, The Rita, Laurent Garnier, and Rent a Dildo.
  • V08I23 - 06192005
    Negativland, Mice Parade, Nacht Plank, Bearsuit, Gruntsplatter, Green Milk From the Planet Orange, Art of Fighting, Richard Ramirez and Skin Crime, Earth, Sensational, Fantomas live, Music Lover's Field Companion, and The Phallic Logo Awards.
  • V08I22 - 06122005
    Current 93, Nurse With Wound, Simon Finn, Baby Dee, John Contreras/Rose McDowall/Nurse With Wound, The Body Lovers/The Body Haters, Keiji Haino, Umbrellas in the Sun, and Lego My Records.
  • V08I21 - 05292005
    The Eye: Monade, Rhythm & Sound, Jane, Why?, The Hafler Trio, Hellfish, The Lucksmiths, Current 93 and Friends live, Autechre live and This Day in Music.
  • V08I20 - 05222005
    The Eye: Stereo Total, Excepter, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Diana Rogerson and Chrystal Belle Scrodd, Nudge, Eric Malmberg, the Magic Carpathians Project, Edan, Jandek, Wolf Eyes, David Grubbs and Nikos Veliotis, Plumbline, Yip-Yip live, and church signs.
  • V08I19 - 05152005
    The Eye: Adult, Growing/Mark Evan Burden, Contagious Orgasm, Quasimoto, Frieband, Hive Mind, Silk Saw, Alexander Hacke, Piano Magic, Luke Vibert, Robert Lippok and Barbara Morgenstern, Merzbow, and Snobsite.
  • V08I18 - 05082005
    The Eye: Melt Banana, Major Stars, Bohren Und der Club of Gore, Mitchell Akiyama, Drums of Death, Colin Potter & Paul Bradley, Islaja, Pharaoh Overlord, Autechre, Nurse With Wound live, Thighpaulsandra live, The Tommy Seebach band, the F'n Moon, and $129 upgrade.
  • V08I17 - 05012005
    The Eye: Ulrich Schnauss, Monika Force, 4 Women No Cry, Dungen, Damien Jurado, Prefuse 73, Gang Gang Dance, Jaga Jazzist, The Exposures, Sybarite, Jessica Bailiff, Aranos, Garbage Island live, and Band to Band.
  • V08I16 - 04242005
    The Eye: Greg Davis, Ben Vida (Bird Show), and Keith Whitman; Earth, Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Manual, A Northern Chorus, Brendan Murray, Jonathan Coleclough & Lethe, Ezeetiger, Aural Rage, 13+God, Adult., and Got a Secret?
  • V08I15 - 04172005
    The Eye: Death in June, Coil, Thighpaulsandra, Keith Fullerton Whitman/Greg Davis, F.S. Blumm, "Tibetan Buddhist Rites from the Monasteries of Bhutan," Daedalus, Charalambides, Nodern, Hangedup, Revenge, and Killer or Programmer?
  • V08I14 - 04102005
    The Eye: Boyd Rice/Non, The Residents, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Gum, Yasunao Tone/Hecker, A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Giuseppe Ielasi, Beequeen, Other Passengers, Matt Elliott, Everything Comes & Goes, and No Pants Day.
  • V08I13 - 04032005
    The Eye: Radian, The Perceptionists, Hrvatski, Thee Silver Mt. Zion Orchestra & Tra-la-la Band, COH, Magnolia Electric Co., Alog, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Acid Mothers Temple, Wolf Eyes, Ermo Klar/Mike Franetti, Fog, Hum of the Druid, Winter, and an amateur concert report.
  • V08I12 - 03272005
    The Eye: Hood, Out Hud, Nick Cave, the Angels of Light, Judee Sill, Lau Nau, Organum/Z'ev, Szkieve, Monade, Koda, Wasted, Marsen Jules, Storyboard, Yellow Swans, Section 25, The Wake, and How to be a WFMU DJ.
  • V08I11 - 03202005
    The Eye: Pit Er Pat, AFX, Dalek, Akron/Family, Sam Prekop, Black Leotard Front, the Juan Maclean, LCD Soundsystem, Merzbow, Roots Maneuva, Jason Sloan, A Houseguest's Wish, By the End of Tonight, A Frames, Slint, and Rinkworks.
  • V08I10 - 03132005
    The Eye: Six Organs of Admittance, Venetian Snares, Mogwai, Boy in Static, Nagisa Ni Te, Tarentel (x2), Loren Mazzacane Connors/Christina Carter, Mothus, Henrik Nordvargr Bj?rkk, Tarwater, Severed Heads, Asmus Tietschens, Bardo Pond, Piano Magic, Who does Mike look like?, and Cubic Time.
  • V08I09 - 03062005
    The Eye: Ida, Aeolian String Ensemble, Eluvium, Masha Qrella, BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa, BJ Nilsen, 25 Suaves, Big Business, and Baby Name Wizard.
  • V08I08 - 02272005
    The Eye: Boy in Static, Smegma, Jesu, Montag, the Field Mice, the Bill Fay Group, the London Apartments, Vicious Pink Goo, Anal, Hive Mind, Machine Boy, and Library Cats.
  • V08I07 - 02202005
    The Eye: Andreas Martin, M.I.A., Aranos, Out Hud, Mirror, Harris Newman, Matters & Dunaway, Radio Sumatra, Radio From Penh, Indian Soundscapes, Archer Prewitt, Weird State Inbetween, Iron and Wine, and Muppets Over Time.
  • V08I06 - 02132005
    The Eye: Low (part 2), Antony and the Johnsons, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, DJ/Rupture, Current 93, Naked Intruder, Magnolia Electric Co., Mirror, Busdriver, Beequeen, L/A/B, Teeth, William Basinski, and Which Black Metal Musician Are You?
  • V08I05 - 02062005
    The Eye: Low, Six Organs of Admittance, What's Your Function?, Marz, Mirror, Bird Show, Jeff Parker, Jimmy Behan, Thomas Wylder and Toby Dammit, Savath and Savalas, Kalima, Black Mountain, Baronbumblood, and Axis Video.
  • V08I04 - 01302005
    The Eye: Colin Potter, Food, The Further Somniloquies of Dion McGregor, Black Forest/Black Sea, Laurent Pernice, White Hole, Minimal Man, Steven Brown, Skates, Reuter/Boddy, Maximilian Hecker and Are You Tall or Not?
  • V08I03 - 01232005
    The Eye: Snow Day (w/ Mirror), Low, Book Mobile, Nurse with Wound, Oh No, Mike Cooper, Mantrakid, Beequeen, Larsen, Johan Skugge, Zbigniew Karkowski/Antimatter, True Color of Blood, Bibio, Hood, By the End of Tonight, and Antonin Artaud's Live Journal.
  • V08I02 - 01162005
    The Eye: Christina Carter, Richard H. Kirk, Thalia Zedek, Master Musicians of Bukkake, Andrew Liles, Guilty Connector, Eyvind Kang and Tucker Martine, Andrey Kiritchenko, Early Day Miners, Lustmord, Die Todliche Doris, Secret Mommy, the Boats, Muslimgauze, Tovsky/Hudak/Khan, Pinback, Labwaste, and cat hats.
  • V08I01 - 01092005
    The Eye: The Dead Texan, Flossin, the Soft Pink Truth, Sun City Girls, Cyann & Ben, Tom Waits, Brpobr, Tussle, Foal, Phiiliip, Jandek On Corwood, Colin Potter live, and Leonard Nimoy's Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.
VOLUME 7 / 2004
  • V07I51 - 12262004
    The Eye: Thighpaulsandra, Panda Bear, Hope for Agoldensummer, Jan Dukes de Grey, How to Kill the DJ Part Two, Ryfylke, Judee Sill, Saul Stokes, and new iPods.
  • V07I50 - 12192004
    The Eye: American Music Club, Nurse With Wound, Greg Davis, Can, Lanterna, the Anomoanon, Suicide, Monos, Ateleia, Robokoneko, Qwerty, The Legendary Pink Dots, and Lohan Freestyle.
  • V07I49 - 12122004
    The Eye: The Sea Priestess, Cul De Sac/Damo Suzuki, Battles, Worrytrain, Jon Muellers & Kaveh Soofi, Collections of Colonies of Bees, Pteranodon, Cranes, Everest, and Buy Blue.
  • V07I48 - 12052004
    The Eye: Mouse On Mars, Nurse with Wound, Shockout Vol. 1, Andrew Liles/Bass Communion, Cerberus Shoal, Styrofoam, Duo 505, Andrew Peklar, Accelera Deck, Daniel Menche, Coastal, DJ Olive, Laibach, and Marry an American.
  • V07I47 - 11282004
    The Eye: Battles, Gary Wilson, Sightings, Arco, Jobriath, Kilo, Grimble Grumble, Charlie Tweddle, Aidan Baker, But Then Again, The Room, Cristina, Kattoo, Skating Club, Blueprint, and Ascii Wars.
  • V07I46 - 11212004
    The Eye: Tara Jane O'Neil, Noam Chomsky, Antony and the Johnsons, Jack Dangers, Aranos, Autistic Daughters, Her Space Holiday, Michael J. Schumacher, Arsis, Seth Cluett, Arthur Russell, The Nels Cline Singers, Tempo Technik Teamwork, Thinkstandard, Hecq, Holzkopf, and demented snow globes.
  • V07I45 - 11142004
    John Balance remembered.
  • V07I44 - 11072004
    The Eye: Solex, Tom Zacharias, Converge, Lazarus, Virgin Prunes, Kompilation, Saint Etienne, Nasum, Re, Tarentel, "Nicky Siano's The Gallery," 808 State, The Story of The Eye, William Basinski, and Crush-Fetish.
  • V07I43 - 10312004
    The Eye: Adem, Virgin Prunes, The Dead Texan, End, Rivulets, Lena, Rafael Toral, Vincent & Mr. Green, Studio One Classics, Veritas, Nagisa Ni Te, The Berg Sans Nipple, Tanakh, Frausdots, Doublevision Presents Cabaret Voltaire and The One Finger Victory Salute.
  • V07I42 - 10242004
    The Eye: Paula Kelley, Growing, Scorn, Z'ev, Dosh, Black Lung, Hecate, Neotropic, Empty House Cooperative, Haggard, Shark Quest, I'm Not a Gun, Virgin Prunes, Killing Joke, State River Widening, Active Ingredients, Thieves, Hard Sleeper, Vidna Obmana, Calexico, and Asshole.
  • V07I41 - 10172004
    The Eye: 27, Dean Roberts, Anaal Nathrakh, Wiley, Lars Horntveth, the Delgados, Doener/Kelley/Neumann/Rainey, Bitcrush, Lockgroove, Laibach, Solvent, and Slap the Candidate.
  • V07I40 - 10102004
    The Eye: Do Make Say Think, Sagan, American Music Club, Virgin Prunes, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Landing, Yellotone, Carter Tutti, The Frames, Climax Golden Twins, Sheriff, Slowly Minute, Rogue Wave, Triosk, "Song of the Silent Land," and Poland is forgotten.
  • V07I39 - 10032004
    The Eye: WZBC 30th Anniversary Bash, Mono, Cult of Luna, Virgin Prunes, Coil, Secret Frequency Crew, Stephan Mathieu, The Beans, Tim Hecker, Blevin Blectum, Poto & Cabengo, Toog, Klangstabil, Noid, Khonnor, Death In June & Boyd Rice, Warp Vision, and voter registration.
  • V07I38 - 09192004
    The Eye: Climax Golden Twins, The Ex, Dubblestandart, Bill Laswell, Pixeltan, J.O.Y., 808 State, Fat Day, Jason Forrest, Asobi Seksu, Wolf Eyes, Whitelodge, Green Milk from the Planet Orange, 2%, A Dirty Shame, and Salad Fingers.
  • V07I37 - 09192004
    The Eye: Macha, Devendra Banhart, Intransitive Twenty-Three, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Mastodon, The Fucking AM, Tara Jane O'Neil, The Arcade Fire, The Opus, Encre, Two Lone Swordsmen, Normanoak, Sally Timms, Auburn Lull, Blaine L. Reininger, Bernth?ler, Anna Domino, Radioactive and Atimc, Grime, Jandek On Corwood, and Senior Photos That Suck
  • V07I36 - 09122004
    The Eye: Lockgroove, Six Organs of Admittance, Four Tet, Fly Pan Am, Cool As Ice, Twice As Nice, Mark Lanegan Band, Paul Westerberg, Slow Six, Carl Douglas, the Horns of Happiness, the Barbarian Invasions, and Bush Nightmare come true!
  • V07I35 - 09052004
    The Eye: Thalia Zedek, Windsor for the Derby, Solielkraast, Cisfinitum, Herbst 9, Aidan Baker, The Fall, Boyd Rice/NON, The User, Arve Henriksen, Black Sun Productions, "We Could Live In Hope," and Lynndie spreads around the world.
  • V07I34 - 08292004
    The Eye: Black Ox Orchestar, Guided By Voices, Martin Siewert, Bobby Brown, Damenbart, Minit, ML, The Twilight Singers, Coti, Hardman, Luther and Toby, Julian Fane, Blow Up Hollywood, Delivery Room, and Black Metal Pictures Gone Bad.
  • V07I33 - 08222004
    The Eye: Charlene, The Red Krayola, Mouse On Mars, Wolf Eyes, The Conet Project, Radian, Chris Watson, Charles Hayward, Patrick Wolf, Jonathan Coleclough, David Grubbs, Metalux, Venetian Snares, M83, and Serpent goes Ebay.
  • V07I32 - 08152004
    The Eye: Rachel Goswell, Comets on Fire, Kompakt 100, The Hidden City: Sound Portraits from Goteborg, Thighpaulsandra, Jaga Jazzist, Sunn O))), Futurism and Dada Reviewed, Musica Futuristica, Patrik Torsson, Antibalas, Jasch, Sluts of Trust, Cobra Killer, the Plastic Constellations, and German Safety video.
  • V07I31 - 08082004
    The Eye: Valerie Forgione, Organum, Low, Cambodian Cassette Archives, Field Recordings from Mali, Insect Electronica from Southeast Asia, Radio India, The Constantines, Pharaoh Overlord, Isan: Folk & Pop Music of Northeast Thailand, and Coil's live in-store appearance.
