The Legendary Pink Dots
Traumstadt #5

Cover Image


NL CS Mirrordot
DE CS Jarmusic
NL CS Staalplaat STLPD009 (1990 - alternate cover)

side a

  1. The Lifesucker - [SOL46]
  2. Time Dance
  3. Even Now
  4. Even Tide
  6. Purity

side b

  1. Flesh Parade
  2. The Heretic
  3. Government Health Warning
  4. The Divorce - [SOL46]
  5. Boule (Viens Ici!)
  6. Ice Baby Cometh - [SOL46]
  7. Down From the Country - [RUS8231]

Edward Ka-Spel - voice, keyboards
The Silverman - keyboards
various others...

A1 from the compilation LP Life at the Top, 1984 Third Mind Records TMLP 07
A2 from the compilation cassette Insane Music for Insane People vol. 2, 1983 Insane/Grafika I/G 2
A3 from the compilation cassette An Invitation to the Last Judgement: The Labyrinth, 1984 Signal SV004 (alternate recordings appear on Edward Ka-Spel releases)
B7 is comprised of "Down from the Country" (5:28) and an unlisted track (0:19). The latter does not appear at the end of the former on Under Triple Moons which collects tracks from Kleine Krieg (where "Down from the Country" appears) and other early cassette releases.