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V03I25 - 07162000


Word has arrived from Ireland that Aranos can no longer accept checks in foreign currency - according to his bank - for the Santoor Lena Bicycle special edition CD with Nurse With Wound. For details and tips, check the news section of that page.

While godspeed you black emperor! are taking a much needed break from the long touring road, two shows will be held at the Knitting Factory to benefit the Anthology Film Archive on August 10th and 11th (Thursday and Friday). For more information and tickets, check out before it sells out!

Okay, well things have been a bit hectic again lately, Danny the Associate Editor and villanous buff sidekick has headed back home and a weekend in NYC will set anybody back. That said, I don't want to keep people waiting any longer for this week's issue of THE BRAIN so it's going up somewhat unfinished. There are sound samples and a ton of reviews still to wade through including the revolting new Jimi Tenor CD and the bizarre new Kid 606 CD EP but those will have to wait until next week. Heck, I'm too tired to even do the sound samples tonight for the skimpy week as it is. Please check back in a few hours to see if the sound samples have been uploaded, otherwise enjoy the issue as much as possible.


"OHM" is an ambitious 3 CD compilation that collects tracks from 42 electronic music artists between the years 1937 and 1982. Its purpose is to serve as an introductory primer to the history of electronic music, a single resource that brings together work from most every field, location, technology and period. Included are many of the names you would expect: John Cage, Edgard Varèse, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Raymond Scott, Steve Reich, Terry Riley, Holger Czukay, La Monte Young, Klaus Schulze and Brian Eno. Better yet are all the remaining names you and I may not know. The variation and history is almost overwhelming as the music is created for a variety of reasons and through a variety of means. Traditional composition is achieved via new methods and all new ideas and fields are created through the avant-garde of experimentation. The machines include theremin, tape recorders, oscillators, primitive computers and synthesizers and numerous other inventions. Their masters use them to speak many different languages: cut-ups and collage, drone, soundtrack, noise, speech synthesis, ambient and other indescribable genres. It really is amazing how human and contemporary much of this music still sounds today ... you would have a difficult time discerning much of today's minimalist and experimental artists from their decades old predecessors. After one listen of the entire set, two things become glaringly apparent: 1) nearly all music of the past few decades owes an enormous debt to this pioneering work 2) the possibilities are fascinating and endless. Purists may complain of omissions (usually due to legal reasons) and that 15 of the tracks are edits, but the 3 discs are filled at nearly 74 minutes apiece, are in rough chronological order and definitely serve as an introduction. The 96 page booklet is incredible with 50 b/w pictures of artists and instruments, brief essays by Brian Eno, Robert Moog, Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky, Thurston Moore, Peter Namlock, David Toop and Bill Laswell, and comments on every single track, many by the artists themselves. Very ambitious indeed but Ellipsis Arts and producers Thomas Ziegler and Jason Gross have succeeded. And at a price of $30 - $35, this is a steal. "OHM" is without a doubt essential for anyone who considers themselves a fan of electronic music ... past, present or future ... - Mark Weddle


What a tease! While the fans still wait with baited breath for that Red House Painters full-lengther "Old Ramon," we are tossed a reasonable selection of table scraps. This is indeed that AC/DC tribute he's been threatening fans with for years. The seven songs consist of three AC/DC cover tunes, "You Ain't Got A Hold On Me," "Bad Boy Boogie," and the title track. In addition to that, "Find Me, Ruben Olivares" from last year's Shanti Project appears as well as a Rachel Goswell-free version of "Around and Around" from the John Denver tribute out earlier this year. For the most part, the short disc is more low key than RHP albums in that it is literally just Mark and his acoustic guitar. Gone are the big loud booming guitar noises that add to the dynamics of past full-lengthers. Intereting to note: the covers both for this and the John Denver tribute both echo of old 4AD RHP covers. - Jon Whitney and Daniel McKernan


The latest round of the Travels in Constants series from Temporary Residence Limited has been shipped out and I can't say how amazing this series has become. Unfortunately I probably shouldn't be saying much as, well, if you didn't pre-order them by May, you won't get them. On the positive side, there's chances that these musical releases will see the light of day again on future releases from the bands themselves, unfortunately the Travels in Constants series is subscription only. This time around, volume 7 stars Will Oldham as Bonny Billy as he performs a select 7 cover tunes including PJ Harvey's "Better Than Anything" and John Phillips' "Somebody's Sleeping." Volume 8 features three new innovative introspective pieces from Paul Newman, while Volume 9 is an imaginary soundtrack for "The Exit Letters" as performed by Low. Low's recording is quite different than nearly all their previous works - it's entirely instrumental and features strings and other 'scoring' instruments. These series are phenomenal but you have to be on the ball if you want to hear them. The next set should include more incredible stuff, even a Mogwai one is planned. For more information, see - Jon Whitney

