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V02I23 - 06061999


Hafler Trio now has an email list devoted to H30 discussion, information can be found at Also, Current 93 now has a list set up over at Onelist.

Finally the interview with Creme Brulee surfaces, unfortunately the magazine stopped production before the interview went to press, so it ended up on the web site of the new 'zine incarnation: Periscope. .


Pornography. Quite a loaded word in our politically correct times. But that wasn't enough to stop Pussyfoot mainman Howie B. from asking a bunch of his friends to, uh, come together and record some tunes paying tribute to their favorite fuck flicks. After all, if reissues of sleazy listening classics like Gert Wilden's Schoolgirl Report soundtracks are so popular, why not update the genre for the 90s? The result: Suck It And See, a double disc set containing 90 minutes of the hottest, wettest and sexiest sounds around. Some tracks, like Sie's "Pepsi Tucker's Booty Beatdown", are more subtle than the titles might indicate, setting the mood with nothing more than suggestive beats and a bit of funk. Then there's folks like Deadly Avenger and Inevidence who spice up the mix with moans, groans and dirty talk lifted straight from the video action the tunes are meant to accompany. But regardless of whether they're being coy or in-your-face, most of the artists are simply having a load of fun and encouraging the listener to do the same. And tell me - how can you not love an album that includes a track called "Atomic Fuck Machine"? - Greg Clow

The transmissions have been received from outer space and reproduced in this, the latest platter from these analogue keyboard surf rock geeks from Alabama. Lively, sparky, challenging and inviting, "Eeviac: Operational index and reference guide, including other modern computational devices," (the full title of the release) could very well be the difinitive summer album of 1999. Break out the tanning butter and put this CD on endless repeat on the biggest ghetto blaster you can find for the beach. With 14 tracks and 36 minutes, you'll never get sick of these tunes. Look for the EP titled EPIAC and the remix album titled REPIAC later on this year... - Jon Whitney

Richard Melville Hall must get bored easily since his style almost completely changes every time around - each time stepping away from the anthemic aggro-techno that made him popular. This direction, much like his rocked-out direction on "Animal Rights" I must admit I was a little skeptical about at first. The blues samples are looped, beats are added (much like that single from the one-hit-wonder Primitive Radio Gods) but the music added is almost completely skeletal in points. Moby seems to be running out of ideas for riffs and this album still has yet to grab me. Both UK singles "Honey" and "Run On" have the exact same instrumental formula and nearly the exact melody. A few grand tunes stick out nicely that are remeniscent of his movie-scoring music. Overall it's pleasant, but not something you run out to get or will I feel will get much mileage on my CD player. - Jon Whitney

The Wire magazine resurrects it's Wire Editions imprint to bring us the debut full-length by Rhys Chatham. I don't think it would be fair to call him "trumpeter Rhys Chatham", because he still is first and foremost a guitar player - and his guitar playing is quite similar to his horn work. What he lacks in finesse and skill, he makes up in volume and power. Backed by UK trio Mass (with drum god Lou Ciccotelli, of Laika/Ice/God fame), and electronics whiz Pat Thomas, Chatham surfs his way through fourteen originals. For about half the songs on the album, Chatham pairs off with Thomas, and the two create wobbly beat backdrops for Chatham's trumpet flutterings. Nice atmosphere, but I think the album would have worked better with either full group tracks or the solo trumpet/electronics line-up. The real hits happen when Mass, Chatham and Thomas get into full swing, such as on "Wave" and the album's title track, which sounds like your favorite funk fusion and noise records sewn together. "Supple Shape" is the sound of the musicians trying to keep up with Thomas's ultra-fast breakbeat loop, but this gets annoying when Chatham's trumpet and Gary Smith's guitar locks together and create and ear-splitting high-pitched tone. Hey, this wasn't called "Soft Edge"! Not much on here sounds like Rhys' collaborations with beatmaster Martin Wheeler, which is a good thing. He is no longer hiding behind big walls of distortion like he used to, but the sense of experimentation is still there. Let's hope it's not so many years until his next album. - Jason Olairu

