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V02I19 - 05091999

Windy & Carl have announced the dates for a short mini-tour of the USA while Meat Beat Manifesto have announced a special gig in Los Angeles with Jason Bentley, DJ Hive and EBN. Another date has been announced in June in San Francisco. No tour plans are definite, but we can always hope... Non and Death In June just kicked off a short European tour in London this past week - look below for a short report...

Labradford release their 5th full-length CD this week. The trio from Richmond, VA is now being regarded by some as one of the most important bands in the world. Don't take our word for it, however, just look at the lineup for this year's Festival of Drifting.


Why didn't this project make headlines? And if it did, why did it take me a year to hear about it? I Am Spoonbender is what I would've once called a Cub-spinoff band, since Robyn "Cup" Iwata is a member, and we all know I'm slightly enamoured of Cub. However, after listening to their debut cd Sender/Receiver (kind of cub-meets-pansy division-meets-thought industry- meets-dead voices on air), I hasten to decline any single category for this remarkable band. This is a cd that defies the term 'experimental' by combining some traditional indie rock style music with disassociative bits of noise (perhaps this is the work of guest-contributor Mark Spybey of Dead Voices On Air fame). In fact, if you can imagine such a combination of wonderful artists all working together, you might have a good idea of what to expect from Sender/Receiver. To even attempt to meld together the musical stylings of Pansy Division, Thought Industr y, Cub and Zoviet France is a hell of a risk, and to my serious amazement I think I Am Spoonbender pulls it off with a marvelous flair. Each song works on its own and as a part of a synergistic whole, making this one of the best cds of the year. If you'r e having trouble finding it, surf on over to their graphics-heavy website at - Ms. Robin Zebrowski

David Holmes' score for the Elmore Leonard movie, "Out Of Sight", succeeds where other soundtrack albums fail. Unlike "Get Short" (another Leonard film), where every song virtually sounds like the previous one (what do you expect when you back Medeski, Martin, And Wood up to The Lounge Lizards?!?), Holmes mixes various styles of music to form a soundtrack that works well in both film and for backing day to day duties. Along with selections from the 60's and 70's (some good soul from The Isley Brothers, Latin jazz percussionist Willie Bobo, a dash of Deano), Holmes creates some wonderful incidental music as diverse, and twice as funky, as the standards. Using a live band, featuring former one-half of UNKLE Tim Goldsworthy, the instrumental passages range from funk tension ("Jailbreak", "Rip Rip"), smoldering fusion ("Tub Scene", "The Drive To Ripley's"), to slow-and-steamy Portishead grinds ("The Trunk Scene", "No More Time Outs"). The only failing this soundtrack has is that it incorporates too much movie dialogue, which I imagine is something MCA slapped on after the score was finished. If you can block out the gunshots and shouting that invariably ruin a handful of tracks, then this gem is definitely worth owning. - Jason Olariu

Don't let the packaging and title steer you away from this one. Khan (better known as Can Oral) has quite a resume. He's been part of the Global Electronic Network and other projects like 4E and Cube 40, had m aterial out on Mille Plateaux and Force Inc. among others, and co-operates Temple Records store/label out of New York. This German-born artist brings us his first release on Matador - a seedy electronic record self described as "soundtrack music to strip bars and sex joints." It features Twin Peaks singer Julee Cruise on two tracks of eerie, low-cool sleazy listening. The melodies are original and the beats keep you nodding. Recommendable for the space age bachelor pad. - Jon Whitney


The show started with a stunning noise set from Non, who afterwards was griping about his air-raid siren not working... I personally think it was loud enough already! The Rose MacDowell-fronted band Sorrow then took to the stage, adding another dimension to the night's events. It was quite a surprise since their shows are rare and this wasn't on the original bill. Their sweet sounds filled the room and was a nice break between the aggressive other acts. They opened with "Christmas is Drawing Near" from the Coil "North" single - probably the closest anybody will ever get to seeing Coil live with Rosa Mundi! Der Blutharsch soon took to the stage, standing posed with burning torches, and then broke into anthemic aggressive German schtick. And finally, Death In June came out in their Kapo! outfits and played their own drums for a few songs before removing the masks and breaking into such timeless DIJ classics like "Rose Clouds of Holocaust," "Falling Back in Fields of Rape," and "Little Black Angel". One of the most enjoyable highlights of the show was the videos supplied by Boyd including Pearls Before Swine, some short porn clips and some great go-go dancing girls in music videos from the 60s - short clips people would pay to view in little boxes... - Jon Whitney


platEAU - Space Cake CD (Subconscious/Metropolis, US)

Marumari - Ballad Of The Round Ball CD (Vinyl Communications, US)

In light of an absence of an editor this week, this listing might be slightly inaccurate. For a more comprehensive release schedule stretching far into the future, please check out the NEW RELEASES brought to you by Greg and Feedback Monitor.

Subject: Marketing

Thanks for your e-mail. It's great to see your enthusiasm for our advertising, but here at The Gap, we can't use unsolicited ideas. We have our own in-house design team, and in order to avoid any misunderstanding; we're unable to review anything else. We're very sorry to disappoint you, but we hope you'll understand. If you're interested in marketing, you should keep an eye on the employment section of our web site for available positions.

Again, many thanks for writing.

This wasn't a random letter to us, this was a response to my email suggestion that Gap add "Gap Goth", "Gap Industrial" and "Gap Techno Hardcore" to air along with "Gap Country," "Gap Soul" and "Gap A-go-go".


Hours of entertainment at the appropriately titled

For anybody who remembers being in the 80s, not someone who remenisces about one hit wonders and John Hughes films, take a look at this: The top 100 music videos for 1985 according to MTV. Note the numbers high on the chart (20 through 1) and remember how in the 80s we couldn't get away from these awful awful songs. I can't believe Phil Collins is on there 5 times!! YUCK!


She got her first big break playing the daughter of Coach on TV's 'Cheers' and went on to charm the hearts of millions as the rhyming secretary on 'Moonlighting.' Never appearing as a starring character, she di d the voice-over circut for many years before fading near the edge of obscurity. I'm sure another write-in petition to get Moonlighting back on the air won't help her now.


Arab Strap -- (Afternoon) Soaps
The Fall -- Touch Sensitive
Source Direct -- Exorcise The Demons
The Usual Suspects -- Spawn
Jonny L -- Magnetic
The Dead C -- Harsh 70s Reality
Fila Brazillia -- Powerclown
Dimitri From Paris -- Sacre Bleu
Amon Tobin -- Permutation
Panasonic -- Kulma
- Andrew Shires, resident of Cambridge UK, formerly employed in Cambridge MA, US.

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