  • V07I30 - 08012004
    The Eye: David Grubbs, Organum and Z'ev, Rollerball, Empress, Biosphere, Philippe Besombes, Old 97s, Forms of Things Unknown, Olympic Hopefuls, Kawabata Makoto, and Blixa for Home Improvement.
  • V07I29 - 07252004
    The Eye: Growing, Glenn Joines, Paik, Simon Finn, Current 93, Nurse With Wound, A.C. Newman, [Sic], Mnemosyne, Murcof, Strategy, The Austerity Program, Colin Potter and Paul Bradley, Enik, and This Land Is Your Land.
  • V07I28 - 07182004
    The Eye: The New Year, Adem, 3/4Hadbeeneliminated, Charles Atlas, Fixmer/McCarthy, Asmus Tietchens, Tom Carter, Bardo Pond, Eyvind Kang, Chris Brokaw, Glen Branca, Rachel Goswell, "Melatonin," Coelacanth, Sex In Dallas, "So Young But So Cold," Mike Fellows, Lawrence English, Metal Boys, Brigitte Bardot, and wax audio cylindar mishap.
  • V07I27 - 07112004
    The Eye: M?m, Irr. App. (Ext.), Pan?American, Einst?rzende Neubauten, Jesse Malin, Cerveris, James Orr Complex, The Reverend Lester Knox of Tifton, Georgia, and Noise! Even Worse Than Neofolk.
  • V07I26 - 07042004
    The Eye: Legendary Pink Dots, Musique Concret, Charalambides, Battles, Carbon, Ielasi/Rinaldi, Kites/Prurient, Z'ev, James Chance and the Contortions, James White and the Blacks, Neutrino, Circus vs. Andre Afram Asmar, and Paper Rock Scissors with Saddam.
  • V07I25 - 06272004
    The Eye: Nurse With Wound, Tiger Saw, Black Dice, Andrew Chalk, DNA, Sciajno/Prins, Fanny, aMute, Wilt, Nautical Almanac, Park Avenue Music, !!! live, and Reagan tribute.
  • V07I24 - 06202004
    The Eye: Volcano the Bear, Masstishaddhu, The Album Leaf, Laurent Garnier, Hair Police, Richard H. Kirk, Mass Communion, Mitchell Akiyama, Bosetti/Vowinckel, Edison Woods, Nitrada, Throbbing Gristle, Coil, Current 93, ?lvis, Funkstorung/Enik/Icept Date/Zano live, Napoleon Dynamite, Munging, and Pitchformula.
  • V07I23 - 06132004
    The Eye: Daniel Padden, !!!, Twilight Circus, the Legendary Pink Dots, Valerio Tricoli, Thomas Brinkmann, The New Year, Jucifer, Highspire, Oceansize, Arovane, Kontakt der J?nglinge, Vast Aire, Kid Spatula, Fennesz, Baadasssss!, Sweater Girl, and Mandonna.
  • V07I22 - 06062004
    The Eye: Z'ev, Meat Beat Manifesto, Deathprod, Liars, Rolf Julius, McLusky, Shadow Huntaz, The Catheters, Hypo, Pink Grease, The Black Heart Procession/Solbakken, and Footy Footy England.
  • V07I21 - 05302004
    Adem, David Cross, Carl Henry Brueggen, Construction Sonor, To Rococo Rot, Rob Mazurek, Rivulets/Marc Gartman, Margareth Kammerer, Seachange, Turn Me On Dead Man, Giardini di Mir?, Our Band Can Be Your Life and Brett Meisner.
  • V07I20 - 05232004
    The Eye: Aranos, the Legendary Pink Dots, Edward Ka-Spel, Susanna and the Magical Orchestra, Loscil, Christian Kleine, Biting Tongues, Sandoz, Ehlers/Hautzinger/Suchy, Kinski, Skalpel, Lasse Marhaug, Portland, Benford/Mathieu, Faust vs. D?lek, RJD2, Made in Sheffield, and Bush game.
  • V07I18 - 05162004
    The Eye: Einst?rzende Neubauten, Nurse With Wound, Pan Sonic, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Pekka Airaksinen, Piano Magic, Animal Collective, Brent Gutziet, "Death's Last Life's Breath," Chion/Marchetti/Noetinger, Earthmonkey, Hell House, and Powerbook Scam.
  • V07I18 - 05092004
    The Eye: Tortoise, Mission of Burma, Satan Place, The Silver Mountain Reveries, Raising the Fawn, Thank You, Madvillain, Meow Meow, 27, Richdork and Pitchdork.
  • V07I17 - 05022004
    The Eye: Sons and Daughters, Pixies, Mochipet, Basil Kirchin, Eluvium, Vinny Miller, Genesis P-Orridge and Astrid Monroe, Red Snapper, Andre Ether with Christopher Sandes featuring Pickles and Price, DJ Kensei & DJ Quietstorm, Rosy Parlane, and Nickelback mix.
  • V07I16 - 04252004
    The Eye: Animal Collective, Devandra Banhart, Black Ox Orchestar, Manual and Jess Kahr, Keelhaul, Acid Mothers Temple, Kadane/Kadane, Horse Hospital Three, Sufjan Stevens and John Kerry is a Douchebag But I'm Voting For Him Anyway.
  • V07I15 - 04182004
    The Eye: Sightings, For Jonathan, Matmos, Bonnie Prince Billy, Robert Lippok, Lali Puna, OOIOO, Korber/Erikm/Nakamura/Yoshihide, Beef Terminal, I Remember Syria, Princess Nicotene, Mark Lanegan, Accelera Deck, Tulsa Drone, The Rammellzee, Eyedea & Abilities, Disinformation: The Compelte Series, and Farting Girls.
  • V07I14 - 04112004
    The Eye: Him and Mice Parade, Tortoise, M?m, Bruno Nicolai, Gys, Junior Boys, Michael Mayer, Rammellzee, the Clientele, Throbbing Gristle, Bobby Conn live, and Mutants.
  • V07I13 - 04042004
    The Eye: The Album Leaf, Black Dice, Kammerflimmer Kollektief, AGF, V/Vm, The Frequency, Razing Germs, Enduser, Muslimgauze, Radio Morocco, Radio Palestine, Andrew Deutsch, Peekay Tayloh, Murmur, Folk Music of the Sahara: Among the Taureg of Lybia, and Rainbow Orgy.
  • V07I12 - 03282004
    The Eye: Arab Strap, Guapo, the Hafler Trio, The Remote Viewer, Yirdaw Tenaw, Clouddead, Begnagrad, Biota/Mnemonists, Iron & Wine, Mike Cooper, Sons and Daughters, Loop Orchestra, Sunflower, Prurient, American Music Club live, and Gig Posters.
  • V07I11 - 03212004
    The Eye: Papa M, Little Annie and the Legally Jammin', Knowledge of Bugs, AMM, Bill Fay, Joel Stern & Michael Northam, Nels Cline & Devin Sarno, Brett Smiley, Abner Jay, Individual, Paul Wirkus and Sergio.
  • V07I10 - 03142004
    The Eye: Little Annie, TV on the Radio, Pluramon, Ora, Asmus Tietchens, Pelican, Corker/Conboy, Donato Wharton, Fuck-Off Machete, Un Caddie Renverse Dans l'Herbe, 33 RPM: Ten Hours of Sound from Fance, Califone, Cyclotimia, Bobby Conn, !!!/The Rapture/LCD Soundsystem/Gonzalez and Russom/The Juan Maclean/Mu live at the WMC, Takagism, and Hello Cthulu.
  • V07I09 - 03072004
    The Eye: Mono, Akira Rabelais, Colin Potter & Paul Bradley, Seasons, David Gross & Liz Tonne, Lycia, , Korber/M?ller/Steinbr?chel, Vocokesh, Live from Shiva's Dance Floor, Blow-Up, The Eye Volume 1, Non Live in Osaka, and Yeti Sports.
  • V07I08 - 02292004
    The Eye: Ms. John Soda, Christian Kleine, and B. Fleischmann, Money Will Ruin Everything, Xela, The Books, Chicago Underground Trio, Reynols, Mice Parade, Alejandra & Aeron, Arthur Russell, The Frames, Mekons, Bill Laswell, Vertonen, Making Fiends, and Rumsfeld Fighting Technique.
  • V07I07 - 02222004
    The Eye: Explosions in the Sky, Trans Am, The One Ensemble of Daniel Padden, Liars, Meerk Puffy, Minotaur Shock, Volcano the Bear, Deathpile, Brandlmayer/Dafeldecker/N?meth/Siewert, Electralene, Secret Mommy, Camera Obscura, Giuseppe Ielasi, The Elected, Kaffe Matthews, Aranos/El Monte, Not Breathing, Stylus/Experimental Audio Research, The Lost Detective, Mardi Gras camera, and Proloxil.
  • V07I06 - 02152004
    The Eye: Magnolia Electric Co., Einst?rzende Neubauten, Mountain Goats, Building Castles Out of Matchsticks, Seth Nehil/Olivia Block, Kraakgeluiden: Document 1, Matt Wand, Jimmy Edgar, Junkie JXL, Trapist, The Triplets of Belleville, Bizarre Records, OldVersion, and 2Pac and Barney.
  • V07I05 - 02082004
    The Eye: Sharon Jones, Ghost, Tonalamotl, Larsen, Earthmonkey, Kathleen Edwards, Martjin de Kleer, Twilight Circus Dub Soundsystem, Greg Davis, Taylor Deupree/Chris Willits, Eight Frozen Modules, Un Caddie Reverse Dans l'Herbe, Voks, John Herge, Resina, SixToo, Daniel Menche, Papa M, Northeastern University idiots, Acid Trip sketch artist, and Janet's nipple vs. Coil.
  • V07I04 - 02012004
    The Eye: Chairkickers 2, Esmerine, Dizee Rascal, LCD Soundsystem, Delia Gonzales and Gavin Russom, ISAN, Arthur Russell, Spire: Organ Works Past Present & Future, Xanopticon, Greg Davis, John Duncan, Dwelling, Tomorrowland, Jonas Bering, Orgasm Simulator, More Kikkoman, and Rotation.
  • V07I03 - 01252004
    The Eye: A Northern Chorus, Throbbing Gristle, Music AM, Jonathan Coleclough/Bass Communion/Colin Potter, Philip Jeck, Willard Grant Conspiracy, Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Quintet, Octavius, Mars, Evergreen, Birg? Gorg? Shiroc, the Art of Noise, Cornelius and Belle and Sebastian DVDs, and Bush Conspiracy Generator.
  • V07I02 - 01182004
    The Eye: Cerberus Shoal, Nightfist, Shalabi Effect, Laibach, Asmus Tietchens, Kontakt der J?nglinge, Pop Ambient 2004, Goat Wound, Sound Factory, Sunroof!, Vromb, Cerberus Shoal/The Magic Carpathians, LFO, Kyrie Eleison, State of the Union Drinking Game, Make Your Own Avatar and Hot Howard Dean.
  • V07I01 - 01112004
    The Eye: Edward Ka-Spel and the Silverman, Metal Urbain, Kites, Songs of Norway, Guignol, Nice Nice, Most, Z'ev, Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf, Troum, Sealey/Oddie/Spybey, USAISAMONSTER, Eloe Omoe, Daughters of Darkness, Drum Machine, and football cat.
VOLUME 6 / 2003
  • READER'S POLL 2003
  • V06I51 - 12282003
    The Eye: Numbers, Gridlock, Sun Kil Moon, Subterranean Source, Larvae, Hoahito, Seekonk, Guilty Connector und Tabata, Hans Joachim Irmler, Reynols, Ward 21, Sudden Ensemble, and WhatACrappyPresent.
  • V06I50 - 12212003
    The Eye: The Ex, Diamanda Gal?s, Muslimgauze, Nanang Tatang, Andrew Liles, 310, Boy Robot, Boy Dirt Car, F/i, Milton Mapes, Wingdisk, Buck Jam Tonic, Ghislain Poirier, Twelve, 400 Lonely Things, Shattered Glass, Seven Women For Satan, and Album Cover quiz.
  • V06I49 - 12142003
    The Eye: Mogwai, Current 93, Joseph Suchy, Stars, The Chinese Stars, Ken Ikeda, Illoin, Mountaineers, Tex la Homa, Ammoncontact, Virus, Can DVD, and kids with video cameras.
  • V06I48 - 12072003
    The Eye: Wolf Eyes and Black Dice, Lab Rat XL, David Jackman, Colin Potter, Plaid, Howard Stelzer & Jason Talbot, Atmosphere, Miminokoto, Small Life Form, Jean Grae, Phillip Western, Swollen Members, Vitaminsforyou, I Am Robot and Proud, Richard Chartier, Dead Low Tide, Tanz Mit Felines and a comment on GEMM.
  • V06I47 - 11302003
    The Eye: Sunroof!/Vibracathedral Orchestra and Sunburned Hand of the Man, Dean Roberts, Neil Michael Hagerty, K.I.M., Chicken Lips, Serie Noire 2, Dr. Lektroluv, Loopian Zu, Microstoria, 1-Speed Bike, Kid 606, the Sems, the Dead C, Dufus, Sweet Trip, and iPod's Dirty Secret.
  • V06I46 - 11232003
    The Eye: D?lek and The Clientele, Guided By Voices, USAISAMONSTER, Plastikman, So, Titania, Angelmark, Decibel, Costes, Eric Aldea and Ivan Chiossone, Tarmvred, Knife in the Water, Aleph Empire, Electric Six, and Gay Boyfriend.
  • V06I45 - 11162003
    The Eye: Paws Across America 2003, Colder, Viki/Hair Police, Irr.App.(Ext.), Clear Horizon, Movietone, B. Fleischmann, Orton Socket, Achim Wollscheid, Lull, Davide Belulah, Jah Wobble, Tim Perkis, Howard Hello, Jamie Barnes, the Love Depression, and Wesley Clark.
  • V06I44 - 11092003
    The Eye: !!!/Out Hud, the High Llamas, Unidentified Sound Objects, Yo La Tengo, Dr. P. Li Khan, Frank Rowenta, Korea Soundblaster, Anemonengurt, Cul de Sac, Paul Westerberg, Loren Nerell, Amir Baghiri, Zenial, Sykes, Love Peace & Poetry, and End of the World.
