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Back by popular demand (and Y2K compliant) the BRAINWASHED SHIRT is now being made available again. This time, there's some special deals: Pre-orders get to choose color, style (long or short sleeve) and size. After all pre-orders are over, the shirt will be one color - a dark grey and will only be in L and XL sizes. Credit card ordering graciously provided by our friends at Riouxs Records ( And finally as a special incentive: order 5 shirts and get the 6th for free! (free shipping on the free shirt too). All shirts are once again done on heavy duty 100% cotton pre-shrunk Fruit of the Loom quality shirts. For those who were fortunate to get the ones done two years ago, notice how good they're holding up! Everyone in Europe bitches about the fact that they're done so damned cheap over here in cost but the shirts are f'n awesome. Pre-orders must be received NO LATER THAN January 15th (meaning send your orders by January 1st if you want to choose the color and style). Images, colors and more ordering information available in the newly renovated Merchandise section. The money will be used to fund the budding brainwashed record label, who hopes to buy some things from the UK to release domestically at domestic prices and such (can't tell now, it's a secret). Thanks for all of your support.

LPD are warming up to come back to North America for a mega blow out millennial tour! So, in the meantime, they want to get psyched up, so if there's anybody with leads or suggestions of places to play France, Belgium or possibly Spain during the end of January/beginning of February, please email Serious inquiries only (and no, there's still no plans for a Tear Gaden tour at this point either).

David Pajo hit the road this past week as Papa M and will be touring around the USA with Stereolab and other bands during different dates. Check out the website for the lastest confirmed dates and don't miss this show!

If you're still interested in getting a post card, click here and we'll add you to the snail mailing list, but don't give us your address if you know we have it already.


Showoffs! Okay, so maybe their last album didn't get as many girlfriends as they wanted, so the young team from Scotland return to bring us a glorious little present we knew they were still capable of doing. EP+2 takes 4 new songs, coupled with two of the songs from last year's "No Education = No Future" EP to make a stunning 32 minute disc chock full of the instrumental interplay post-rock wet dreams are made of. From a whimper to a low roar, the dynamics are all here adjacent to the fine tuned melodies and heart tugging passion, remeniscent of the stuff that made me cream my jeans the first time I heard their full-lengther "Young Team". "Stanley Kubrick" opens with spacious guitars not entirely unlike the double punch of godspeed's drone + slide, delicate effects which won't make for overkill, and various other additions complete the sound. "Christmas Song" (unrelated entirely to "Christmas Steps") is a beautiful counterpoint interplay with piano, strings, chimes and guitar melodies much like some of the best Bedhead records. "Burn Girl Prom Queen" and "Rage:Man" both opens up, similar to older tracks, with swirling guitars, and then simple drums come in, other guitars play off each other, filling in soon thereafter with more instruments like pianos or warm horns, bringing in a grand anthemic sound to the picture, each sending chills down my back. Mogwai have the power to take the instrumental space and breathe life, meaning and emotion in without the crutch for lyrics or flashy techniques. Thanks guys for coming back! - Jon Whitney

Colin Newman and Malka Spiegel introduce their newest collaborative effort under a new moniker, as it's neither a Colin nor Malka record. Immersion explores the depths of drones with a focus on harmonics and pulse. The rhythms are hypnotic while the tones are otherworldly. For six 10+ minute tracks, this album washes like the tides, drifting in on loops and soundscapes, adding beat and building to a climax around the middle, then washing down to the end with basic guitar, synth and effects loops. For those about to drone, make it as interesting as this gem and you're golden. - Jon Whitney

What a set of pipes on this man. Formerly one half of Dead Can Dance, Brendan releases his first fully solo album post-split. While his voice is so powerful, so moving, it almost seems wasted on an album like this of somewhat sleepy easy listening rock songs. Brendan digs through the This Mortal Coil albums as well to bring us his own version of "I Must Have Been Blind." Did Ivo not let him sing this one on 'Blood' or something? Maybe he's trying to prove something, but I guess I'm just not quit understanding it.- Jon Whitney

