Perennial Divide
Bee Head

Cover Image

May 1987

UK 12" Sweatbox SOX020

side a

  1. Bee Head
  2. World Spread

side b

  1. Gentle as a Fawn Is Warm
  2. Clamp

All titles by Jack Dangers
Produced by The Sound Defence Policy

Etchings on Side A: "TORTURED MOST SEVERELY", and on Side B: "IT'S LIKE PRAYER".

UK 7" Sweatbox SOX020

  1. Bee Head (7" version) - [B0CD06]

The single-sided promotional-only 7" for "Bee Head" is limited to 500 copies, and comes only in a generic die-cut (one side only) white paper record jacket. Side A's record label states: "From the forthcoming 4 track e.p. 'Bee Head'".

One second after the very end of the song "Bee Head (7" version)", a very faint voice can be heard if the volume is turned up to a very high level. It is that of John Corrigan yelling during the actual time of this record's pressing/mastering - somehow the machine which pressed the original acetate was able to pick up his voice (the three words which he shouts are indecipherable, however).