  • V06I43 - 11022003
    The Eye: Chris Brokaw, Explosions in the Sky, Charalambides, Dimmu Borgir, Omid, Texturizer, 10 ft Ganja Plant, Motion: Movement in Australian Sound, Shudo, The Vegetable Orchestra, Cock ESP, Black Audio, Jono El Grande, Electralene, The Bells Shall Sound Forever, Bardo Pond live, Choose Your Own NY, and Baby I Like It Raw.
  • V06I42 - 10262003
    The Eye: Charles Atlas, Legendary Pink Dots, Monkey Power Trio, New Town, Laika, Magic Carpathians Project, the Shins, Mitek, Saturday Morning Empires, Jean Cohen-Solal, the Swimming Pool Q's, Luke Vibert, Kinski/Acid Mothers Temple, and Cat Town.
  • V06I41 - 10192003
    The Eye: Gold Chains, Nurse With Wound, Meat Beat Manifesto, Lostage, Villain Accelerate, Motorpsycho + Jaga Jazzist Horns, Pink Grease, Basil Kircin, Harris Newman, John Bischoff, The Twilight Singers, Death Cab for Cutie, Ashfelt, Aesop Rock, Mount Vernon Astral Temple, The Incredible String Band DVD, 35 for Phil and Wash Me.
  • V06I40 - 10122003
    The Eye: The Locust, G. Gonge Re-Issues (Mieses Gegonge, Duka Bass Band, Speck Nusseck & Die Legendaren Fettboys, HNAS), Animal Collective, Do Make Say Think, Black Dice, The Juan Maclean/The Rapture, Loren Connors & David Grubbs, The Sick Lipstick, Six Organs of Admittance, Jim Haynes, Coelacanth, Casey Meehan, Elixir, Killing Joke live, Eddie Izzard, and Ghettopoly
  • V06I39 - 10052003
    The Eye: American Analog Set and Wire, Chris and Cosey, Rachel's, Peaches, The Caretaker, Manual, Ms. John Soda, Chris Brokaw, Dan Matz, Andy Wagner, ATP 3.0, DFA Records Compilation #1, Aurelie, Dieb13/Pure/Siewert, Richard Devine, V/VM, Guided by Voices live, and the Robot Rock Critic.
  • V06I38 - 09282003
    The Eye: Bardo Pond, The Dresden Dolls, Landing, Low, Mojave 3, 23 Skidoo, Beulah, Larvae, the Black Eyed Snakes, Feedback to the Future, Akatombo, Troum, Ove-Naxx, Dan Bern, Wevie de Crepon, The Fire Theft, Sound, East River Pipe, DJ Olive, Crackletone, Certainly Sir, and the Drivers License Database.
  • V06I37 - 09212003
    The Eye: Trans Am, Matmos, Guapo/Cerberus Shoal, T. Raumschmiere, Oren Ambarchi and Martin Ng, Alexander McGregog, The Ebb and Flow, Caural, Carla Bozulich, Minus, Ilios, The Majesticons, and Ladyfest Manchester live.
  • V06I35 - 09142003
    The Eye: Four Tet and Manitoba, Killing Joke, An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music Volumes 1 and 2, All India Radio, Paula Kelley, David Byrne, Consonant, The Rip Off Artist, Maus, Sophie Rimheden, Daniel Menche, Sonic Mook 3, Or MD Comp, Silkworm, Hirsche Nicht Aufs Sofa, and Badgers.
  • V06I35 - 09072003
    The Eye: Mutek, Total 5, Khanate, Tied & Tickled Trio, Quasi, Lithops, Dredd Foole and the Din, Acid Mothers Temple, Tsurubami, The Hafler Trio, Psi, Vast, The Twilight Singers, Tomahawk, Andrew Liles, Daedelus, Brassy, Pole, Farmers Manua, Nick Cave DVD, and Clones.
  • V06I34 - 08312003
    The Eye: Broadcast, Silver Mt. Zion, Rhys Chatham, Nudge, Current 93, Nurse With Wound, Rollerball, Rebel Powers, Sciflyer, Victor Chorbik, Stafr?n H?kon, Busdriver and Radioinactive with Daedelus, Crescent, Jennifer Gentle and Kawabata Makoto, Maybe Logic, Step Into Liquid, and Indie Rock style.
  • V06I33 - 08242003
    The Eye: DAT Politics and Hrvatski, Desormais, Gardenbox, Fennesz, Sixtoo, Papas Fritas, Growing, In Gowan Ring, The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, Ras Michael, Yoshimi and Yuka, Kraftwerk, Senior Coconut, OOIOO, AWOL One and Daddy Kev, Mower, and Hollywood is Calling.
  • V06I32 - 08172003
    The Eye: I Am Spoonbender, Guided By Voices, Masters of the Scene, Can, Conrad Schnitzler, Chainstore Massacre, Guther, Mutant Disco, N.Y. No Wave, Cerberus Shoal, Grounded Sound, Hecker, Glen Velez, Must Tour Spring 2002 DVD, and Eigen Radio.
  • V06I31 - 08102003
    The Eye: Chairkickers Tour 2003 (Alan Sparhawk, Haley Bonar, If Thousands), Broadcast, Nina Nastasia, Susanne Brokesch, The Swords Project, Greg Davis, Vibracathedral Orchestra/Phonophani, Smyglyssna, Yasume, Parts and Labor, Schmoof, Soft Canyon, England's Hidden Reverse, and Mary Carey for Governor.
  • V06I30 - 08032003
    The Eye: The Sea and Cake, The Locust, Manual/Icebreaker International, Substanz-T, Arbete & Fritid, Jesse Malin, Listener, Martin Horntveth, World Standard & Weschel Garland, Morgan Caney & Kamal Joory, Akrobatik, Saloon, Maptation feat. Ras Donovan, Dub Syndicate, Antipop Consortium vs. Matthew Shipp, Jonathan Coleclough, Vendredi Soir, Virtual Bubble Wrap, and Ghetto Fab Hairdos.
  • V06I29 - 07272003
    The Eye: Brokeback & Califone, Coil, Gold Chains, Mzui, Jeff Parker, Papa M, 2 by Bukowski, Hans Appelqvist, Portal/Yellow6, Soulo, William Basinski, Thilges3, Surface of Eceyon, Emil Beaulieau, Just Drums, Nick Forte, Kiyo, Sorry Cow and Switch Mac.
  • V06I28 - 07202003
    The Eye: Cex & Kinski, The Clientele, New York Noise, Pink and Brown, DJ Shadow, Delire, Dictaphone, Matthew Shipp, Georges Montalba, Branches and Routes, Maquiladora, Truman's Water, Tape 10, The Finger, Maximilian Hecker, Whale Rider, Fellini: I'm a Born Liar, Celebrity Numerology and Iron Crotch.
  • V06I27 - 07132003
    The Eye: Dirty Three & Mark Gardener, 2 CD's & MP3's, Cabaret Voltaire, TV on the Radio, Coloma, The Lucksmiths, Denzel + Huhn, Carl Stone, ?-Ziq, Fern Knight, Ministry of Shit, Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox, The Cinematic Orchestra, God Hates Us, and Sajjad Ali.
  • V06I26 - 07062003
    The Eye: Styrofoam and the Notwist, Thighpaulsandra, 1 Mile North, Sightings, Christ, Nymphomatriarch, Various Ninnies, Frankie Sparo, Snawklor, Zongamin, DJ Spooky, Corker/Conboy, 28 Days Later, and Fensler Films.
  • V06I25 - 06292003
    The Eye: Pele, The Hafler Trio, Nurse With Wound, Jaga Jazzist, I'm Not a Gun, Squaremeter, Populous, Suntan, Roger Doyle, The Chap, Monster Movie/Dreamland, Idol Tryouts, Yuko Nexus6, Icarus, Capturing the Friedmans, and the Geek Exam.
  • V06I24 - 06222003
    Eye: Ted Leo, Sun, Ted Minsky, Boulder dDash, B.O.S., Angus MacLise, Bardo Pond, "Black Music," Napoli is Not Nepal, Merzbow, Neon Hunk, Lazarus, Luke Eargoggle, Cut Out, Mountaineers, Muslimgauze. Alltaf Sama Svind, Phill Niblock, The Jealous Sound, Ulver, Ex Models, Tindersticks, Gigantic (a Tale of Two Johns), and the Japanese Penis Festival.
  • V06I23 - 06152003
    Eye: Aereogramme, Autechre, Mogwai, Pole, Simply Saucer, Flowchart, Sugarman Three, Tape, the Cinematic Orchestra, a Northern Chorus, James Tenney, Kenneth Gaburo, Uniform, Nobukazu Takemura, Kawabata Makoto, Kaito, Spellbound and video cats.
  • V06I22 - 06082003
    Eye: Angels of Light/Devandra Banhart, Ulrich Schnauss, A Grape Dope, Ikebana: Merzbow's Amlux Remixed, Coil, Mouse on Mars, Love and Rockets, Sk?, Schneider TM, The Land of Nod, Sweet Sixteen, Baba Yaga, 20 Questions and The Gayest Cars.
  • V06I21 - 06012003
    Eye: Dresden Dolls, !!!, Lonesome Organist, Hat Melter, Eluvium, The Album Leaf/On Air Library, Waldteufel, Oren Ambarchi/Gunter Müller/Voce Crack, Papa M, Yasunao Tone, Lali Puna, The Evolution Control Committee, Robert Ashley, Electric Six, Sterling, Owning Mahowny, Andy's feedback and E-mail Your Body.
  • V06I20 - 05252003
    Eye: Tigersaw, Cabaret Voltiare, Mull Historical Society, Ralph Myerz & the Jack Herren Band, Papa M, Ellen Allien, California Oranges, The Flaming Lips, Ingram Marshall, Monopot, Asmus Tietchens/Jon Mueller, Tomas Köner / Asmus Tietchens, Via Tania, Frequency Curtain, Richard H. Kirk, Biochemical Dred, Black Dice live, David Grubbs live, Dirty Three live and Tardblog.
  • V06I19 - 05182003
    Eye: Antony, Current 93, Masami Akita/Russell Haswell, Erkki Kurenniemi, Venetian Snares, The Sea and Cake, Natascha Atlas, Pelican, Clue to Kalo, Supersilent, Barnacled, Pole, Lowlights, Lexanculpt, Arctic Hysteria, Super Numeri, Clang Quartet, Loren Connors, Max Neuhaus, The New Pornographers, If Thousands, Phone Booth, Pie in a Jar, Project Implicit, and Preserve Your Collection.
  • V06I18 - 05112003
    Eye: Calexico, Venetian Snares, Matt Elliott, Prefuse 73, Yellow6/Rothko/Landing, Kinski/Paik/Surface of Eceyon, Goldfrapp, Aarktica, Pet Projects, Channel 2, Go Plus, Wire, Only the Strong Survive, and Hospital seeks Klingon speaker.
  • V06I17 - 05042003
    Eye: Emil Beaulieau, Noxagt, Four Tet, Arab Strap, Involution, Download, Plateau, Broadcast, Opiate, Pale Horse and Rider, Dub Tractor, Haley Bonar, Jaga Jazzist, Wire live, Sick & Twisted 2003, and Augenblick Studios.
  • V06I16 - 04272003
    Slitch, Andrew Chalk, The Bug, Sun O))), Front 242, Asa-Chang & Junray, Caitlin Cary, Columbia Princeton Electronic Music Center, Tommy Guerrero, Daniel Lanois, Instrumentals Staedtizism 3, RJD2, Liaisons Dangereuses, The Musique Concrete Ensemble, House of 1000 Corpses, Iraqi minister in web cameos and Rainbow Hector.
  • V06I15 - 04202003
    Monade, Imitation Electric Piano, Richard Maxfield / Harold Budd, Charlemagne Palestine, Antimatter, Hajsch, Via Tania, Erlend ?ye, Buzzcocks live, Dead Kennedeys live, A Mighty Wind and Movie Knowledge Exam.
  • V06I14 - 04132003
    Whitehouse, Set Fire to Flames, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Alvin Lucier, Exploding Hearts, Mark Eitzel, Replicator, Yo La Tengo, Styrofoam, Kathleen Edwards, Stephan Mathieu, The Stratford 4, All Tomorrow's Parties, Cex and the Postal Service live, and Ganga of New York.
  • V06I13 - 04062003
    Manitoba, Coil, Devandra Banhart, Angels of Light, Styrofoam, Eyes Adrift, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Molasses, Slow Reader, Howie Gelb, Sam Shalabi, Willard and Fox News.
  • V06I12 - 03302003
    The Soft Pink Truth, Charlemagne Palestine, Numbers, Asa-Chang and Junray, British Sea Power, Nurse with Wound, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, Mika Vainio, SubArachnoid Space, Paik, Thomas K?ner, Terre Thaemlitz, LCD Soundsystem, The Brown Barrel live, Russian Ark, Tatu and Babs Santini.
  • V06I11 - 03232003
    Jason Lescalleet & Due Process, Throwing Muses & Kristin Hersh, Alvarius B & Cerberus Shoal, Beequeen, Legendary Pink Dots, Timonium, Aphex Twin, Bad Company UK, Hanin Elias, Manchester Calling: 15 Songs for Joe Strummer live, Smothered, Wait All Day and the Mysteries of Love.
  • V06I10 - 03162003
    The Aislers Set, Shipping News, Spoon, Bip Hop Generation 6, Steffen-Basho Junghans, The Anomonoan, Nobukazu Takemura, Enon live, Rivers and Tides, and Britney Spears Guide to Semiconductor Basics.
  • V06I09 - 03092003
    Lightning Bolt, Songs: Ohia, Kling Klang, Thomas Koner, The Dresden Dolls, The One Ensemble of Daniel Padden, The Phenomenological Boys, Giddy Motors, New Wet Kojak, Stars of the Lid, Kaada, Herman Dune/Cerberus Shoal, Give Peas a Chance, Twilight Circus, Pulseprogramming, Gerry and Mistress Ianna.
  • V06I08 - 03022003
    Cat Power, Mirror, the Human League, the Go-Betweens, Helms, Loose Fur, Triangles, Naw, Rivulets, DJ Hell, Virgil Shaw/John Doe live, Yeah Yeah Yeahs/Ikara Colt live, Post Rock Museum, Strong Bad Email Files and the Hungry Man food bomb.
  • V06I07 - 02232003
    Aereogramme, Pele, Cinematic Orchestra, Prototype: Armaments & Armatures Against Electronic Music, Gary Wilson, Ampbuzz, Mouse on Mars, Pigface, Puerto Muerto, the Delgados, Nowe:le, Dirty Three, Mick Turner and the Psychic Crystal Ball?