One of the things that attracted me first to Squarepusher's music was his jittery stuttering style that was all his own. Now, over the last year or so, he has taken a diversion, almost seemingly enough to show off the fact that he can truly be an all around talented musician and jazz fan. While "Music is Rotted One Note" is still a phenomenal record, I was sort of anxious to hear more electronic experimentation exhibited on the singles he has releasesd since. Sorry to go back over Mr. Olariu's rather negative impression of "Maximum Priest" but I truly think Squarepusher shines on his singles moreso than his albums. While this disc is teeming with more electronics, 303 play, stutters and samples, it's played rather safe. The bonus for buying the CD for this in the USA is the 4 tracks tagged on at the end for good measure - all of which exhibit Tom Jenkinson's more adventurous side and to me, make the CD worth owning and listening to frequently. Perhaps my biggest beef is that it's entirely too short, clocking in at 46 minutes WITH those 4 bonus tracks. - Jon Whitney

Andrea Parker has got to be one of electronic music's most talented female producers, remixers, musicians; and this album, nearly a year after the UK release on Mo Wax is a testament to that. Mo Wax have taken hint from what the reviewers have said about the hideous U.N.K.L.E. album last year and have presented an instrumental version of this album for those interested. Unfortunately, I'm left with the standard USA release, omitting one track from the UK release, and chock full of somewhat unexciting vocals. She's got an acceptable voice, and while it fits into the music, to me the lyrics are almost entirely unnecessary as the music is already saturated with fascinating rhythms, brilliant sounds and structures which make my head bob and shoulders shake rhytmically and uncontrollably. Pulsing and dynamic, there's no monotony to this record as each tune utilizes different sounds and effects, every single one of them, well-crafted. I recommend picking this album up for anybody who's losing faith in solo act female musicians - willing to explore making music on anything other than an acoustic guitar and tirades at ex boyfriends. - Jon Whitney

We know that sometimes these CDs are somewhat challenging to find, which is why we have a RECOMMENDED STORES section which can be used to obtain nearly everything available on the site.


Blur - No Distance Left To Run 7"/12"/two CDEPS [mixes by Cornelius and U.N.K.L.E.] (Food, UK)
Cylob - Living In The 1980's 12"/CDEP (Rephlex, UK)
Julia Decay [Cristian Vogel] - Oodaman 12" (Pro-Jex, UK)
Death in Vegas - Neptune City 12"/CDEP (Deconstruction, UK)
Kreisel [Mike Ink and friends]- Kreisel 99/46 7" [ltd edition] (Kreisel, Germany)
Manchild - Return To The Dragon 12"/CDEP (One Little Indian, UK)
Mucho Macho - Easy Living 12"/CDEP (Wiija, UK)
Nine Inch Nails - We're In This Together three CDEPs [first part includes Porter Ricks mix of "The Day The World Went Away"; third part includes CD-ROM video] (Nothing, Germany)
Norken [Metamatics] - Soul Static Bureau CD (Beau Monde, UK)
Primal Scream - Swaztika Eyes 7" [with Chemical Brothers mix] (Creation, UK)
Tleilaxu - Genetherapy CD/LP (Fuzzybox/Darla, US)
Two Lone Swordsmen - A Virus With Shoes 12"/CDEP (Warp, UK)
Two Lone Swordsmen - Receive Tactical Support 12"/CDEP [remixes by Voice Stealer, C-Pij and Kenny Hawkes] (Warp, UK)
Underworld - Bruce Lee 12"/two CDEPs (JBO/V2, UK)
Various - Arctic Circles 2 CD (Beatservice, Norway)
Taylor Dupree/Richard Chartier - spec. CD [ltd to 500 copies] (12K, US)
Nocturnal Emissions - Futurist Antiquarianism CD (Soleilmoon, US)
* Gary Numan - The Plan CD and Dance CD [remastered reissues] (Beggars Banquet, US/Canada)
Various - Between Sun & Moon CD (Amplexus/Lunar/Soleilmoon, US)
* Pere Ubu - Art Of Walking CD and Song Of The Bailing Man CD [remastered reissues] (Thirsty Ear, US)
Pet Shop Boys - Nightlife 2xCD [limited edition version of the new album featuring a bonus CD of remixes and non-album tracks] (Sire, US)
* Phunky Data - Fashion Or Not CD (Edel, US)
Skinny Puppy - Singles Collection CD (Nettwerk, Canada/US)
Skinny Puppy - B-Sides Collection CD (Nettwerk, Canada/US)
Z'EV - Face the Wound CD (Soleilmoon, US)
Funckarma - t.b.a. 12" (Isophlux, US)
Iyunx Productions - The Duckie Dickie Bird 12" (Isophlux, US)