Their last critically acclaimed album, "Second Toughest In The Infants", did absolutely nothing for me, so I was surprised with how much I enjoyed this album after listening to it! Don't be fooled with what interviews and press sheets tell you about their fusion of rock and techno: this is straight ahead dancefloor fare. Normally I avoid cheese like this, but tunes like "Shudder/King Of Snake", with it's repetitious rhythms and vocal loops, and the pounding tension builder "Moaner", are purely addictive. It's hard to get these songs out of your hard, and harder to sit still while listening to them! "Winjer" s the theme to late-night futuristic skylines, and "Skym" is a hauntingly beautiful ballad, echoing out into nothingness. In certain circles I would be ashamed to say I love this album, so it'll go on my guilty pleasures shelf, along with my Godflesh CDs. Maybe when they say it's a fusion of rock and electronic music, it doesn't necessarily mean it's Wax Trax techno-rock, but the addition of a certain humanizing element to make the music as compelling off the dance floor as it is on it. - Jason Olariu


Period Three - Freqxen MP3-LP/CD-R [to be made available at No Type website] (No Type, Canada)
Autechre - EP7 2x12"/CDEP (Warp, UK)
Bjork - Debut LP, Post LP and Homogenic LP [limited edition reissues on heavyweight vinyl with special plastic sleeves, lyric sheets and stickers] (One Little Indian, UK)
C.J. Bolland - It Ain't Gonna Be Me 12"/two CDEPs (FFRR, UK)
The Other Two [1/2 of New Order] - Superhighways 12"/CDEP (London, UK)
Sneakster [w/ Mark Clifford of Seefeel/Disjecta] - Pseudo Nouveau CD (Bella Union, UK)
Aube - Ricochetentrance CD (Amplexus/Lunar/Soleilmoon, US)
* Cabaret Voltaire - BBC Recordings 1984-86 CD (Pilot, US)
Le Forbici Di Manitu - Play & Remix Lt. Murnau CD (Earthly Delights/Soleilmoon, US)
* Joy Division - Preston: The Warehouse 28/2/80 CD [live] (Factory/PARAS Group, US)
June of '44 - Anahata CD (Quarterstick/Touch & Go, US)
Laminar - Ante-chamber CD (Soleilmoon, US)
Lydia Lunch - Widowspeak 2xCD ["best-of" anthology] (Pilot, US)
Ministry - The Dark Side of the Spoon CD (Warner, US/Canada)
Mr. Scruff - Keep It Unreal CD/LP (Ninja Tune, UK/Canada/US)
* Orbital - Middle of Nowhere CD (ffrr/Warner, US/Canada)
* Pere Ubu - Dub Housing CD & New Picnic Time CD (Thirsty Ear, US)
* Public Image Ltd. - Plastic Box 4xCD (Virgin, US)
Rachel's - Selenography CD (Quarterstick/Touch & Go, US)
Sparks - 12" Collection CD (Oglio, US)
* Speedy J - Ieee Mitten Menu 12"/CDEP (NovaMute, US)
Nobokuzu Takemura - Scope CD/LP (Thrill Jockey, US)
Todd Terry - Let it Ride 12"/CDEP (Astralwerks, US/Canada)
* To Rococo Rot - The Amateur View CD (Mute, US)
David Thomas & The Pale Orchestra - Mirror Man CD (Thirsty Ear, US)
US Maple - Talker CD (Drag City/Touch & Go, US)
Various - Between Sun & Moon CD (Amplexus/Lunar/Soleilmoon, US)
Various - Deutcher Funk 2 CD (Caipirinha, US)
Carwax Kings - Deth is a Four-Letter Word MP3-EP [to be made available at No Type website] (No Type, Canada)
For a more comprehensive release schedule stretching far into the future, please check out the NEW RELEASES brought to you by Greg and Feedback Monitor.


Way too much naked men in this movie. When I shell out $4 for a rental, I want to see the girls naked, not the guys. Otherwise, I really enjoyed this movie. The soundtrack was less than stellar, the acting atrocious, but the film had so many quirks and funny bits to give it the Yak of Approval. - Thomas Guttadauro

The best part of this movie was when Tom Hanks was shot. I yelled out "Yay! Shoot him again!" Luckily I was at home or many Veterans woulda gotten peeved. It's not a bad war film, but as a morality tale, it just plain sucked. It made me long for Bridge Over the River Kwai or Guns of Navarone or Hawai mare Okikaisen (An amazing 1942 war film made by Toho. Well worth the search.) where the Men are Men! MEN! Who eat steak and drink beer! Whoo Hoo! - Thomas Guttadauro


Well, can't say I read Marmaduke every day, but this week's cartoon rather caught a lot of people off-guard. The cartoon here actually did run in Wednesday's papers. I wonder if anybody's lost a job over it... Click it for the full image.