  • V06I06 - 02162003
    Ryoji Ikeda, Calexico, The Clean, Charles Atlas, QuintetAvant, Cul de Sac, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Parlour, The Young Gods, Genesis P-Orridge, Jonathan Coleclough & Andrew Chalk, Pram, Jah Wobble, The Postal Service, old Swedish bands and Crab vs. Pipe.
  • V06I05 - 02092003
    Essential Underground Hip Hop 1, Kawabata Makoto, Antony and Current 93, Minny Pops, Origami Galaktika, Con Dolore, The Baptist Generals, Black Faction, If Thousands, The Thermals, Tigersmilk, Temper, Nada Surf, Basinski/Heemann/Martin and Low live, Which Heretic Are You? and Joe Millionaire's girl bound and gagged.
  • V06I04 - 02022003
    Lord of the Rings in Engrish and You Are a,...
  • V06I03 - 01262003
    Kinski, Bonnie Prince Billy, Laika, Rhodes, Kid Dakota, Stray Light, J. Griznich/Seth Nehil, Brokeback, History of Sex and Pussy Gallery.
  • V06I02 - 01192003
    The Sea and Cake, Massimo, Neko Case, Sonna, Masha Qrella, Torrez, Elliot Sharp, Bill Laswell, Crooked Fingers, Stereolab, Angel, Non, High Tones for the Winter Fashion, Suicide, Scanner + Tonne, Tonne, the Lounge Tribute to Eminem, Lemon Jelly, Bush or Quayle and Cheneyroids.
  • V06I01 - 01122003
    Sonna/Sybarite/Lilienthal, Lucky Dragons, Bjorn Olssen, McLusky, Iron & Wine, Cerberus Shoal, King Crimson, Komet/Bovine Life, Cabaret Voltaire DVD, Create a Fart, Nice Tits, and Shitkid.
VOLUME 5 / 2002
  • V05I50 - 12292002
    Throbbing Gristle, Thalia Zedek, The Rapture, F.S. Blumm, Coil/Black Sun Productions, Dot Allison, Chamber, Lift to Experience, Suffer/Enjoy, and The Fire This Time.
  • V05I49 - 12222002
    Bill Hicks, Kippi Kaninus, Strewth, Andre Afram Asmar, Orang-Utan, Telefon Tel Aviv, Big Tex, The Blue Herb, Repeat, Robot vs. Rabbit, Pure, and a Morr holiday card.
  • V05I48 - 12152002
    Jaga Jazzist, Christian Kiefer, Curve, Gary Numan, Love and Rockets, Victory at Sea, Tujiko Noriko, Synapscape, Rivulets, Tryptaphonic Mind Explosion, The Grey Wolves, Drew Isleib, Fat Jon the Ample Soul Physician, Add N to (X) live, the Michael Jackson Baby Drop Game, and Ass or Elbow.
  • V05I47 - 12082002
    Jessica Bailiff, Bohren & Der Club of Gore, Amon Tobin, Her Space Holiday, Numbers, Nerve Net Noise, Venetian Snares, Jeff Buckley/Gary Lucas, Pleasurehorse, Jackie-O Motherfucker, Sharkattack Music 3.5 EPs, Ju-Jikan, Variable Resistance, Fontanelle, Add N to (X), C-Drik, Martiens Go Home, Name That Beard, and Make Your Own Bush Speech.
  • V05I46 - 12012002
    23 Skidoo, Coh, Lockers, The Clientele, Lali Puna/Isan, Isan/Phonophani, Sybarite, Rumah Sakit, Tarentel, Funki Porcini, Loscil, Jel, Oma Yang, and the Cute Pink Bear.
  • V05I45 - 11242002
    Cex, Organum, Songs in the Key of Z, The Russian Futurists, Stylus, Sybarite, Kid 606, Art of Fighting, Year of the Rabbit, Tetsuo Furudate/Zbignew Karkowski, Piano Magic, Six Drumsets, Sonic Youth/ICP/The Ex, Kikkoman, Ghetto Cleaning My Hard Drive, and Turkey History and Lore.
  • V05I44 - 11172002
    Meat Beat Manifesto, Yo La Tengo, Forcefield, Seasonal Greetings, Mogwai, Betty Davis, Fennesz, Isis, Halon, Low, The Vacuum Boys, Peaches, The Catheters, Beequeen, His Name is Alive, Kid 606/Richard Devine/Knamiproko/Airoes live, How Indie Are You?, The Raccoon Capers and Michael Jackson faceography.
  • V05I43 - 11102002
    Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Black Dice, I Am Spoonbender, K2, Main/Antenna Farm, Urban Renewal Program, Liars, Kid 606 vs. Dalek, The Black Heart Procession, Diverse, Hayden, Schneider TM, Guided By Voices, The Mountain Goats, Punch Drunk Love, the Truth About Charlie, Levers and Boobs.
  • V05I42 - 11032002
    Legendary Pink Dots, Out Hud, Nurse with Wound, Jason Lescalleet, Polmo Polpo, Soft Cell, Keith Rowe/Oren Ambarchi, Windy & Carl and Rejected Rejected.
  • V05I41 - 10272002
    Charlene, The Streets, Pavement, Subarachnoid Space, The Gloria Record, Exhaust, The Mercury Program, Christmas Decorations, Destroyer, Ruins, Spectrum, Replacements, Sing-Sing, In the Nursery, Delicate AWOL, Andrew Duke, HangedUp, Brendan Walls, The Mobius Band, Moonsanto, Kaffe Matthews live, The Transporter, Top things overheard at an STD clinic and more Switch ads.
  • V05I40 - 10202002
    Hrvatski, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Kinski, T. Raumschmiere, K, Boom Bip, Comets on Fire, Guitar, Monos, Cabaret Voltaire, Tino, Bowling for Columbine and Jump the Shark.
  • V05I39 - 10132002
    Ms. John Soda, Acid Mothers Temple, Large Professor, Cabaret Voltaire, Martin Rev, Merzbow, Twine, Mos Def/Diverse/Prefuse 73, the Soft Boys, Tim Hecker, Jonathan Coleclough & Colin Potter, Melt Banana live, Pimp Hats and August and Helium.
  • V05I38 - 10062002
    Scorn, Four Tet, Kompakt Total 4, Low Res, Mitchell Akiyama, Noize Creator, Lucky Pierre, Arco Flute Foundation, David Jackman, Loren Chasse, Vromb, Delarosa + Asora, Julee Cruise, Michael Gendreau, Wang Inc., Remora/Pale Horse and Rider/Rivulets, Spaceheads and the National Organization to Shoot Bill O'Reilly Into the Sun.
  • V05I37 - 09292002
    Savath + Savalas, T. Raumschmiere, Jonathan Coleclough, Vance Orchestra, Asmus Tietchens / David Lee Myers, Thomas K?hner/Asmus Tietchens, Trans Am, Kevin Blechdom, Greg Kelley/Jason Lescalleet, Wauvenfold, Emil Beaulieau/Sudden Infant/Stelzer and Talbot live, Secretary, The Leader of the Free World and Motorcycle Hearses.
  • V05I36 - 09222002
    Low, Wire, Jonathan Coleclough, Landing, Tyondai Braxton, This Heat, Tarwater, Troum/Yen Pox, Squarepusher, Mudhoney, Gus Gus, Fischerspooner, Richard H. Kirk live, Masturbate for Peace and Talk Like A Pirate Day.
  • V05I35 - 09152002
    Mirror, Cormega, Ms John Soda, Cursor Miner, Phobos 3, Nightmares on Wax, Stella Luna, Oren Ambarchi, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Drekka, Vincent Gallo, Dabrye/Telefon Tel Aviv/T. Raumschmiere live, 404, Mediageek, Patriot Day vs. Patriots Day and Top 10 Signs Your Neighbor is Brainwashed.
  • V05I34 - 09082002
    Current 93 & Nurse with Wound, 42 More Things to Do in Zero Gravity, Piano Bread, Collections of Colonies of Bees, Tex La Homa, Glenn Michael Wallis, D?lek, Phantomsmasher, Daedelus, Mindless Drug Hoover, Barry Adamson, Interpol, Charlemagne Palestine, Eric Bachmann, Tara Jane O'Neil & Dan Littleton, Mali Music, RJD2, P:ano, Peace Orchestra, The Makers, German Postal, the Teledyne Water Pik Family Oral Irrigator WP-30, Brain in the BBC, Prince takes out the music biz, and a spammer gets her justice.
  • V05I33 - 08252002
    Blue Skied 'an Clear, Merzbow, The Pilot Ships, Vague Terrain Recordings, Kevin Drumm, Grazing in the Trash, Pheromone, Dan Warburton, Jean-Luc Gionnet, Eric La Casa, Tribes of Neurot, Ich Glaube Ich Hoere, Genesungswerk, Clairvoyants, Al Brooker, Mouse Finding the Sky, Kriedler, Radian, Jesus of the Week and Online Insanity Test.
  • V05I32 - 08182002
    People Like Us, The American Analog Set, Seana Carmody, The Chap, The Boggs, Asmus Tietchens and Vidna Obmana, The Standard, Brad, Chris Brokaw live, And None of Them Knew They Were Robots/This Ain't Vegas/Redbank live, and Rejected!
  • V05I31 - 08112002
    Autechre, Snowstorm: A Tribute to Galaxie 500, Organum, Lupine Howl, Magic Bus Tracks, Cor Gout, Coh, David Maranha, Warp live, Cornelius live, Three Brain and Leonard Nimoy.
  • V05I30 - 08042002
    Gold Chains, Fez Dispenser, Radar Brothers, Merzbow, Kouhei Matsunaga, Dntel, John Rifle, Kare Joao, Tomas Jirku, Imperial Teen, Blackmouth, Illusion of Safety, Robin Storey & Victor Nubla, Ravers Are Dumb, Apple Switch and Cat-made hurricanes.
  • V05I29 - 07282002
    The Eternals, Mirror, Fenno'berg, Steroid Maximus, J-Live, Edward Ka-Spel, Cul de Sac, Ludus, Mary Timony, Venetian Snares, Nightmares on Wax, Claudia Bonarelli, Japancakes, Antipop Consortium, Momus and Phiiliip live, Wire live, How to Identify a Wiccan, Janis Ian lashes out, TIPS, and Yatta!
  • V05I28 - 07212002
    Calla, The Best Bootlegs in the World, Jason Lowenstein, Desormais, Silkworm, Kallabris, A Room Full of Tuneful, Pixies, Lightning Bolt video, Made in Sheffield, The Locust/Arab on Radar/Lightning Bolt/Orthelm/Wolf Eyes live, Homestar Runner, Def Lep at Wal-Mart and Porn Clerk stories.
  • V05I27 - 07142002
    Masonic, American Breakbeat Rebuilt, Enon, Hermann and Kleine, Prefuse 73, Mapstation, Misery Loves Company, Pia Fraus, Ekkehard Ehlers, Download, E.G Oblique Graph, Hot Hot Heat, +/-, Unplugboy and Toshimaru Nakamura, Superdrag, Soviet, Super Shag Land, A Frightened Boy and Ghetto Scooter.
  • V05I26 - 07072002
    Interpol, Edward Ka-Spel, Encre, Amp, Squarepusher, Landing, Sote, Hakan Lidbo, Archer Prewitt, Arlo, Everybody to the Limit, Sign Language by Gaping Maw and Naked Carrot Man.
  • V05I25 - 06302002
    Matmos/Lesser, Ultrasound, Ammo/Szkieve, Chris Connelly, Phonem, Sightings, Trevor Winshart, Darling Kandie, Gary Wilson, Nevermind the Bhanga, Here's the Opium Jukebox, Strom.EC/Irikarah, Spider Monkey, Beachwood Sparks, The Cutest Kittens in the World, Singing Kitten 2 and Pavarotti Loves Elephants, yeah!
  • V05I24 - 06232002
    Panacea, Syntetika, Guided By Voices, ISAN, Van Bergen/Prins/Fennesz, Current 93/Thomas Ligotti, David Grubbs, John Zorn, The Funerals, Yume Bitsu, The Asthmatic Worm, Main, Krieger, Looper, Burst Couch live, RIAA v. Audiogalaxy, If Bush was a Girl and Create Your Own South Park Character.
  • V05I23 - 06162002
    Niels Van Hoorn & Mark Spybey, The Silverman, Philip Jeck, Pallin, San Augustun with Suzanne Langille, Rope, Steinbruchel, Visions of Excess, Damo Suzuki live, Eccentric America, Resolving Interactions, General Ashcroft songs, and a naughty brainwashed shirt picture.
  • V05I22 - 06092002
    Queen Elizabeth, Herald Sack Ziegler, F?xa, Otomo Yoshihide, Rapoon, Derek Bailey, Vibracathedral Orchestra, Osymyso, Doc W?r Mirran, Belle & Sebastian, cLOUDDEAD/Reaching Quiet/Boom Bip & Dose One live, the Cheese Family, anime cat song, and self-circumcision.
  • V05I21 - 06022002
    Boom Bip and Dose One, Biosphere, Luna, Cinematic Orchestra, Richard Hell, Electro Commando 1: Welcome to PSICITY, Soul Center, Girls Against Boys, Illuminati, Speedy J, Francis Dhomont, Native Lab, Skam Night and Peter Murphy live, Modify Me, I wasted 15 bucks, and rock star life expectancy.
  • V05I20 - 05262002
    El-P, Coil, Chris Brokaw, Tim Bowess/Peter Chilvers, Lambchop, Yves Beaupr?, Nina Nastasia, Stephan Mathieu and Ekkehard Ehlers, The Fantomas + Melvins Big Band, The Melvins, A Small Good Thing, Ribbon Effect, Peter Murphy, Web Broadcasting Commentary, Triumph Star Wars and Real Life Names.
  • V05I19 - 05192002
    M?m, The Epidemic, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, 764 Hero, Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit, Brick Layer Cake, Fischerspooner live, Robert Rich live, Turntable Hell live, The Piano Teacher, Nudist game, and Rolling Into the Future without Love or Sorrow.