L'Usine - Coded 12" (Isophlux, US)

* Art of Noise - The Seduction of Claude Debussy CD [with bonus track] (Sony Techno, Japan)
* Squarepusher - Selection Sixteen CD [with bonus track] (Warp/Sony Techno, Japan)
* Tek 9 [4 Hero] - Simply CD [with bonus track] (SSR/Sony Techno, Japan)
* Tek 9 [4 Hero] - It's Not What You Think It Is?!! 2xCD [with 2 bonus tracks] (SSR/Sony Techno, Japan)

For a more comprehensive release schedule stretching far into the future, please check out the NEW RELEASES brought to you by Greg and Feedback Monitor.


For those not in the know, Wesley Willis is a 320-lb clinically diagnosed schizophrenic musician from Chicago who has quite a big reputation built up for himself from his almost comical album releases. After seeing him Thursday night at the Mermaid Lounge, I would say that it is well deserved. The stage was only graced simply by Wesley and his keyboard - his music consisting of the same pre-programmed beat and melodies for each song, with the exception of one added keyboard instrument. Yet for some reason he had sheet music which he had to search through between songs. His lyrics really make the music, however: "This one's called 'Suck a Doberman's Dick,'" he'd say before the repetitive beat would kick on again. Then throughout the song he's scream obscenities and references to sodomy and beastiality until he got tired and concluded the song. At one point he had the audience saying "Rah" and "Rooh" for about 5 minutes. Later in the show, after singing "Micheal Jackson" and bursting into a rage ("Stop molesting boys you FREAK!"), he told the audience that he needed a head butt for his next song. The lucky audience member was a somewhat frightened girl who he selected to bump heads with him - scars and afro and all. She did, and he grabbed her neck and pulled her to him - making her repeat "Rah" and "Rooh" after him as the audience screamed "Kiss him!" and "Suck Wesley Willis' dick!" Overall, it was a very entertaining show. The turnout was very surprising - almost disgustingly so considering the Mermaid Lounge had more people show up for this than for Labradford/GYBE or for Low. He's still on tour now, and if you can catch him in a town near you - I'd say do so. Highly entertaining stuff. - Daniel McKernan


All I can say is, "wow!" Kevin Smith has the art of cerebral filmmating to a new level with his new offering. Loki, played by Matt Damon and Bertleby played by Ben Affleck have been told by Azrael (played by Jason Lee, of "Chasing Amy" fame) how they can get back into Heaven. This movie provides proof that Affleck can be a great actor so long as he's given good lines! Mortals, apostles, prophets a muse and even God are sent to Earth to prevent this from happening and everything being wiped out. The movie is an intelligent comedy laced with more religious overtones to make the Catholics more upset than a pro-choice rally. Every character plays a great performance, but that's almost entirely due to the fact that undeniably, Kevin Smith writes good lines, excellent characters and great scripts. The usual suspects from the last three are here including Jay and Silent Bob, Dante Hicks and Randall from "Clerks" (Dante's now a reporter with a new first name and Randall is a gun clerk), Chris Rock steals every scene he's in as Rufus, the black 13th Apostle, and thankfully Alanis Morrissette isn't allowed to speak in her role as God. Another noticable great is Cardinal George Carlin, eager to make Catholicism hip to the younger generations. Maybe this was the part all those Catholics were prostesting about, maybe just maybe religious fanatics are upset that this movie makes some powerful statements about religion and Catholocism. Something I'm taking away from this movie are some wise words by the Metatron, played by Alan Rickman (that evil English guy from Robin Hood and Die Hard films), where he points out that if it hasn't been made a movie about it, people generally won't know about that part of the bible. Religious fanatics don't like to be wrong nor their ignorance pointed out, but lighten up, it's a comedy and a fictitious story. It could be positive even - I'm not Catholic nor that up on my bible, but this film (combined with the Residents' last performance) almost makes me want to go read up on some more of them bible passages that aren't just the small quotes psychotic fanatics use to justify their own twisted agendas. If that doesn't sell you, then perhaps it'll be the gorgeous babes, righteous humor, the antics of Jay and Silent Bob with an all around exciting ride. It's quite obvious watching Affleck and Damon on screen together again which one wears the pants in their love relationship. Don't miss this one and pay attention as Smith loves to fill everybodys mouths with too many words.