I could probably review a new Muslimgauze cd each week at the rate they're released! This is the very latest remix disc, Bryn Jones re-visualizing 26 minutes worth of French psychedelic spacerock band Reverberation. "Blue E." is a rather generic house music loop with a smattering of Middle Eastern dialogue mixed in. There's very little in the way of a Muslimgauze sound in this one and it unfortunately drags on for nearly 8 and 1/2 minutes. "Nite Time - Praying Time" is my favorite with a hypnotic mix of chants, guitar, scratching and staggered rhythm. "Autogyre (Rocket Mix)" is more aggressive with a squelchy bass line and uptempo jungle-lite beat, background voices and wailing siren. "Space Goes On" is about the same as the previous track, though a bit more cut-up and once again too long at 7 and 1/2 minutes. "Free Your Soul" is the nearest to pure Muslimgauze with a big dub bass line and distorted and volume swelled bleeps and sweeps. But, it's only 2 and 1/2 minutes and not all that interesting. Altogether "New Soul", like most of the other remix discs, is disappointing. It seems that neither the soul of Reverberation or Muslimgauze comes through adequately. Even the most ardent Muslimgauze fans, like myself, won't be spinning this one very often. Future remix and collaborative works include the new 2 track Bass Communion v Muslimgauze EP out now and "Abu-Dis", a 2 cd remix collection of others' tracks (including Talvin Singh and Luke Vibert) due this September/August ... - Mark Weddle


We know that sometimes these CDs are somewhat challenging to find, which is why we have a RECOMMENDED STORES section which can be used to obtain nearly everything available on the site.


Mindfield General - Generalisation CD/2xLP (Skint, UK)
Jimi Tenor - Out Of Nowhere CD/LP (Warp, UK)
Various - Invisible Soundtracks Macro 3 CD [with 310, Bass Communion, Beige, Broadway Project, Druckwelle, Rob Ellis, B Fleischmann, Freeform, Manitoba, Ian Masters, Lee Norris, Op:l Bastards, Oskar, Pan American, Kieron Phelan & David Sheppard, Susumu Yokota] (Leaf, UK)

* Appliance - Six Modular Pieces CD/LP (Mute, US)
Carbon Cube - Carbon Based Life Form CD (indie, US)
DMT - Little Dog Music CD (Stray, US)
Hank and Slim - The World Turned Gingham CD (Soleilmoon/Caciocavallo, US)
* Mr. Oizo - Last Night A DJ Killed My Dog 2x12"/CDEP (Mute, US)
People Like Us - Lassie House/Jumble Massive CD (Cacciocavallo/Soleilmoon, US)
Stephen Philips - Natural Environments CD (Dark Duck, US)
Boyd Rice - The Way I Feel LP (Cacciocavallo/Soleilmoon, US)
Various - Heroes and Villains: Music Inspired by the Powerpuff Girls CD [with Cornelius, Devo, Shonen Knife and more] (Rhino)

Ken Ishii - Iceblink CD (Sony, Japan)

Remote Viewer/Tristeza - split 7" (Jonothan Whiskey, UK)

For a more comprehensive release schedule stretching far into the future, please check out the NEW RELEASES brought to you by Greg and Feedback Monitor.


On Saturday night, the audience at Joe's Pub in NYC saw a woman who over the years has gained complete control over everything in her environment. The control she has over the piano and voice is astounding Galas pushes through the songs, belting out her best renditions of the old soul hits, "My World is Empty Without You, Babe" and "Dark End of the Street" as well as old gospel favorites like "See That My Grave is Kept Clean." What's astounding to me is that over the years of seeing Diamanda perform, her shows have become less theatrical - but more intense. In 1991, it was the Plague Mass, she was covered in blood and naked from the waist up. In 1993, it was half Plague Mass, half The Singer, with her alone at piano doing various old gospels and 60s tunes. This show was just her in a nice dress, with one spotlight shining on the piano and her. Her voice was extremely intense, of course, but there was an extreme eeriness to it all, especially when she put on a piano loop and stepped to the front of the stage with one small light illuminating her face as she wailed incoherantly with her dark eyes staring into the crowd. After about an hour and twenty minutes, she stepped offstage, but the crowd stood, clapping and cheering, for nearly two minutes until she reluctantly did one more song. Then, again, the crowd would not stop their aplause until she came out to bedazzle us one last time. A truly rivetting show, bringing many in the audience to tears. - Jon Whitney and Daniel McKernan


While growing up, I read a few of the X Men comics, even watched a few of the animated television shows, but wasn't that big of a fan. After watching this film, I'd like to know more about the X Men, which unfortunately this film didn't really answer for me. However, once again it exceeded my expectations. I was surprised to see a good story though. It seems in the near future, the next step of human evolution is taking place. These mutants are becoming more and more common, but still a rare breed. There is a political bill that is trying to get passed permitting mutants to register so that the average public is notified of who they are. The good mutants are against it because they don't want to feel as if they're outcasts, the bad mutants are against it because they want to take over the world. That's basically the story line. The special effects were outstanding as well as the fight scenes. Patrick Stewart was outstanding as Dr. Xavier as was Ian McKellan as Magneto. Fans of the X Men will love it, non fans, like myself, will enjoy it very much but will have to wait till the sequel for the rest of the answers. - John Beck


The best source for tracking the companies who are most fucked has been established. Check out See who's really fucked and why, vote for your picks and watch the demise of the companies fall before you like lemmings.