  • V05I18 - 05122002
    Tom Waits, Aelters, M?m, Sofandi, Fanny, Dianogah, Zipperspy, Saloon, Sonogram, Crooked Fingers, Heid, The Romans,, Knodel, Early Day Miners, Lusine ICL, Tommy Guerrero & Gadget, Rob(u)Rang, You Don't Need Darkness to Do What You Think Is Right, EMI buys Mute, Lord of the Rings petition, Gay Test and Suicide Bomber game.
  • V05I17 - 05052002
    Industrial Resurrection, Trans Am, Chris Carter, Volcano the Bear, Skalpell, Girl Talk, Fly Pan Am, Denali, John Young, Alio Die & Mathias Grassow, Pedro the Lion, Mary Margaret O'Hara, Spokane, DJ /Rupture, Manuela Krause + Pole, RIAA Man and the Scoop on Poop.
  • V05I16 - 04282002
    Manual, Ursula 1000, Legendary Pink Dots, The Cinematic Orchestra, DAT Politics, Paul Westerberg, Kilowatthours, Frieder Butzman, Travelogue, Cerberus Shoal, Maikeru Hitohana, Love and Rockets, Pauline Oliveros live, Industrial Evolution with Cabaret Voltaire, 101 Reykjavik, Emotion Eric, Britney's Breasts and Pong.
  • V05I15 - 04212002
    Wire, V/Vm, Airport 5, Thor, Howard hello, Jah Wobble's Solaris, Tigersaw, 2 Many DJs, Wire and Antipop Consortium live, and Star Wars in ASCII.
  • V05I14 - 04142002
    Parlour, Pan?American, 27, Shellydevoto, Global Goon, Go Back Snowball, Playgroup, Nazi, Aryan and Redneck haircuts, Commercial Music, 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111.
  • V05I13 - 04072002
    Frank Tovey and John Watermann remembered, Jack Dangers, Giuseppe Ielasi, Domenico Sciajno, Tu M', Califone, Rosy Parlane, Vibracathedral Orchestra, Replicant Rumba Rockers, Town and Country, Caitlin Cary, Che-Shizu, Death Cab for Cutie, S.I. Futres, Si-Cut.db,, the Legendary Pink Dots, Luke Slater, the bunny had a gun, Dsico bootlegs, Gaydar test.
  • V05I12 - 03312002
    Disc X revealed, Queen Mother V/Vm project news, Antipop Consortium, Joseph Suchy, The Caretaker, Vainio Fennesz Vainio, The Forcelab Edition,. Department, Pilote, Lydia Lunch, Claudia, This is Next Year, Minotaur Shock, Stafr?n H?kon, Manitoba, Mac Bong and Fat Mouse.
  • V05I11 - 03242002
    Arc/Aidan Baker, Trabant, Tindersticks, DJ Scud and Rich Kid, Clinic, Chicago Underground Duo, The Clientele, Joshua Ambrams, Abfahrt Hinwil, Slepcy, Liima, Do Make Say Think, Small Rocks, Fila Brazillia, Antibalas, The Anniversary/Superdrag, Skinny Puppy, Little Computer People, Francisco Lopez, Gold Chains/Chicks on Speed/Louis Austen live, Jesus images, Rate a Rod, Wasted Chicks, Porn for the Blind, George W. as Pinnocchio, Bruce Lee Panel, Find the Missing Jet, Fight the DMCA, Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie, and the Blue Blow-up Doll.
  • V05I10 - 03172002
    HNAS, Tricolor, Laub, Vladislav Delay, Mouse on Mars, Faust, Certain General, Purrkur Pillnikk, Alva Noto, James Coleman, The Sunshine Fix, Chicks on Speed/Kreidler, Andy Moor/Kaffe Matthrews, Giant Sand, The Wailers Band/Rhythm & Sound, Lionel Marchetti, M. Brehens, Papa M, Trouble Every Day, Modern Living and Ebaum's World.
  • V05I09 - 03102002
    Nurse with Wound, Coil, The Notwist, Panacea/Needle Sharing/Tarmvred, Merzbow/Jazzkammer, Kilowatthours, Mount Vernon Arts Lab, Grandpaboy, Lovesliescrushing, Tanya Donnelly, Templegarden's, Matthew Shipp, Limp, Cruelty Campaign, Xinlisupreme, Subsnow 02-02, Nagisa Ni Te, Somatic Responses, Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Exorder, Stewart Walker, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Fridge/Capitol K live, Scratch, Donnie Darko, Ant City, Euphemism Generator and the Death of the Single.
  • V05I08 - 03032002
    "Anthology 2", Rob Mazurek, Randy Greif, Presentperfect, Maenad, Mirza, Christian Kleine, Donna Regina, Perre Bastien, Vertical Forms, and D&D visualized.
  • V05I07 - 02242002
    "Musique Concrete Soundtracks to Experimental Short Films 1956-1978," "In the Beginning, There Was Rhythm," The Wake, Shalabi Effect, Boards of Canada, 45 Self, Cybernetic:Fuckheadz, Slicker, Secret Chiefs 3, Folkstorm, Hefner, Brighter Death Now, Stephin Merritt, The Aesthetics, Teenage Fanclub, Fast Food Nation 2002, The Truth for Youth and Colorgenics.
  • V05I06 - 02172002
    Download, Gordon Mumma, Rivulets, Ida, Venom8888, Cray, Larsen, New Wet Kojak, Six Organs of Admittance, Seaworthy, The Rebel Astronauts, The Church, Karl Him, Buck 65, Kikia, and a ghostly image.
  • V05I05 - 02102002
    Magical Power Mako, Swans, Berkowitz/Lake/Dahmer, Unbearable Heroes, Death Cab for a Cutie, The Bohman Brothers, Meat Beat Manifesto, John Hudak + Jason Lescalleet, Gal, Cousin Silas, Gammon & Khan, Static, Sianspheric, Story Time with Brian Cleary, Growl, The Move, You Are an Idiot and a statue.
  • V05I04 - 02032002
    Troum, Tarentel, Sugar Plant, Neil Halstead, Monster Movie, Unbearable Candies, Bed, Twisted Nerve, Norway Squared, Legendary Pink Dots, Jah Wobble, Tausenschoen, Posset, Gommorrahh, Electroclash 2001, Dykehouse, Chris & Cosey, Stars of the Lid live, Andy Warhol TV special, and Criptease.
  • V05I03 - 01272002
    Four Tet, Illusion of Safety, If I Was Prince, Cornelius, Halifax Pier, John Cale, Holland Borthwick, Massimo, Adrian Crowley, Charles Atlas, Colourbox, Atomsmasher, All Tomorrow's Paries, Coil, and Lego Jesus.
  • V05I02 - 01202002
    Legendary Pink Dots, Dan Bern, Laboratory Series 1, King Side Dub 7, Bip-Hop Generation, Isobella, Twelve Thousand Days, Floating Foundation 1, Puppet on a Chain soundtrack, Nobukazu Takemura, Tom's Corner and Army Men Porn.
  • V05I01 - 01132002
    Esquivel, Badaboom Grammophone 5, Jim O'Rourke, Comae, H>ost, David Thrussell, Arc/Ashfordaisyak, John Cale, Louie Austen, David Shea, 310, Little Computer People, Anthony Rother, Ocosi, Nos, Save the Chickens and Little Grey Guy.
VOLUME 4 / 2001
  • V04I51 - 12302001
    The Fall, Blectum from Blechdom, Richard Devine, Otto Von Schirach, Sybarite, Jah Wobble, Music for Pussycats, No-Neck Blues Band, Sam Shalabi, Station 17, Broken Social Scene, 23 Skidoo, Maschinenschlosser, Yohihiro Hanno, Elders of Zion, Blimp, guest reviews by kids and professional stalkers for hire.
  • V04I50 - 12232001
    Adult, Windsor for the Derby, Hrsta, Adrian Sherwood, Sandoz, Ringtones, Cylob, Jim O'Rourke/Michael Prime/Eddie Prevost, American Analog Set, Solvent, Surya, Seth Nehil, The Delgados, New Wet Kojak, Bourbonese Qualk, Oskaborn Pjodarinnar and the Reflections Laser Game.
  • V04I49 - 12162001
    Funckarma, V/Vm, Barry Adamson + Pan Sonic, Immediate Action CD, Miss Kitten & the Hacker, International Airpor, Jazzkammer, Anti-NY, Funkstörung, Barry 7's Connectors, MSBR, Survival Research Laboratories, Series 7 Soundtrack, Notes from Thee Real Underground, Galleries 4-6, Portastatic & Ken Vandermark, Bad Sector, Plankton, The Rip-Off Artist, Faust, Trans Am/The Oxes live and The Least Essential of 2001.
  • V04I48 - 12092001
    The Album Leaf, 2 By Bukowski, Electric Company, Cock ESP, Monolake, Pendro, Rhythm & Sound, Replicator, Tamvred, Obeng Ungu & Jalan Buntu, Stahlgren & Ferguson, The Angels of Light, Pigface and The Horrible Affliction Test.
  • V04I47 - 12022001
    George Harrison remembered, Fad Gadget, Antipop Consortium, Volcano the Bear, Airport 5, Jim O'Rourke, Venetian Snares, To Rococo Rot, M. Gira/D. Matz, Azure Skies, Godflesh, Chris & Cosey, The Cosmic Forces of Mu, Flanger, Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Odishon, My new Fighting/Filing Technique and Backstage with the Smoking Gun.
  • V04I46 - 11252001
    Brain in the Wire, Tee Shirt and Poll announcements, Cyclobe, Dntel, Boxhead Ensemble, Bovine Life, Ulrich Schnauss, Starlight Mints, Tagomago, Cavendish Sanguine, American Analog Set, Chessie, Superdrag, V.V., Single Unit, Organum and the New Blockaders, To Rococo Rot & I-Sound, Kim Koschka, Mogwai, Amelie and Dumbland.
  • V04I45 - 11182001
    Michael Karoli remembered, V/Vm vs. Scanner, Stars of the Lid, Set Fire to Flames, Hox, Edward Ka-Spel, Anita Lane, Beulah, Kings of Convenience, Soft Cell live, The Man Who Wasn't There and Gothic Baby Names.
  • V04I44 - 11112001
    Surface of Eceon, Antenne, Maximillian Hecker, Z.E.L.L.E., Papa M, Bablicon, Legendary Pink Dots, Bressford/Honsinger/Toop/Kondo, Charly McLion, Her Space Holiday, Battery Operated, Cex, Mulholland Drive and Jon Whitney the football player.
  • V04I43 - 11042001
    Four Tet tours, Jessica Bailiff and Cyclobe new releases, Vincent Gallo, Hood, Locust, Trans Champs, When, Black Eyed Snakes, The Damned, Mogwai, Vote Robot, Mira Calix, Nam June Paik, Cat Power live, Let's Mow and past lives of Melissa Rivers.
  • V04I42 - 10282001
    Balance in hospital, Diamanda on tour, Ryoji on display, Antony underground, Explosions in the Sky, Einstürzende Neubauten, Eardrum, Le Tigre, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, Oren Ambarchi, Brothomstates, Siggi Ármann, Carl Michael Von Hausswolf, Ozymandias, Cevin Key, Aereogramme and Kittens.
  • V04I41 - 10212001
    Cyclobe new album, Fridge tour, V/Vm website change, Panacea tour US, Tortoise tour Oz, Jack Dangers, Silver Mount Zion, Mirror, Lali Puna, Swim Team 2, DHS, Bo Square, Christian Kleine, Aube & Elsie & Jack, Dancing Bush, L.I.E., and Frank Tovey live.
  • V04I40 - 10142001
    Fridge raided, Annie in NY, Coil live archive, Hrvatski on Kranky, Rob Mitchell remembered, Jansky Noise, Low, Foetus, Nart Nibbles, Alva Noto + Opiate, Rehberg & Bauer, V/Vm, My Bloody Valentine, Mick Harris, The Princess + The Warrior Soundtrack, Melt Banana live, and Shatner live.
  • V04I39 - 10072001
    Coil hit Europe, Fridge in N. America, Nurse with Wound reissue, Pan American / Komet / Fisherofgold, Tara Jane O'Neil, Loscil, Amp, Solex, Terrorists, Pole, The White Stripes, Skinny Puppy DVD's, UnderEZ for flatulence, what's in the Fridge player.
  • V04I38 - 09302001
    Orchestra Terrestrial, Digital Terrestrial, Coh, Greg Weeks, Jackie-O Motherfucker, Anti Pop Consortium, ISAN, Merzbow, Hilmar ?rn Hilmarsson, and the Tear Garden.
  • V04I37 - 09232001
    C93 Cancels NY, Coil announces video, Carl Crack remembered, Fridge, Lustmord, ? + Noto, Nick Parkin, Windy & Carl/Landing, Astrobrite, Susumu Yokata, Ex-Girl live, Ghost World and pictures from around the world.
  • V04I35 - 09092001
    Telefon Tel Aviv, Rotoscope, Origami Galaktika, Pram, Bows, Godflesh, Techno Animal, Frankie Sparo, Detention, Maya Shore, Landing, Symptoms, "Or Some Computer Music 2", Lush Life Electronica, Four Questions with Scanner, Infinite Wheel's Dub Selector, and Low vs. the Thompson Twins.
  • V04I34 - 09022001
    Coil, Einsturzende Neubauten, Little Annie, AFX, Black Faction, Aranos/Mueller/Rosenau, Thalia Zedek, Pullman, Niko Skorpio, Goldfrapp, Margaret Cho, Four Questions with Colin Newman and Malka Spigel, Local Band Gallery and Things You hate About your Roommate.
  • V04I33 - 08262001
    Neil Cooper remembered, Fischerspooner, Phoenecia, Lesser, Unwound, Hochenkeit, Maximilian Hecker, Francisco Lopez & Zbignew Karkowski, Squaremeter, Needle Sharing, Illuminati, Superdrag, Stars as Eyes, Arovane & Phonem, Coil live in NYC, Marc Almond, Four Questions with Aranos, My Cat Hates You, and Goth props.
  • V04I32 - 08192001
    Fridge, Four Tet, Xhol Caravan, Vert, Andre Estermann, Zorn, Su Pollard Deconstructions, Melvins, Spacecraft, Four Questions with Pisstank, Consumption Junction and Reasons to be in NYC this weekend.
  • V04I31 - 08122001
    Motorlab, Cex, Baby Dee, Prefuse 73, Tigerbeat6 Inc., Mick Harris & Ambre, Kitchen, Phroq, Dianogah, Wheat, The Mad Capsule Markets, Nic Endo, Stereolab, Hello Badness, Rat Race, Four Questions with Alan Sparhawk, Microwaving objects, and things to avoid on email lists.
