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This Web site is an archive of the music of Lee Newman and Michael Wells.

Lee Newman and Michael Wells formed Greater Than One in London, circa 1985. The group was created to explore art through performance, recordings, and installations. They released albums on Graeme Revell's Side Effects label, WaxTrax! and ROIR in the USA, Torso in Europe, and their own imprint, K=K.

In 1990, they started releasing singles as GTO (because it was easier to spell) and Tricky Disco (to explore more techno and house music). As the rave scene of 1991 exploded, Newman and Wells started releasing singles as John + Julie, Church of Extacy and Signs of Chaos. They would later release albums and singles as TD5, The Salami Brothers, and Technohead.

In 1995, Technohead scored a massive worldwide hit single with "I Wanna Be A Hippy." In August however, Lee Newman passed away after a brief battle with cancer.

Michael Wells continues to DJ occasionally and record music under various names including S.O.L.O. and The Man as well as many of the above.

DataFlow is considered the umbrella, as it is one of their own labels—the most common recording label their music has been issued under—and their publishing company.

This Web site was launched in April of 1996 and wouldn't have been possible without the work of Chris Miller, Gordo Bellard, Erik Selke, and of course, Michael Wells.

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