Subject: <<< coil live in berlin 24-sept-2000 >>>

Within the last two days we (we're running Germany's biggest online info resource for industrial/atonal % related topics) have received three mails from different people, all asking the same if the following was true?

    COIL LIVE IN BERLIN, sept. 24, 2000
Do you have any news about that. I have already mailed John, but he always takes up to ten days to answer mail, so I really hope you have any news about that as it's quite embarassing for us not even kowing what's going on in our little home town...

Nobody here has any official word yet either, sorry. When/If it's made, we'll post it.

Subject: sax replacement fund

I'm interested in donating to the Niels' gives good sax fund, with or without a rarities release.........should I send it to your p.o. box or wait for the official word??


There's no word on the Neils Van Hoorn sax fundraiser bake sale yet. But if/when this happens, it'll be posted!

Subject: Merchandise

Where can one order T-Shirts etc for LPD.
Unfortunately I had just enough $$$ to get into the show, but none to spend on CD'S or a shirt.

Thanks for your attention

For LPD, their label, Soleilmoon sometimes has shirts after a tour to sell. Unfortunately I don't know of any place that would stock them regularly.

Subject: Chris and Cosey.....

I have read several books that mention Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, Genesis and never Chris & Cosey - who have been just as influential in the world of experimental electronica.


I haven't seen one on Coil either. I think TG was a phenomenon and Genesis was just the singer. People always focus around the singer even if they're the least talented individual in the group. I guess mind control and audience manipulation can be a talent...

Subject: Linking with


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I'd rather chew razor blades than even respond to junk email like this and get on even more junk lists.

Subject: Sorrow

I'm writing news for music magazine and if you can help me to find out which songs Sorrow play last night? If you know same it will be very helpfull.

Thank you in advance,

Oy, urhm, hmmm, try emailing her at the Sorrow website at - other than that, I can't help, I wasn't there.

Subject: Regarding MBM....

I need some serious help here and hope youre the right one. I recently wrapped up a remix of MBM's It's The Music. Not knowing much about copyright (but apparently someone does), I submitted the mix to be part of my site, and ultimately, part of my album. I promptly receieved an email from the nice follks at telling me they were putting my mix on hold because of copyright violation with MBM's original. They told me I needed some sort of release and had to fax it to them, before they would release my version. I have combed through the MBM website looking for the name of a management rep, label rep, something, someone that I could contact to see what I needed to do about this. Nothing. I DID however notice in MBM's Resources page, a link to MACOS, Musicians Against Copyright of Samples. I found that intriguing and all the more promising that MBM wouldnt have a problem with me remixing It's The Music, and would hopefully even enjoy the remix. Anyway, is there ANYONE you can put me in contact with that could give me permission, in writing, to release my remix?? Thank you very much for your time.

PS: I can provide you with a copy of my mix in mp3 format, if you'd like.

While MBM's stand might be for the gratious usage of sample material, remixing a track might be viewed differently by a record label. Your best bet is to mail a recording directly to their P.O. Box listed on the CDs and wait for a response. It'll take a while, indeed, but it's the only protocol. Sorry.

Subject: H3O-Page


Where did your h3o-Page gone?
Today I tried to cet on your h3o-page, but I only got the announcement of "Die Stadt". The start.html with the aiffile was reachable. But there was no connection possible to the works_links.html....

Furthermore I tried to download the h3O-Page with an Offline-Browser, but unfortunately it did not work. With COIL (for example) I did not have those problems with the same Offline Browser.

What's different in the site-architecture of h3O and why it has left the server???

I can't say with 100% certainty but that web designer doesn't like to make things terribly it easy for people to get information. It's all there I can assure you, but it takes a little more effort on the web surfing individual.

Subject: The Wire's description of

I was looking at The Wire magazine website and noticed on the links page

    Hub for many artist/group sites including Nine Inch Nails, Wagon Christ, Coil, Tortoise, and more
I've tried and and found nothing, is there some kind of joke I'm missing ?

NIN was a mistake on The Wire's part - has never housed a web page for Nine Inch Nails. Wagonchrist was a mistake on your part. Luke Vibert's page is and includes information on Plug and Luke and other projects. All the information can be easily navigated to at the top of the web site -

Subject: Brilliant

Dear Serpents and Jon at Brainwashed,

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that I check the World Serpent site every morning when I get in to work. To my happy surprise, there were some changes, and I just wanted to say that the site looks better than ever. I'm not sure if you've already been inundated with happy messages, but in case you haven't, it helps to know that you're work has not gone unnoticed.

I may have said this before, but I look forward to every release (especially to see the newest cover art for each CD). Keep up the great work. I only wish your store was closer to San Francisco, CA, as I hate having to wait so long for every release.

Thanks for the compliments. We'll be adding sound samples for many many more things in the upcoming weeks and will hopefully have online buying sooner than that.


1)Biosphere : Cirque
2)Tetsu Inoue:Ambient otaku
3)Vladislav Delay:Mutila
4)St Germain:Tourist
6)Pete Namlook:Air#1
7)Ambient Soho
8)Sam Prekop:Sam Prekop
9)Speedy J:A shocking hobby
- Jean-François P., unknown location.

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