  • V04I30 - 08052001
    LPD reissues, Dead Voices on Air, The Double Life of Veronique, K, Phil Western, Berkowitz/Lake/Dahmer, Ukiyo-E, the Bip_hOp Label, Dream Brother, Four Questions with Diamanda Galas, "Who Let the Dogs Out" and new Coil slogans.
  • V04I29 - 07292001
    "$" vols 1-4, Zoviet France, Múm, Shriekback, Nada Surf, ~Scape & Staedtizism 2, US Maple, Somatic Responses, Matt Wand, Propergol, Queen of Japan, Four Questions with Hrvatski, the Brain Museum and shitty demos.
  • V04I28 - 07222001
    Marc Almond, Migala, Bochum Welt, Fantomas, Jarboe, A Rocket Girl Compilation, Radio Birdman, Martyn Bates, Synapscape, 27, OMD, Four Questions with David Pajo, and Trent is Hot!
  • V04I27 - 07152001
    Bonnie Billy, Chicago Underground Quartet, Michael Gira, Vert, Lightning Bolt, the Pilot Ships, Kate Mosh, Mark Eitzel live, Vert/Mouse on Mars live, The Young Gods live, Add N to (x) live, Low/Breeders live, Chris Connelly live, Four Questions with Chris & Cosey, The Straight Edge Conspiracy and the Frequently Bought/Rarely Heard list.
  • V04I26 - 07082001
    Current 93/Nurse With Wound, Tomas Jirku, Fennesz, Slicker, Fontanelle, Hrvatski and friends, Tor Lundvall, Ruby, Him, Keiji Haino, Tied + Tickled Trio, Slag Boom Van Loon, Cubismo Grafico, Sukia, Cambodian Rocks, Kid 606, Twilight Circus, Four Questions with Adam Wiltzie, Celebatheists, and CD comps.
  • V04I25 - 07012001
    Kate Mosh released, Jim Ellis remembered, Neu! reissues, Moldy Peaches, Alec Empire and El-P, Mitchell Akiyama, The Fall, The B-Sides, Squarepusher, Four Questions with Rob Young, Supergreg, Ninja 4 Hire and Canadian Mail Order Brides.
  • V04I24 - 06242001
    Foetus apologies, Ida, Sonna, Retina, Jay Dee, Pete Rock, Spring Heel Jack, Zammuto, Tujiko Noriko, Four Questions with Panacea, the Last Pages and some new rumors to spread.
  • V04I23 - 06172001
    Foetus, Manorexia, Beneath Autumn Sky, Marquis de Tren and Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Neotropic, Michael O'Shea, Jet Black Crayon, Rafael Toral, The Shins, Nurse with Wound, Throbbing Gristle, Pleasure Forever, Foetus live, Uz Jsme Doma live, Four Questions with Fred Giannelli, Execution Comment, Email Flamers and Stefan Betke nicknames.
  • V04I22 - 06102001
    Windy & Carl on tour, Coil on Dutch Radio, RHKirk new album, Creative Time, Clientele on tour, John Cale, Brume & Artificial Memory Trace, Kristian/Shalabi/St. Onge, Cannibal Ox, Sonna/Explosions in the sky live, four questions with Stephin Merritt, Election comment, Ouchy the Clown and 10 Things I Hate About Your Driving.
  • V04I21 - 06032001
    Coil live pics, Raymond Scott, Biosphere, Amenti Suncrown, Plaid, Techno Animal, Squarepusher, Coldcut, Deltron 3030, Antony and the Johnsons live, four questions with Kid 606, nose picking website and 10 Things I Hate About Your Driving.
  • V04I20 - 06032001
    Coil cancels, C93 sells out, V/Vm, Monstre, Cex, Pele, Aranos, The Comas, Nurse with Wound, Coil, Fuck, To Rococo Rot, Mellow, Oval, Tortoise/Autechre live, four questions with Nobukazu Takemura, Heavy Metal Parking Lot and Summertime Music Fests.
  • V04I19 - 05202001
    Múm, Hazard/Fennesz/Biosphere, Ryoji Ikeda & Carsten Nicolai, Kings of Convenience, Third Eye Foundation, Chicks on Speed, Mark Eitzel, Portastatic, Low/Dirty Three, K/Low, Mark Lanegan, Jake Mandell, Khan, Manitoba, Sadness is in the Sky #16, Dress up Jesus, Hello my Future Girlfriend and Useless Professions for 2001.
  • V04I18 - 05132001
    Aranos anarchy, Tortoise facelift, 1-Speed Bike, Trans Am and Tim Simenon shows, Douglas Adams and Perry Como remembered, Autechre, Lumen, John Hughes, Cerberus Shoal, Communication Problems, Atom TM, Disco Operating System, Bardo Pond, Antibalas, Ultra Living, Imitation Electric Piano, Stark Raving Loony Party and rejected Autechre song titles.
  • V04I17 - 05062001
    Fridge new album announcement, !!! joins brainwashed, Coil reissues, Foetus tour, Hrvatski (Keith Fullerton Whitman), Folktales #1, Rollerball, The Experience, Bip-Hop Generation 1 & 2, Anja Garbarek, Kurt Ralske, Current 93, Richard D. Vine, Tortoise live, The Wire Drinking Game, Phone Hell and Discount Celebrities try to crawl out of the bin.
  • V04I16 - 04292001
    International Noise Awareness Day, Kristin Hersh, Mogwai, Moblin, The Rip Off Artist, Au Revoir Borealis, Re:Kusaki, Jah Wobble & Evan Parker, Monster Movie, Tino live, Murder clean-up specialists and Fave Dirty Sexual terms.
  • V04I15 - 04222001
    Red House Painters, Morgenstern, James Plotkin (Trifid Project/Atomsmasher), Substantia 3, Jurgen de Blonde, Crunch, Hank & Slim, Couch, Mothboy, Panacea/Cativo, Gary Numan live, Psycho ex-girlfriends and Whitney facts.
  • V04I14 - 04152001
    Brainwashed turns five, Joey Ramone and Harvey Ball dies, Arab Strap, Kandis, Did You See, Ulver, Timecode, Cowboy Bebop, Muffin Films, and name dropping songs.
  • V04I13 - 04082001
    Organum, Wagon Christ, Mice Parade, Movietone, Daniel Weaver, Sr:Ample, Loren MazzaCane Connors, Ilpo Väisänen, Slick Idiot, Clicks & Cuts 2, Danielson Famile, Tetris, Mirror live Current 93/Antony and the Johnsons/Pantaleimon live, Hyakugojyuuichi, Kozelek Tech Support, Karate Kick My Balls and classic April Fool's pranks.
  • V04I12 - 04012001
    April Fool's Special, Penumbra, Current 93, No-Man, Jean-Michel, Christopher Penrose, Aeron Bergman, Heidi Berry, Pixies, Modern English, Lush, Coil live, Soft Boys/Young Fresh Fellows live, Mogwai live, Cole I. Bernstein presents Time, Zefrank dances, and Musicians in Movies.
  • V04I11 - 03252001
    Rejected: Snubbed, Everyone to be Slaughtered, No Watches.No Maps, Nobukazu Takemura, Angels of Light, Scratch Pet Land, Thomas Brinkmann, Tied & Tickled Trio, Console, Phill Niblock, Pigface, Pan Sonic, Nick Cave live, Men who Look Like Kenny Rogers, and dumped emails.
  • V04I10 - 03182001
    Matmos, The Residents, V/Vm, Thread, Dumb Type, Exhaust, Miro, Mice Parade/Kid 606 in concert, Insta-Goth Kit and top replacements for Ryan Moore of LPD.
  • V04I09 - 03112001
    Ryan Moore departs LPD, Brainwashed discussion board opens, Nurse with Wound, Alva Noto, Kilowatthours, Low End Recon, Edward Ka-Spel, Legendary Pink Dots, Hazel Winter, Windy & Carl, the Penumbra label, Cirque du Soleil, Manbeef, and our favorite couples.
  • V04I08 - 03042001
    Noise/Girl, Colin Potter, Fly Pan Am, Troum, Matmos, L'Altra, Silo, Autechre, Crooked Fingers, Rapoon, Jack Dangers, Panoply Academy Corps of Engineers, Mark Kozelek, Golden Shower video, Pussy Snorkel and Music Mergers.
  • V04I07 - 02252001, John Fahey remembered, Coh, ESG, Jan Jalinek, Ladytron, the Stick Men, Town & Country live, Ramen Central, All Your Base are Belong to Us and Indie Rockers who played D&D in High School.
  • V04I06 - 02182001
    Tortoise, Terry Riley, IBM, Burnt Friedman, The New Year, Labradford, Papa M, Lume Lume, Pan Sonic, 2nd Gen, Mount Florida, Low/Pedro the Lion live, Labradford/Pan American/Hrvatski/Marumari live, Jesus vs. Dungeons and Dragons, Rubberburner, Ravers and Annoying E-Traits.
  • V04I05 - 02112001
    Francisco Lopez, Chris Connelly and the Bells, Bill Rieflin & Chris Connelly, Freezepop, Hei?a, Arnold's Pranks and a Brainwashed Valentine's Mix Tape.
  • V04I04 - 02042001
    Iannis Xenakis, Soft Cell, Panasonic Tour, Low, Calla, Lesser, Flux Information Sciences, Jello Biafra, Lemon Jelly, Him, the Crouton label, Plot-O-Matic/Porn-O-Matic, and Some Common English Names Uncommon Outside of England.
  • V04I03 - 01282001
    Thighpaulsandra, Repeat, Vladislav Delay, Monolake, Shizuo, Senking, Paris Vu Par, Psychic Enemies Network, Boyd Rice, Dark Star, Mahogany, Shadow of the Vampire, Snatch, Genre-Generator and Things David Tibet Actually Owns in His CD Collection.
  • V04I02 - 01212001
    Walker Brothers, Pan America, Panacea, Pan Sonic, Muslimgauze, Shipping News, Ammo, Sybarite, State and Main, Dictator of TV-Sitcom Character and Favorite Xmas Gifts Received by Goths.
  • V04I01 - 01142001
    New look, 2001 preview, Aranos disaster, !!!, Tricky, Blacworld, Antony & the Johnsons, Opium Jukebox, In the Nursery, Ratcatcher, George Washington, Traffic, Bush or Chimp and New Years Surprise Concerts You Missed.
VOLUME 3 / 2000
  • BEST OF 2000!
  • V03I46 - 12312000
    Polling ceases, Ruby Falls out, Hefty's Immediate Action, Putting the Morr Back in Morrissey, Wir, Red Snapper, Hrvatski, American Pimp, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, 45 and Am I Goth Or Not?
  • V03I45 - 12242000
    Jessica Bailiff/the.dithering.effect/Marumari, American Music Club tribute, American Beauty, Know Your Enemy, Not Breathing/Instagon/AA23 live, light comment and Disturbing Auctions.
  • V03I44 - 12172000 - 12032000 IN STEREO!
    Gordon Mumma and Volcano the Bear join Brainwashed, Squaremeter, Docking Sequence, Boards of Canada, The Clientele, Troum, Sad Rockets, Microstoria, Dude Where's My Car? and Divine Interventions.
  • V03I43 - 12102000 IN STEREO!
    Cloud-Zero turns 10, Tino Corp live, Senior Coconut, Ryoji Ikeda, The Red Krayola, Ulan Bator, Team Doyobi, Yo La Tengo, High Llamas, Echoboy, Le Car, Schneider TM, The Remote Viewer, Cubismo Grafico, Magnetic Fields live, Requiem for a Dream and Sumo Wrestler Sailor Moon.
  • V03I42 - 12032000 IN STEREO!
    Polling starts, C93 reschedules, welcome Carl Thien, goodbye Robert Rental, The Fall, Cosey Fanni Tutti, CTI, Magazine, Sylvester Boy, Alien Porno Midgets, Bruce Kaphan, Stereo Deluxe, Chicago Underground Trio, People Like Us, Nobukazu Takemura, Emre: Dark Matter, Turbid, Godspeed/Will Oldham/Mick Turner live, The Shalabi Effect live, Quills and Cuntfest 2000.
  • V03I41 - 11262000 IN STEREO!
    Thread live, Shalabi tour, Meat Beat Manifesto, Tino's Breaks, The Living Jarboe, Blixa Bargeld, N.U. Unruh, Add N to Fu(x)a, Kit Clayton, Mouse on Mars, Punish Your Machine rant, Klanggalerie label profile, Dancer in the Dark and Butte Pirates.
  • V03I40 - 11192000 IN STEREO!
    Hot cider recipe, Pizzicato Five, Luomo and Uusitalo, Kirk Lake, Darrin Verhagen, Songs: Ohia, Scorn, Variious, Chicks on Speed, Download, Volcano the Bear live, Tyro/Man or Astro-Man? live, Broadcast/The Sea and Cake live and Hats of Meat.
  • V03I39 - 11122000 IN STEREO!
    Election bytes, Chicks on Speed, Volcano the Bear, Molasses, Flanger, DHS, General Magic, People Like Us, Burnt Friedman, Sun Ra, Fantastic Planet soundtrack, Faultline, Techno Anima/Dalek, Ukuphambana, Zero Times Infinity, Donna Regina, Angus MacLaurin, Blectum from Blechdom and Warp the Next President.
  • V03I38 - 11052000 IN STEREO!
    New Non site, Radio Eskaton, Ralph Nader endorsement, Tear Garden, Jah Wobble, Kid 606, Aix Em Klemm, Magnétophone, The Nits, Rekyavik comment, Rachel's/Matmos live, Tino Corp live and how to stop masturbating.
  • V03I37 - 10292000 IN STEREO!
    godspeed you black emperor!, Add N to (X), Anti-Pop Consortium, Schlammpeitziger, Electro Organic Sound System, The Fucking Champs, Four Ways of Saying H3O, Volcano the Bear, Low, Low/Ida live, and new album covers.
  • V03I36 - 10152000 IN STEREO!
    Falsch 01, V/Vm, I Am Spoonbender, Kid 606, EA, Tomas Jirku, Coil, Current 93, Broadcast, Ruby Falls, Disorder 2nd Gen, Panacea live, Laika live and Zombie Survival Information.
  • V03I35 - 10082000 IN STEREO!