As an added noted bonus, Joshua Cohen has pointed out there's a shirt worn in this film, the "Infinity Highway" (click here) that says "Infinity - 34 miles", and any Legendary Pink Dots fan knows the whole numerology behind the relationship of Infninity 34, 834 and the Devil! Is Kevin Smith an LPD fan perhaps? - Jon Whitney


It's as if all the pleasures that should have saturated the FC2 Reader were drained off by its co-editor Ronald Sukenick into his, to use a silly word, delightful new novel, Mosaic Man. From the title on, Sukenick's punning feverishly upon the bible, (his chapters: Genes, Ex/ode, Umbilicus, Numbers, Autonomy, Profits), to devise his own "wholly book." The story, such as it is, concentrates around Ron the author and various anagrammatic spin-off identities: Ronda, Rona, ROM, RAM, Aron, covering in a variety of modes from dream narrative to autobiographical confession his/their search for the Golden Calf. It begins with a comic overture shimmering with the novel's themes: Genetics and the Word, Jewishness and Antisemitism. He plays with an old tape recording of his family, transcribing it complete with blank space for dropouts, then moves into feverish childhood vision as Ronnie and Captain Midnight escape New York in a flying wing to bomb Nazis. He returns to earth as a callow young man making a go at bohemian Paris in the fifties, confessing more than we likely want to hear about his mistreatment of women. He's a pig, but a sorely self-aware pig. As if in penance (though many years later), Ron travels to Jerusalem only to find himself caught up in more sinister conspiracies. A texan millenialist hopes to blow up the Dome of the Rock and rebuild the Third Temple, mysterious others seek the Golden Calf, and the Golem lurks in the shadows. But Sukenick is too crafty to trap himself in either thriller pulp or the literature of consolation. What he does come up with as a credo, is more of a critique, "You thought it was a religion? What makes you think it's a religion? Being Jewish is an art . . . You got to have talent." I can't speak for being Jewish, but talent? Sukenick's blessed. - Paul McRandle

Umberto Eco is a hard one to keep up with, pumping out enough pages of high test theoretical writing and fiction to sustain two careers.
Even as Serendipities has just appeared in paperback, a new hardbound work, Kant and the Platypus, stands on the shelves. And Serendipities itself consists of five essays expanding (with some repetition) on points raised in his Search for a Perfect Language. As short as it is, however, Serendipities makes for a great introduction to his sometimes humorous concerns. Where the earlier book focussed on intriguingly askew theories of how language began, Serendipities sketches over a wider range of misunderstandings, from Columbus's explorations (and myths made up later about them), to Dante's repurification program for Italian, to hieroglyphs and colonialism. He sums up the basis of argument in his final essay on Joseph de Maistre, making it clear how all too often the attempt to find the origins of language is an attempt to prove that reactionary thinking is the only true thinking, while everything else is decadence, confusion, and babble. - Paul McRandle


Subject: your review of mononoke hime

I should start first by mentioning that I am definitely no fan of dubs. I was very happy at the rumor that Disney was considering releasing Mononoke Hime subtitled in theatres. I have never bought a single dubbed anime and resent that subtitled anime is more expensive [which is partially priced so to pay for the dubbed versions themselves]. However, I think your criticisms of the Mononoke dub were much too harsh.

