Perennial Divide


UK 12" Sweatbox SOX036
US 12" WaxTrax! WAX067

side a

  1. Monster

side b

  1. Leathernecks
  2. --------------- [leathernecks - track #B2]

All titles by Jack Dangers
Produced by The Sound Defence Policy

There was never a commercial release for the "Leathernecks" ep., but it did manage to get pressed as a white label test-pressing only 12" ep. in both the UK and US (regardless of the fact that it was listed as an upcoming release in an April/May 1989 WAX TRAX! 'new release' advertisement which appeared in several magazines at the time).

The UK white-label test pressing-only 12" ep. for "Leathernecks" is limited to 200 copies.

The US test pressing-only 12" ep. for "Leathernecks" comes in a white generic die-cut sleeve. The record's label is a HUB-SERVALL RECORD MFG. CORP. label, and has a rectangular black [computer print] on white sticker affixed which features the track listing. The record's run-out groove has the call numbers, "WAX 067" and "SOX 036", etched into each side of it.

The US test pressing-only 12" ep. for "Leathernecks" incorrectly identifies track #A1 as "Leathernecks", track #B1 as "Monster", and omits [the untitled] track #B2, "--------------- [leathernecks - track #B2]", from its tracklisting altogether. The corrections are as appear above.

Remixes appear on the Archive Things 1982-1988 / Purged double CD.