    People Like Us, The Sea and Cake, Merzbow, Automator, Orso, John Wesley Harding, Coil live, Saint Etienne live, Apocalypse Culture 2 and Werd Perhect.
  • V03I34 - 09242000 IN STEREO!
    Brainwashed Radio, Goldfrapp, Pram, Cale/Conrad/Maclise/Young/Zazeela, Holger Czukay, Lustmord, Chris Connelly and the Bells, The New Year live, Drums and Tuba live and nosepilot.
  • V03I33 - 09182000 IN STEREO!
    Fall Preview (new releases/on tour), Merzbow/Heemann, Vladislav Delay, Illusion of Safety, Eleventh Dream Day, Rise/Convergence, Voices in My Lunchbox, Sounds of the Geographically Challenged, Chillout Basscapes 2, The Clarke & Ware Experiment, Commercial Ad Hoc, Throbbing Gristle, rediscovering Death in June, Nurse Betty, Rodinsky's Room and
  • V03I32 - 09042000 IN STEREO!
    Trans Am, Man or Astro-Man?, Mark Spybey/Mick Harris, Fumble, The New Deal and Black Tulip hotel.
  • V03I31 - 08272000 IN STEREO!
    Dat Politics, Cex, Electric Company, Laika, Damage Manual, Spring Heel Jack, Marc Gartman, Wilkes Land, Future Bible Heroes, Curd Durca, Sonovac, Sonic Youth, Invisible Soundtracks 3, L'Age D'or, Drums & Tuba, Bright, Fred Giannelli, Live Human, Track & Field, Chunklet 15, LSD for Gimps and Weird NJ.
  • V03I30 - 08202000 IN STEREO!
    Kim Cascone, Vague Terrain, Chris & Cosey reissues, Sally Doherty, RGB [an audio spectrum], The Fall/Buzzcocks live and Me company.
  • V03I29 - 08132000 IN STEREO!
    Another reason to boycott the majors, DVOA, Squaremeter, CTI, Thread, Couch, Trans Am live, Cecil B. Demented, In the Shadow of the American Dream, Brain in Baltimore and Billionaires for Bush or Gore.
  • V03I28 - 08062000 IN STEREO!
    Nurse with Wound, Chihuahuas and Chinese Noodles, Pirate Fuckin' Radio 100, Isotope 217, Senking, Ida, Bass Communion vs. Muslimgauze, Better Living Through Circuitry soundtrack, Amont Tobin, Cativo, Client/Server, Taylor Dupree, Ekkehard Ehlkers, In the Nursery, and Build your own cow.
  • V03I27 - 07302000 IN STEREO!
    Major Label Boycott, Brain in CMJ, Porcupine Tree, Nurse with Wound/Aranos, Oval, S.E.T.I., Biosphere, Touch Sampler 0, Frederich Jurgenson, Collision Course, Sculpting from Drake Vol. 1, Plaid, The Shalabi Effect, Einsturzende Neubauten and The For Carnation live, Blood Simple, House of Leaves and Shotgun Rules
  • V03I26 - 07232000 IN STEREO!
    Mice Parade, Gry/FM Einheit, Low/Spring Heel Jack, Alan Sparhawk, Charles Wyatt, Kid 606, Attitude, Bogus Blimp and Jimi Tenor.
  • V03I25 - 07162000 IN STEREO!
    OHM, Mark Kozelek, Travels in Constants, Muslimgauze remixes, Diamanda Galas live, X-Men and Fucked Companies.
  • V03I24 - 07092000 IN STEREO!
    Kid 606, Blue Man Group, the No WTO Combo, Peace Orchestra, Asmus Tietchens, John Denver tribute, Tomas Jirku, Scary Movie and Gay or Euro Trash vs. Lesbian or German lady.
  • V03I23 - 07022000 IN STEREO!
    Current 93, Rollerball, Arovane, Laika, Not Breathing, The Czars, Praxis live, the Road Cone label, Eminem rant and Flight 404.
  • V03I22 - 06252000 IN STEREO!
    Barcelona wrap-up, Jay-Jay Johanson, Scott Walker, Systemwide Meets Muslimgauze, Marty Willson-Piper, Melted Men, Robert Rich, Pole, Chicago 2018, Drainage for Animals/Sean Drinkwater/Neptune live, Roger Waters live, Ween live and Your Nutz.
  • V03I21 - 06112000 IN STEREO!
    Sonic Youth, Ku-Ling Brothers, Belle and Sebastian, Wild Planet, Legendary Pink Dots, Rumah Sakit, Twilight Circus, The The, Tommy Guerrero, OMD, The Clientele/Flare/Science Park live, Macha/Calexico live, Hrvatski/?-Ziq live and Bannertown at Chickenhead.
  • V03I20 - 06042000 IN STEREO!
    More live fests, Coil, Mark Spybey & Amber, Buzzcocks, Kid 606 split 7" singles, Melted Men, Echoboy, Kalma, Departure Lounge, Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Primal Scream, Stereolab, The Clientele, Thomas DiMuzio/Chris Cutler, Dinosaur, Road Trip, Gladiator, Mission Impossible 2, Small Time Crooks, The Questionnaire, Marshmallow Peeps and the Irate Customer of the Day.
  • V03I19 - 05282000 IN STEREO!
    Legendary Pink Dots, Martijn de Kleer, Nick Cave, Pluxus vs. Fridge, When, Panacea, Ian Boddy & Chris Carter, Kid Koala, Pan Sonic/Charlemagne Palestine, Califone, Mika Vainio, Swim Team #1, Mistress of Strands, Legendary Pink Dots/DVOA live, The Cure live, the Ventricle label, a tribue to Brainwashed and more privitization bullshit.
  • V03I18 - 05212000 IN STEREO!
    Coil and Pink Dots news, Gas, Tarwater, South Pacific, Edward Ka-Spel, Vladishlav Delay, Russell Mills/Undark, Antony & the Johnsons, Fontanelle, Spring Heel Jack, Belle & Sebastian, Him, The Virgin Suicides, King of the City, Big Brother brainwashed comment and trailer park fun.
  • V03I17 - 05142000 IN STEREO!
    Chicks on Speed, Zipperspy, Hrvatski, Bedhead/Macha, Aranos, Backworld, Jean-Michel, Twelfth of Never, Chicago Underground Duo, The Dylan Group, Lockgroove, Wire live, the Exorcist 25th Anniv. DVD, "Weird Al" responds to Napster and Stinkymeat.
  • V03I16 - 05072000 ALMOST IN STEREO!
    Richard H. Kirk, Lab Report, Clicks + Cuts, Blue Cubism, Cozmick Suckers Vol. Yellow, Sonig Comp 1, Earthdance, Ween, The Machine in the Garden, The Soil Bleeds Black, Half Japanese, Trans Am, Negativland live, High Fidelity, an aging musician rant and Death Row's Final Meals.
  • V03I15 - 04232000 IN STEREO!
    Sigur Ros, Telegraph Melts, Damage Manual, Lou Reed, Bass Communion, Kiln, Tara Jane O'Neil, Quickspace, Mary Timony, Storm and Stress, Magnetic Fields live, Richard H. Kirk live, Mary Willson-Piper live, Memoirs of My Nervous Illness, MP3 rant and your Sushi Fortune.
  • V03I14 - 04162000 IN STEREO!
    The For Carnation, Charlene, A Silver Mt. Zion, Do Make Say Think, Console, Rachel's/Matmos, The Halifax Pier, Kozo, Rollerball, Einsturzende Neubauten, Gordon Mumma, Sieben, Speedy J, Optiganally Yours, Dirty Three, Gus Gus, Antony & the Johnsons live, Taxi and Star Dudes.
    Brainwashed birthday, Coil and Kid 606 news, Trans Am and LPD tour news, Terrence McKenna, Sigur Ros, Broadcast, Dirty Three, Luke Vibert, Coil, Thighpaulsandra, The Donner Party, Joseph Arthut, Peter Murphy, Time Machines live, godspeed you black emperor!/Sigur Ros live, Kid 606 live, and Dirty Three live, the Mego record label, A Lovely Tale of Poetry, John Waters exhibit and the Sodaplay Constructor.
  • V03I12 - 04022000 WITH VINEGAR!
    Panacea tour, Current 93/Antony & the Johnsons, Seely, Organum, Spring Heel Jack, Melvins, Ostara, Cat Power, A Murder of Angels, When, And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead live, The Badman Recording Company, Infinite Jest, the Biblical generator and dating a record collector.
  • V03I11 - 03262000 FAT FREE!
    Bedhead news, MBM news, Coil and Fridge live pics, Danny Hyde, new Wire material, LPD news, Brain Contest VII, Skincage, Coh, Mimir, Swans, v/vm and Kid 606, Will Oldham, In the Nursery, Recoil, The Donnas live, Zipperspy live, Peter Murphy live, Charlene/Lockgroove live, The Book of Amuwapi, MS 1978 and biblical action figures.
  • V03I10 - 03192000 IN LIVING HIFI!
    Psychic TV, Crank, D'Angelo, Richie Hawtin, Yo La Tengo, Jackie-O Motherfucker, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Tied + Tickled Trio, Cannibal: The Musical, Hungry for God and an Acronym generator.
  • V03I09 - 03052000 A'LA AUDIO!
    Low baby announcement, Kristen & Nick's wedding announcement, RRRobery, Fat Cat series 1-8, Electronic Eye, David Coulter, Volcano the Bear, Unto Ashes, The Mirror Reveals, Wire + guests live, the Young God Records label, The First Annual Adult Film Fest, Smoke and Mirrors, Our Rappin' Forefathers and Our Dumb Laws.
  • V03I08 - 02272000 WITH SOUND!
    Fridgecast, Ofra Haza news, Bowery Electric, Current 93, Mr. Oizo, Laika, Russell Mills/Undark, Sneakster/Robin Guthrie, Loren Mazzacane Connors, Panacea, Persona, The The, Bass Communion, Deconstructing Beck, DKV Trio live, the Manifold record label, Double or Nothing & Take it Or Leave it and Friendchip.
  • V03I07 - 02202000 WITH SOUND!
    Contest V, Coil, Sorrow, Mondii, Matmos, Arling & Cameron, DJ Me DJ You, Public Image Ltd., The Cure, The Baby Namboos, Best Boy Electric and Lords of Acid live, the Temporary Residence label and Jackinworld.
  • V03I06 - 02132000 WITH SOUND!
    Time Machines live news, Contest IV, Ernest remembered, Pan American, Current 93, Dome, Mos Def, Johnny Cash, Michael Rother, Lard, Rocket from the Crypt, the Clientele and Ui live, the Star Star Stereo label, Autumn Sonata, Whassup and a nasal clearing crack pipe.
  • V03I05 - 02062000 WITH SOUND!
    Philip Glass/Robert Wilson, RRRecords 500, M. Gira, Cerebrus Shoal, Savath+Savalas, Bastard Noise, Spooky vs. Scanner, David Kristian, Molasses, Khan, Nick Cave/Mick Harvey/Ed Clayton-Jones, the Intransitive label, alt.racism rant and Tina Yothers' new band.
  • V03I04 - 01302000 WITH SOUND!
    Brain Contest III, Third Eye Foundation, Five Way Mirror, Charalambides, Fluxion, Hallucinator, Round One - Round Five, Rajna, Bomb the Bass, David Sylvian, the Alien8 label, Writings of the Vienna Actonists, major label rant and a link to online coupons.
  • V03I03 - 01232000
    Troum, Kid 606 and Friends Vol.1, Nurse with Wound and Friends, Lazarus Clamp/2 by Bukowski, Smiling Pets, Flying Saucer Attack, Disc, Bourbon Princess live, Mark Eitzel/Jeff Farina live, The Rocket Girl label, The Intuationist, Award Show rant and Kween.
  • V03I02 - 01162000
    Brain Contest II, Non, The Rootsman, Halou, Achim Wollscheid, Various Artists, Suicide reissues, Pita, Kreidler, the Jester label, Magnolia, An Explaination of the Birds, AOL Warner merger rant and the Hanky Code.
  • V03I01 - 01022000
    ELpH, Laub remixed, Rieflin/Fripp/Gunn, Thomas Fehlmann, Uakti, Kraftwerk, Fantastic Plastic Machine remixed, Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics, Best Boy Electric, Aube, the Ant-Zen label, From Hell, Toy War comment and some Y2K glitches.
VOLUME 2 / 1999
  • V02I52 - 122699
    Wrapping up the year, the Hefty Records label and Your MC/DJ/Rapper name generator.
  • V02I51 - 121999
    Greater Than One, Techno Animal/Porter Ricks, Jim O'Rourke, Roy Montgomery, Kid 606/Fantomas live, Papa M live, DVOA/Not Breathing live, the Constellation label, Fishing for Amber, Anton Maiden and a shockwave snowball fight!
  • V02I50 - 121299
    Red House Painters, Sofa Surfers, Wharton Tiers, Twilight Circus, Magnetic Fields, Broadcast, Cylob, Ovuca, The The live, Stereolab/Jim O'Rourke live, the Kitty-yo label and a Can Christmas present.
  • V02I49 - 120599
    Brainwashed singles on sale again, Best of '99 voting, Mika Vainio, Music for Listening to, Muslimgauze, Lobe, Mick Turner, Appliance, Elven Shadows, the Swim label, Malancholy Resistance and Rhonda from Ohio!
  • V02I48 - 112899
    Ui, Holly Johnson, Beastie Boys, Pet Shop Boys, Aki Tsuyuko, Nobukazu Takemura/Chris Brokaw/Brokeback live, Bella Union Records, Non-Coil URLs and BRAINS.
  • V02I47 - 112199
    Doldrums, Thread, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Notwist, Sonic Youth, Kool Keith, Icebreaker, Lakuna, Memories of My Father, Sorry Meniscus and an Alien Abduction Survey.
  • V02I46 - 111499
    Mogwai, Immersion, Brendan Perry, Squarepusher, Andrea Parker, Wesley Willis, Dogma, Mosaic Man, Serendipities, Mononoke reaction and more Mahir mania!
  • V02I45 - 110799
    Can, Psychic TV, John Corbett, The Binary System, Princess Mononoke, Ida, Bjorn Again, v/vm, Kristen Hersh and Brendan Perry, Fight Club, Being John Malkovich and I Kiss You!