Godsmack is the latest recording artist (I use the term loosely) to be removed from Wal-Mart and K-Mart chains. Their albums were removed after some dopey parent in Ohio bitched about some of the lyrics being offensive, using the f word, or practicing non-Christian acts. Who by the age of 13 hasn't heard "fuck" enough times, especially with backwards two-toothed trailor park parents raised in the bible belt? Godsmack join others like Sheryl Crow and pretty much any non-edited rap album to be taken down from the shelves of the largest music distribution chains. This is another unnecessary attack on 'that violent media' of ours. I wouldn't complain if it weren't for the one ironic plot twist: THEY SELL GUNS IN THEIR STORES. It baffles me that in Littleton, everybody becomes vigilant about wiping KMFDM off their playlists or boycott a Marilyn Manson show, yet few have raised a stink about the availability of firearms. When the founders of the USA wrote into the constitution "The Right To Bear Arms" - they granted everybody the right to brandish their fists, or any other means necessary to protect themselves in case the Brits or any other tried to invade us again. There's something wrong when the same people advocate guns, the right to life and want to stomp out rock music. - Jon Whitney




I am a college student who will graduate from Syracuse University in August. I am considering starting an online business, but I don't know if my idea is good enough to succeed. As an experienced internet user, could you please provide me your thoughts on my idea.

My idea is to open an online store that allows people to purchase personal items from the privacy of home. I would then ship the items to the customers in discreet packages and maintain strict confidentiality.

I think most folks would like to purchase personal items in private. By personal items I mean birth control devices, feminine hygiene products, diet pills, hair treatments for balding, and many other products such as, adult diapers. I have always been embarrassed when purchasing some of these items and I figure there has to be many other folks that feel the same way.

If you think this is a good idea or you might use a web site like this, please reply to this message. If you have ANY suggestions, such as what type of products I should sell, please send me the advice.

Thank you for your time.

If it smells, it sells! Love in a plain brown envelope isn't uncommon, you know, perhaps you should try ordering the more embarassing things some time and see how they actually show up. Consider this: most people ordering hemorrhoid treaments online usually would search for a hemorrhoid specialist - and I doubt you'd get a package in the mail in a nice colorful box with a family on the cover with "Anal Wart Removal Kit" in screaming pastel letters on it.

Subject: Ryoji Ikeda

'Good show' in adding Ryoji Ikeda's website - an addition that seems to expand the apparent aesthetic in a more robust way. Ryoji is a composer of the highest order in my book and an articulate, sensitive guy to boot...confirmed after seeing him perform a new composition in Phil Niblock's loft a few months god, he makes me feel inadequate. Anyway, you might add the Mort Au Vauche album to his discography...though the material is mostly sourced from +/-, it undoubtedly qualifies as a cellular and significant piece on its own. Also, is there some reason you don't list Forced Exposure on U.S. Distributors? They deserve the credit, methinks.

Thanks for the note. I'm actually waiting for my copy of Mort Aus Vauches to arrive, it's been on order for like a month. I haven't had much help on the site but there have been some people who are helping out with a discograpy. The web page you see up there is really a work in progress and will be much more complete in the weeks to come.

Subject: sup

Hey, your site sux. Just wanted to let you know so you wouldn't think it was actually good.

Thanks for the note, I'll keep that in mind next time I give a flying rats ass if people think it's good or not. It serves its purpose - unlike many breathing life forms on this planet who sit on their fat ass and write a bitchy email which, like their author, also serves no purpose.


Want every movie ruined? Wanna see only bad reviews of the most anticipated hit flicks? Check out and stay at home and buy a CD and avoid paying $17 for a soda and popcorn.


After such timeless classics like Encino Man, In the Army Now, Bio-Dome and countless appearances on MTV, Pauley has landed himself frequently on Hollywood Squares. It's always been a grey area when it comes to this man's career - is he supposed to be a comedian or an actor or does he just shag porn stars?? Either way, it's about time Shore comes out of the discount bins - time to get a new agent!


- The Legendary Pink Dots - The Tower
- The Legendary Pink Dots - From Here You'll Watch The World Go By
- Current 93 - Hitler As Kalki
- Wendy Carlos - Tales From Heaven And Hell
- Philip Glass - Glassworks
- Pink Floyd - Atom Earth Mother
- Twilight Circus - Bin Shaker Dub
- Twilight Circus - Horsie
- Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy
- Aphex Twin - I Care Because You Do
- Isotope 217 - The Unstable Molecule
- Olivier, somewhere in a far away place...

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