Meat Beat Manifesto/Perennial Divide
Archive Things 1982-1988/Purged

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May 2007


disc a: Meat Beat Manifesto - Archive Things 1982-1988

  1. Guitarworks
  2. 1234
  3. West Window
  4. Falling
  5. B.R.E.L.
  6. International Disease
  7. Dirty Ray
  8. I Got the Fear (demo)
  9. Design for Living
  10. Kneel and Buzz
  11. Untitled 5
  12. Snareworks
  13. Synthesizer Test
  14. Lid Locks
  15. Let's Go Disco 7"

disc b: Perennial Divide - Purged [img]

  1. Blow (instrumental)
  2. Parricide (instrumental)
  3. Word of the Lord (instrumental)
  4. Captain Swing (instrumental)
  5. Rescue (instrumental)
  6. The Fall (instrumental)
  7. Trip (instrumental)
  8. Tuna Hell (instrumental)
  9. Burning Dogs (instrumental)
  10. End of the Line (instrumental)
  11. Burn Down (promotional 7" radio edit)
  12. Permanent Way (promotional 7" radio edit)
  13. Beehead 7" - [SOX020]
  14. Leathernecks 7"
  15. E.C.T. 7"

All titles by Jack Dangers
Paul Freegard (A1, A2, A3, B1-15)
Jonny Stephens (B1-15)
Searly (B1-15)
Ward (B1-15)
Andy Partridge (production: B13)
Colin James (engineering: B14-15)

A1, A2, A8 were given away as free downloads from

A1-3: Recorded at Tudor Studios 1982
A4-11: Recorded at Shed Studio 1984-1987
A7-11: Original MBM demos recorded on Portsastudio 244 1986-1987
A12-15: Recorded at Drive Studios, Swindon UK 1989
B1-10 are the instrumental mix of the album Purge, recorded in 1986, remixed in 1988 but never released.
B14-15 are MBM remixes of the 12" Leathernecks, recorded and mixed at Slaughterhouse, Driffield UK, 1988.

"Prior to Meat Beat Manifesto there was Perennial Divide. Archive Things/Purged features unreleased tracks and instrumental versions from Perennial Divide. Also included are some of the original MBM demo tracks. Some of these tracks are 25 years old and never before available on CD. The original demos, to me, always had more bite than the actual first release. So here they are....." - Jack Dangers, San Francisco, 2007