  • V02I44 - 103199
    Mice Parade, The Monks, Takako Minekawa, Plone, Panacea, Papa M, Spacetime Continuum, Mouse on Mars, Skylab, High Llamas, Liquid City and Pulp Phantom.
  • V02I43 - 102499
    Charles Atlas, Mats Gustafsson/David Grubbs, Slave One, Jac Berrocal, Cocteau Twins, Boards of Canada, Ricci's Pieces, Spike and Mike's Animation Fest and The Fan Maker's Inquisition and ISP sex banners.
  • V02I42 - 101799
    Warp's 10th Anniversary, v/vm, Low, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Ken Vandermark's Joe Harriot Project, Tricolor, Mick Turner and The Church live, Splendor, The Tunnel, The Twelfth of Never and Americans for Purity.
  • V02I41 - 101099
    v/vm tour info, S.O.L.O., Left Hand, Jessica Bailiff, Philosopher's Stone, Dust Brothers, Ayers/Everall/Harris, DNA Le Draw D-Kee, David Bowie, Tricky live, Dreams at the End of Night and 'Just Say "No" to Goths.'
  • V02I40 - 100399
    Beastie Boys, Boxhead Ensemble, To Rococo Rot, Cabaret Voltaire, Oval, Angels of Light, The All Seeing I, Isotope 217/The Eternals live, Three Kings and Kiosk.
  • V02I39 - 092699
    v/vm, SND, Stereolab, DJ Tron, Nine Inch Nails, Rachel's live, Tom Waits live, Lamb live, American Beauty, The Adventures of Sebastian Cole, Stigmata, Stir of Echoes, The Situationist City, nothing Rant and New Butts.
  • V02I38 - 091999
    The Boy Without Hands, Everything is Nice, Headcase, Muzak for Cages, Thee Majesty, Monolake, Human League, Air, Gescom, Kill Switch... Klick, Sugarhill Records, The Beatles, The Church, Diamanda Galas live, Plus 8 party, Cruddy and Beyond Grandpa!
  • V02I37 - 091299
    Tino's Breaks, Marc Almond, Talking Heads, Mika Vainio, The Remote Viewer, Kristen Hersh, Slick Sixty, Ganger, Labradford/Low/Godspeed live, The Acid House, Cube, Iron Giant, The Book of Bachelors, The Gray Book and the Web of Lies.
  • V02I36 - 090599
    Brainwashed Fall Preview, Alec Empire, Tricky, People Like Us, Barry Adamson/Jon Spencer, Einsturzende Neubauten, Richard H. Kirk, Christoph Heeman/Andreas Martin, Sorrow, Kitty-Yo, Chris & Cosey, Ui, Mogwai/Ganger live, Labradford/godspeed live, Nocturnal Emissions live, Genghis Blues, The Iron Giant, Illuminata, Untamed Heart, Slow Chocolate Autopsy and Cap Alert.
  • V02I35 - 082999
    1st Anniversary Poll results, Trans Am, Organum, Five Style, Bows, Stereolab/Brigitte Fontaine, Roger Waters live, Times Square Red Times Square Blue, The Iron Giant, Go, Bride of Chucky and the Blair Family Circus Project.
  • V02I34 - 082299
    Four Tet, Tarwater, Kriedler, Colin Newman/Malka Spigel live and 1st Anniversary Poll feedback.
  • V02I33 - 081599
    The Red Krayola, Lucious Jackson, June of '44, Tactile, Schneider TM, The Sixth Sence, Disgruntled Housewives and 120 Years of Electronic Music.
  • V02I32 - 080899
    1st Annual Readers' Poll, Isotope 217, Richard H. Kirk's Al Jabr, Mu-Ziq, Stars of the Lid, Get Real and Flat Eric.
  • V02I31 - 080199
    Fire Escape, Lamb, Brokeback, Mellowtrons/Meat Beat Manifesto, Chemical Brothers, Red House Painters, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Eyes Wide Shut and Band Name Random Generators.
  • V02I30 - 072599
    Scanner, Swans, Squarepusher, Muslimgauze, Plaid, Looper live, Arlington Road, Party Monster, Buena Vista Social Club, Raw Images from the Optic Cross, Can't Stop the Goth and Band-A-Minute.
  • V02I29 - 071899
    Coil, Fridge, Autechre, David Byrne, Ryoji Ikeda, Matmos/Lesser live, Blair Witch Project, Run Lola Run, The Infinite Promise, Mullets and Discount Celebrity: the Astin Family.
  • V02I28 - 071199
    Mark Sandman & Sonic Youth news, Miles Davis, Hanayo in Panacea, Two Lone Swordsmen, Windy & Carl, Do Make Say Think, Edge of Seventeen, Wild Wild West, Summer of Sam, Discount Celebrity Explained and the Nation of Lizbekistan.
  • V02I27 - 070499
    Flaming Lips, Legendary Pink Dots, Piano Magic, Nightmares on Wax, Red Snapper, Stars of the Lid live, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, King of Masks, Discount Celebrity Tempestt Bledsoe, X Dude, Superbad and the real reason why the Titanic sunk.
  • V02I26 - 062799
    The Vandermark 5, Coil Tribute, Shanti Project Collection, Tortoise & The Ex, Toe 2000, Afterlife, Tarzan, The 80s Game and The Urinal Game.
  • V02I25 - 062099
    Gus Gus, Fuzazi, Nobukazu Takemura, Atari Teenage Riot, Angels of Light live, Bullworth,, Easy Java Script and Discount Celebrity: William Katt.
  • V02I24 - 061399
    Mel Torme remembered, Northwoods Improvisors, To Rococo Rot, Howie B, Rachel's, Orbital, Barry Adamson, Austin Powers, Tsui Hark's Animated Ghost Story, This is Modern Art and the Japanese Game Title Generator.
  • V02I23 - 060699
    Suck it and See, Man or Astroman, Moby, Rhys Chatham, Underworld, Velvet Goldmine, Saving Private Ryan, Marmaduke cartoon, music censorship rant, The Stinkers and Discount Celebrity: Pauley Shore.
  • V02I22 - 053099
    Summer Music Fest news, Nurse with Wound, Warp Peel Sessions, Mucho Macho, The Church, Festival of Drifting live, Leegendary Pink Dots live, The Phantom Meanace, The Castle, Election, The Burbs, Russel Warner's Wallet and Discount Celebrity: Jaye P. Morgan.
  • V02I21 - 052399
    Swans, Future Pilot, Joseph Arthur, Tom Ze/Tortoise live, The Phantom Meanace, Existenz, Permanent Midnight, Snarg and Discount Celebrity: Cindy Williams.
  • V02I20 - 051699
    Fridge, Labradford, Electronic, 808 State, Go!, You've Got Mail, Japanese Engrish and Discount Celebrity: Mr. T.
  • V02I19 - 050999
    I am Spoonbender, Out of Sight, Khan, Death In June/Non/Der Blutharsh/Sorrow live, Waste of Bandwidth, Top Videos for 1985 and Discount Celebrity: Allyse Beasley.
  • V02I18 - 050299
    Kiln, Dylan Group, godspeed you black eperor! live, Fridge/To Rococo Rot live, Snake Eyes, Ratz and Discount Celebrity: Judge Reinhold.
  • V02I17 - 042599
    Mikael Djurvall remembered, Pretty Boy Crossover, Add N to (X), Jowoniu Productions, Trans Am/Pan Sonic live, Logan's Run, and the Solid Gold Dance Connection.
  • V02I16 - 041899
    Cathode, Electric Company, Rude Mechanic, words left in the English language that are not domains, and Discount Celebrity: Terri Garr.
  • V02I15 - 041199
    Convergence, The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud, End ID, Low live, Fantastic Planet, Time Bandits, Virtual Crack and Discount Celebrity: Anthony Michael Hall.
  • V02I14 - 040499
    Isotope remixed, Mogwai, Air, Dylan Group live, The Residents live, Olivia Tremor Control/Super Furry Animals live, Love and Rockets/Mistle Thrush live, Sam Prekop/Papa M live, The Waterboy, Art History by Barbie, the Surrealist Compliment Generator and Discount Celebrity: Bobbie Brown.
  • V02I13 - 033899
    Low, Charalambides, Scorn, Trans Am, Clockwatchers, Life is Beautiful, the Canonical List of Weird Band Names, Fuck Force Live and Discount Celebrity: Axl Rose.
  • V02I12 - 032199
    Monaural, Tabata, Joi, Jega, Megacar, Stickman morgue and Discount Celebrity: Peter Billingsley.
  • V02I11 - 031499
    Billboard mention, Chicago Underground Trio, Reach the Rock, Squarepusher, Andea Parker, Sly & Robbie, other dances and Discount Celebrity: MC Hammer.
  • V02I10 - 030799
    Stanley Kubrick remembered, godspeed you black emperor!, Tim Hagans, Steve Reich Remixed, Current 93/Christoph Heemann/Little Annie live, Hamster Dance and Discount Celebrity: The Batemans.
  • V02I09 - 022899
    Pan Sonic, Pole, Silverman, Finnish to English and Discount Celebrity: Bonnie Franklin.
  • V02I08 - 022199
    Ryoji Ikeda, Aerial M, The Color of Night, Bad Astronomy and Discount Celebrity: Nipsey Russell.
  • V02I07 - 021499
    Brainwashed record label news, HNAS joins site, Transluscence, v/vm, Soup, The Millionaire's Express, Rushmore, Tele-Bubbies, Dormitory Web Cams and Discount Celebrity: Molly Ringwald.
  • V02I06 - 020799
    Omro, L'Orchestre Noir, The Progtagonist, The Land of Faraway, Amish Porn and Discount Celebrity: Dana Carvey.
  • V02I05 - 013199
    Yasnaia, Chamber, Magencica, The Butcher Boy, Still Crazy, Police scanners and Discount Celebrity: Jenilee Harrison.
  • V02I04 - 012499
    Ida, Coil, Henry Fool, Baseketball, and Discount Celebrity: Yahoo Serious.
  • V02I03 - 011799
    Bryn Jones remembered, Labradford, Jessica Bailiff, Hair to Stay and Discount Celebrity: Charo.
  • V02I02 - 011099
    Plaid, Mark Hollis, Civil Action rant, Ate My Balls webring and Discount Celebrity: Richard Hatch.
  • V02I01 - 010399
    Happy New Year!, Coh, Craig Armstrong, The Orb, Laswell/Harris/Bernocchi, Panacea, The Last Emperor, Online translators and Discount Celebrity: Julie Haggerty.
VOLUME 1 / 1998
  • V01I21 - 12271998
    Massive Attack, The Prince of Egypt, a multi-lingual swear list and Discount Celebrity: Erin Moran.
  • V01I20 - 12201998
    Talvin Singh, Boxhead Ensemble, A Simple Plan, Nukiee game, the Beard Web Page and Discount Celebrity: Neil Patrick Harris.
  • V01I19 - 12131998
    Panasonic translations, A Bug's Life, Enemy of the State, Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss, Matthew Shepard rant, Move On and porn glasses.
  • V01I18 - 12061998
    Squarepusher, Current 93, Psycho, Very Bad Things and a naughty Dutch advertisement.
  • V01I17 - 11291998
    Simeon news, Tortoise/Autechre, Plotkin/Spybey, Stars of the Lid/Jon McCafferty, Grace Jones, Eric B. & Rakim, Happiness, Playful Puppets and
  • V01I16 - 11221998
    Various brainwashed and music news, American History X, Celebrity, Urineluck & Testclean.
  • V01I15 - 11151998
    Silver Apples & Chris + Cosey news, Fridge, Portishead, Spiritualized, Pecker, Altoids and Paul McRandle Presents.
  • V01I14 - 11081998
    Sounds from the Electronic Lounge, Martial Law, Your Friends and Neighbors, Velvet Goldmine, The Lord of the Dance and Fags in Space.
  • V01I13 - 11011998
    Super-brief music reviews of Afghan Whigs, Chinese Whispers, The Church, Praxis, Sandoz, Silverman, Squarepusher, Throbbing Gristle, Tomorrowland, and VVV, plus Demotivation.
  • V01I12 - 10251998
    Stereolab, Meat Beat Manifesto, Squirrel Brains and a phallic measuring device.
  • V01I11 - 10181998
    Arvo P?rt, Belle & Sebastian, Modulations and mis-linked mistates.
  • V01I10 - 10111998
    Nurse with Wound, Suetsu & Underwood, Combustible Edison, Modulations, Lolita and the Louis Farrakhan African Name Generator.
  • V01I09 - 10041998
    U.N.K.L.E., DJ Spooky, Stars of the Lid/Jon McCafferty, PJ Harvey, La Casa Dalle Finestre Che Ridono, Dark Waters and the patented automated masturbatory device.
  • V01I08 - 09271998
    Sonic Subjunkies, Jaap Blonk, I Married a Strange Person, Snow White: A Tale of Terror, The Passion of Darkly Noon, the previous week's prank, The Millennium Bug and Kenneth Starr's quote of the week.
  • V01I07 - 09201998
    MU, Erasterhead, Kiki's Delivery Service, The Fisher King, Amusement Ride Accidents and Godzilla vs. Tamagotchi.
  • V01I06 - 09131998
    Tricky, Hanson girls, the Lewinsky Cigar and words of advice from Tom the Fish.
  • V01I05 - 09061998
    Snowpony, Wings of the Dove, Drunks, Parker Poses, Negative Edition and Labor Day rant.
  • V01I04 - 08301998
    Bob Mould, Massive Attack, godspeed you black emperor!, The Slums of Beverly Hills, Gamera II, Monica Speaks, Lady Di rant, Cat-Scans and a disturbing image of the week.
  • V01I03 - 08231998
    Bigg City Orchestra, Spaceman 3 Tribute, Kodo, Sick: The Life & Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist, City of Lost Children, Delicatessen, Convergence IV report, American rant and an Oval Office Oral Video clip.
  • V01I02 - 08161998
    Carter's car accident, Brain in the Wire magazine, High Art, The Last Days of Disco, Flying Standby rant and the naked truth about Sony's infra-red camera.
  • V01I01 - 08091998
    The Brain Debuts!, website news, music briefs, Boards of Canada, Low, Beastie Boys, After the Flood, Liz Phair, The Spanish Prisoner, Kiss or Kill, There's Something About Mary, The Opposite of Sex, Pi, Gunderphonic and a frightening Tech Support call.

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