I really dont know how you could have gotten the impression that the dub was Americanized, even though I had seen a fansubbed copy of it 2 years before, which doesn't leave me with an entirely swell memory of it, it seemed true to the original. Please explain how you've determined that it isn't. The original was just as cheesy and nothingy at times. The only thing I noticed to be strange was that in the beginning the girls in the village had been swooning over Ashitaka in the original. For instance: the girl who had given him the necklace was not his sister in the least, but maybe that was a translation error on the part of the fansubbers[?]. Nonetheless, I dont see how this was an Americanization error even if Neil Gaiman[etc] had fucked up.

By the way, was it an innocent error that you had spelled his name 'Gayman'? Although he may be overrated, I believe he deserves more credit than you seem to allow him. especially if the mispelling was on purpose.

Overall I think the film was much too preachy and mythological, although I suppose that had been its intention anyway. The scene where Ahitaka and San parted in the end was absurdly plastic. The animation is indeed often amazing. however, the physical character design is extremely poor as compared to that of *many* other well-done Animes. [But then Miyazaki isn't particularly known for attractive character design...]

The characters themselves were decent. Hiboshi-Sama was rock. It is also a very strange work to watch if one was expecting it to be more typical of his earlier pieces [at least it was for me]. Most of his other work that I've seen had been targetted at younger audiences, and so was not nearly as freaky in character design and content. His Kiki's Delivery Service [dubbed by Kirsten Dunst, Jeanene Garofalo, and Phil Hartman] was a reasonably good dub. one of the best i've seen.

But anyway, I found your review of it a bit silly and too glorifying.. It's a reasonably good film, but I have seen many other things that have been more stunning while perhaps not having quite as impressive animation. - Anna Kipnis


Well, it seems that Mahir's original web page was taken down right after I made the link here, had a new link up but it was not as exciting as the doors it opened up to this, one of the latest in a line bizarre internet phenomena. For those who want the whole story, check out one of the most complete Mahir tribute pages, MAHIR CENTRAL, at

Subject: Brainwashed Pre-Order Shirts

Do you accept other forms of payment besides credit card? Cash, money orders, personal checks? If so, who does one make the check/money order out to?


Checks and money orders are preferred payments, Credit Card orders are only being taken through If you're in the USA, make checks out to Brainwashed, while in other countries, please check to see who will handle it. Check out the merchandise and click on the info for the shirt for more information.

Subject: A Question Regarding The Brainwashed Site

A question for you: am I blind, or have the classifieds disappeared? I'm looking for a vinyl copy of LSD for a Christmas present, and I thought the Brainwashed classifieds would be the best place to look!

There's no brainwashed classifieds, only the Coil Mart at the Coil page. But you've given me a good idea!

Subject: What about the Green Guy??

Who in the heck is "da Green Guy" or the "Green man?"... Me and some of my friends have a bet going, and we are dying to find out.

He is credited on a couple of Pink Dots CDs and Tear Garden CDs....

The Green Guy is pot, or sometimes the person who supplies it. It's a term used by the Skinny Puppy crew that the LPDs inherited, I guess. - Greg Clow

Subject: links

do you have any tour date links?

For general tours, I recommend

Subject: the site

I was at ur site and was loking around for a banner.
I was wanting to link Throbbing Gristle's site to mine.
My site is a personal site about me and of no importance really.
I have been a big fan of throbbing gristle for many years now, and just wanted to link them to my links page. If I over looked it or anythingy sorry, my bad.
But could u send me the url of there banner if u have one???

Much Thanks

You're welcome to link to our sites here but we have no banners to give out.

Subject: B12YN F


Thought you may be interested in a car number plate I have to sell..

It spells BRYN F using B 12 YN F.

Unfortunately I am having to sell due to illness.
If you are at all interested please email back.

If not, I am sorry for the email it will never happen again.



Bill Laswell--Imaginary Cuba
Pete Namlook & Burhan Ocal--Sultan "Osman"
Jochem Paap (Speedy J)--VRS MBNT PCS II
People Like Us--Beware The Whim Reaper
Stock Hausen & Walkman--Organ Transplants Volume 1
Nurse With Wound--The Swinging Reflective disc 2
Legendary Pink Dots--4 days
Tom Waits--Small Change
- David from Kansas City, USA.

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