Gary Wilson

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Baby Dee

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His Name Is Alive

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what r u?

I was wondering what kind of company r u?

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Make CDs less expensive, release better music

An article was released today from the Associated Press, Fan Memo to Music Industry: Lower Priceswhere poll results strongly support the case that the music businessneeds to stop crying and bitching about downloading and start makingbetter music.  We couldn't agree more!

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you are the best radio in the whole hole wide world.

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Sony BMG/Red Music

Hello, I am contacting you from SonyBMG/Red Music -- Can you tell me which
e-mail address to use when submitting news and press on our artists?   Also,

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Are You Being Brainwashed?

Have you subscribed to the Podcast yet?  Every week, the Brainwashed Radio: Podcast Edition presents an hour long program of music from the artists and labels hosted at It's here where you can hear exclusive music from forthcoming releases, rare cuts from obscure releases, and be exposed to music you might not have heard otherwise. This coming week is the 50th Podcast and something special is planned.
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Matmos eye...

I wanted to also say how great the Matmos "Eye" segment was.  I am originally
from Wisconsin and go to school in Iowa, so I will probably never have a chance

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matmos eye

really, this time you've outdone yourself, jon. the matmos episode of
'the eye' was the best thing you've ever featured on the site. amazing

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Thanks a Million

Dear Brainwashed, (and Jon Whitney in particular),

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I see you have a page for sampling Antony and the Johnson songs, and Iwas hoping you might be of some help.  I am desperately trying toget the songs from the "I fell in love..." ep and the song "virginmary."  Essentially, the rare stuff that is OOP.  The cds/7"are available on ebay for an exhorbitant amount of cash...too much formy poor soul.  I'm a big Twin Peaks fan, and I'd really like toget his "mysteries of love" cover.   Anyway, I was wonderingif you have or know where to get them, either to purchase them for areasonable sum or to download these gems.

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EYE001 enquiry (emil related)

Howdy.  I was curious what exactly was on your EYE001 DVD-R, specifically
whether there was any interview or whether it was just live footage with Emil

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"Brokeback Mountain"

Ang Lee is hands down the master of making films heavy on the drama and weak on the plot, characters, and dialogue, but, in his defense I might have thought this was a good film if I didn't keep hearing how awesome it is.  Unfortunately, due to all the (undeserved) hype I think I was expecting something more than gay cowboys eating pudding.
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latest podcasts

hi jon, great couple of podcasts these last two! especially todays.  
all the best for 2006 and thanks for all the music in 2005. I recall  

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Crap Your Pants, Say "Waaah!" article

After reading your great article last week on the dire state of the music
industry in relation to the consumer I came across this :

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schloss tegal

Do you ever play any Schloss Tegal, SPK or Lustmord? Do you take requests? This
is really a great idea and I enjoy your broadcasts. Thanks for the great work!

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Bauhaus, "Shadow of Light/Archive"

Finally on DVD, this features Bauhaus' two most complete video compilations that were circulating around since the 1980s. I always thought each of these video programs were named what the other should be, as Shadow of Light is a collection of nine promotional music video shorts, some taken from live performances and some with decent sized budgets, while Archive is a 10-song performance film with live shots interspresed with footage of non-band members running around some old English town.
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