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V02I04 - 01241999

We're starting to take advantage of the new space here and we have begun to expand some of our sites. Changes this past week include:
  • NEW Sound Sample library at the kranky site.
  • Cloud-Zero Archives transfered over from at the Legendary Pink Dots website.

We did experience some downtime Friday night/Saturday morning due to IP renumbering. There might still be some DNS updates that need to take effect on every individual ISP's end. Basically if you can read this message, you don't need to worry.

Finally, anonymous FTP is working properly. This directory is for uploading files to brainwashed in the case that you would like to contribute to some of the web pages. It sure beats sending sound files in the email and crashing a poor mail server! To upload, ftp to and login as anonymous, upload files to the incoming directory.


Simple Machines is gone, Ida's out a label, and here's a 5 track ep from NYC label Bingo (the folks who brought us my favorite single/ep of last year, from Uilab). In traditional Ida, the songs are split up between their different singers/lineups/various states of as-few-instruments-as-possible, but the melodies come through very nicely. Powerful and haunting, delicate and distrubing. At under 18 minutes, however, you need to give it a few listenings in a row to get it I think, but it's worth it, truly. I can't wait to see what's next or who has really picked up Ida. (I've heard rumors of MCA and Capitol, but nobody's confirmed or denied them,...) - Jon Whitney

White Rainbow harks back to Moon's Milk in its vocals and consists of Balance singing over viola and voice it is a gentle droney piece which expands into sparks of noise toward the end and you can feel the winter in it's bones. North is filled with shimmering noise and vocal embedded in the shimmering music, it seems to be built on layers of rhythmic pulses over which Balance intones that this black dog has no home, which could be about depression as that is often referred to as a black dog. This is a dark broody piece, winter bloody winter you can be beautiful but when will you end. Magnetic North is a long, almost ambient piece of floating synths, almost Eno-esque from the Apollo period. Balance speaks of red roses filling the skull and under the ice synths odd slivers of sound worm and snake. These three tracks all flow into each other and seem to bring conclusion to the circle which began in the spring with Moon's Milk.
Then, as an afterword Rose tells us Christmas is drawing near, over a guitar or stick riff which layers and harmonizes against viola, as shafts of light conjures out of rose's voice.

the year is ended and the light will soon return

The seven inch has a shorter version of White Rainbow which does have not have the ending of the cd version. It concentrates on the song part of the piece and seems to be the same mix. Christmas Is Now Drawing Near is the same as the cd version. There are some scratchings on the vinyl which are hard to read on the clear vinyl. - John Siddique

As always, check out the latest update of NEW RELEASES brought to you by Greg and Feedback Monitor.


Queens, NY, Hal Hartley brings us the story of a man who waltzes into a community and turns the life around of a garbage man. Well, at first it was entirely too 'fairytale' to be believable, at the point where you find out what history the strange man really has, it comes back to earth and you nod your head, writing off your prior convictions. Unfortunately it wanders back down that road when the internet steps in to solve the problem facing the writer... (ironically both the film writer and his character). It's a great downfall of any writer who decides to use "the internet" in their story without knowing how "the internet" really works. The 'poet' in Henry Fool becomes big because Parker Posey put a few lines of his controversial poem online. This upsets people all over the world, even The Pope. Obviously, Hal Hartley has never seen "assmilk.avi". I don't suggest going down this road, sorry, this is why Hollywood studios pay consultants to research how reality works. On the other hand, if you can suspend your belief and enjoy movies about 80 story tall lizards tearing up Tokyo, then maybe this movie is for you. - Jon Whitney

I think the word "stupidfunny" comes to mind with this one. If you have lived under a rock in the last year then you might not know that this movie is the brain child of David Zucker (of Airplane/Naked Gun fame) and stars South Park brains Trey Parker and Matt Stone. If you can't already guess, it's hilarious and completely idiotic. It pokes fun at itself the most, however. You're seriously in stitches watching these guys turn the sports world around, doing everything they can to be as anti-sports industry as they can. This is a satire on the serious nature of sports and the industries of sponsorship vs. the 'cleanliness' of sports. With whacky commenters like the real Bob Costas, this movie has enough characters and punchlines for a couple good water-fountain conversations around the office. Just do yourself a favor and don't stay and watch the outtakes after the credits on the videotape. - Jon Whitney


Subject: TG

I have two questions.

Do you see any possibiliy to get an original copy of 2ndAR? I heared that there are also XXX films with Cosey in existence. True? Are the XXX-mags with cosey still available from somewhere?

The Chris & Cosey web site has undergone a revamp and we can now accept credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, JCB and Switch etc.). The CTI mail Order section now offers a greater selection of Chris & Cosey related CD's plus the full range of official Throbbing Gristle CD's, all at reduced prices ! Also included is our extensive second-hand and collectables vinyl list. For Cosey fans her '70's magazine gallery' has a new selection of pics. - Chris and Cosey -

subject: coil

i have a question maybe you can answer for me... i am sure alot of people ask this, and you are probably sick of answering, but... what the hell is the deal with love's secret domain. i mean, in my opinion, it's the best coil album and i really would love a copy more than anything. is it coming out again, is there a way to obtain a sealed copy... HELP!

No, you're years too late. Maybe you should have been listening to Coil in 1991 instead of Nirvana or Pearl Jam. It's your own damned fault and now it's out of print thanks to you and loads of other numbskulls who don't listen to any current good music. Okay yes, this response is a little bit mean, but is intended for humor purposes. The point remains, however it is out of print, meaning you will not see a sealed copy while it remains in that state.


Whoever's been to before should go back for another visit. The site has changed once again and is always a fascinating joyride. For those of you who have never seen it, it's not too late to experience JODI.

Someone last week was commenting on the lack of estrogen on this weekly rag here. So, this is an open invitation for contributors from those women looking in. Please prove to us men that you can in fact have decent taste and bullshit about it...


He was the funniest thing since Ishtar in the 80s. Now, in the 90's he's working on his own new movie. Unfortunately his second movie never made it past the Australian border. Our recommendation: he could be the spokesman for, who else, but Yahoo!


Kanovanik s/t (Cd-R)
Faultline - "Closer Colder"
David Holmes - "Out Of Sight OST"
The Notwist - "Shrink"
V/A - "Atomic Fireballs: Distorted Ears For Bent Minds"
To Rococo Rot + D - "TRRD"
Colongib vs. Pacman remix Cd-R
Depeche Mode - "Enjoy The Silence (Adrian Sherwood Final Mix)"
- Jason Olariu, unsolicited contributor

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