1999 Readers Poll Recount: The Results

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the Recount of the 1999 Annual Brainwashed Readers Poll.

The original vote which took place at the end of 1999 was clearly less expansive and inclusive, however the new top picks aren't drastically different than the original vote for the most part. Numerous releases which have now charted weren't even on the radar of most readers at the time while other releases have noticeably dropped in popularity due to changing times and changing opinions.

No more polls until the end of 2019.

Album of the Year

  1. Coil, ""Musick to Play in the Dark volume 1"" (Chalice)
  2. Nurse With Wound, ""An Awkward Pause"" (United Dairies)
  3. Labradford, ""E Luxo So"" (Kranky)
  4. The Angels of Light, ""New Mother"" (Young God)
  5. Low, ""Secret Name"" (Kranky)
  6. Coil, ""Astral Disaster"" (Acme/Prescription)
  7. Trans Am, ""Futureworld"" (Thrill Jockey)
  8. Pan Sonic, ""A"" (Mute)
  9. Mogwai, ""Come on Die Young"" (Chemikal Underground)
  10. Add N to (X), ""Avant Hard"" (Mute)
  11. Stars Of The Lid, ""Avec Laudenum"" (Sub Rosa)
  12. Sigur Rós, ""Ágætis Byrjun"" (Smekkleysa)
  13. Current 93 / Michael Cashmore / Christoph Heemann, ""Untitled"" (Durtro)
  14. Jim O'Rourke, ""Eureka"" (Drag City)
  15. Dome, ""Yclept"" (WMO)
  16. Al Jabr (Richard H. Kirk), ""One Million and Three"" (Alphaphone)
  17. Andrea Parker, ""Kiss My Arp"" (Mo Wax)
  18. Pan•American, ""360 business/360 bypass"" (Kranky)
  19. Stereolab, ""Cobra and Phases Group Play ""Voltage"" in the Milky Night"" (Duophonic)
  20. Porter Ricks / Techno Animal, ""Symbiotics"" (Force Inc)
  21. The Magnetic Fields, ""69 Love Songs"" (Merge)
  22. People Like Us, ""Hate People Like Us"" (Staalplaat)
  23. Godflesh, ""Us and Them"" (Earache)
  24. Mouse On Mars, ""Niun Niggung"" (Sonig)
  25. To Rococo Rot, ""The Amateur View"" (City Slang)
  26. Monolake, ""Interstate"" (Imbalance Computer Music)
  27. Four Tet, ""Dialogue"" (Output)
  28. Bonnie ""Prince"" Billy, ""I See a Darkness"" (Palace)
  29. Nightmares on Wax, ""Carboot Soul"" (Warp)
  30. Arvo Pärt, ""Alina"" (ECM)
  31. The Caretaker, ""Selected Memories from the Haunted Ballroom"" (V/Vm Test Records)
  32. Tactile, ""Borderlands"" (Sentrax)
  33. µ-Ziq, ""Royal Astronomy"" (Astralwerks)
  34. GusGus, ""This is Normal"" (4AD)
  35. Mirror, ""Eye Of The Storm"" (Streamline)
  36. Surgeon, ""Force & Form"" (Tresor)
  37. The Necks, ""Hanging Gardens"" (ReR Megacorp)
  38. Papa M, ""Live from a Shark Cage"" (Drag City)
  39. Matmos, ""The West"" (Deluxe)
  40. Plateau, ""Space Cake"" (Subconscious)
  41. Songs: Ohia, ""Axxes & Ace"" (Secretly Canadian)
  42. Chris & Cosey, ""Union"" (Conspiracy International)
  43. Faust, ""Ravvivando"" (Klangbad)
  44. Hox, ""It-Ness"" (Origin)
  45. Bill Laswell, ""Hashisheen : The End Of Law"" (Sub Rosa)
  46. The Cinematic Orchestra, ""Motion"" (Ninja Tune)
  47. Rachel's, ""Selenography"" (Quarterstick)
  48. Chris Carter, ""Small Moon"" (Conspiracy International)
  49. Hood, ""The Cycle of Days and Seasons"" (Domino)
  50. Volcano the Bear, ""The Inhazer Decline"" (United Dairies)
  51. Jessica Bailiff, ""Hour of the Trace"" (Kranky)
  52. Aranos, ""Every Bright Body Gleams Green"" (Noise Museum)
  53. Tangerine Dream, ""Mars Polaris"" (TDI Music)
  54. Six Organs Of Admittance, ""Six Organs Of Admittance"" (Pavillion)
  55. Six Organs Of Admittance, ""Dust & Chimes"" (Pavillion)
  56. Andrew Chalk, ""Over the Edges"" (Streamline)
  57. Fly Pan Am, ""Fly Pan Am"" (Constellation)
  58. Tarentel, ""From Bone To Satellite"" (Temporary Residence)
  59. Pantaleimon, ""Trees Hold Time"" (Durtro)
  60. Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O., ""Pataphisical Freak Out Mu!!"" (P.S.F.)
  61. Interzone Orchestra, ""Programmed"" (Planet E)
  62. Irr.App.(Ext.), ""Foreign Matter, Nor Frequency Carrier"" (Errata in Exelsius)
  63. Twilight Circus Dub Sound System, ""Horsie"" (M)
  64. Pole, ""2"" (Matador)
  65. Cyclobe, ""Luminous Darkness"" (Phantom Code)
  66. Volcano the Bear, ""Yak Folks Y'Are"" (Pickled Egg)
  67. Peace Orchestra, ""Peace Orchestra"" (G-Stone)
  68. Hallucinator, ""Landlocked"" (Chain Reaction)
  69. Omni Trio, ""Byte Size Life"" (Moving Shadow)
  70. Peter Benisch, ""Waiting For Snow"" (Fax +49-69/450464)
  71. The Necks, ""Hanging Gardens"" (Fish Of Milk)
  72. Thomas P. Heckmann, ""Raum"" (Mille Plateaux)
  73. Plaid, ""Rest Proof Clockwork"" (Warp)
  74. The Sun Ra Arkestra, ""A Song For The Sun"" (El Ra)
  75. Z'EV, ""Face the Wound"" (Soleilmoon)
  76. DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist, ""Brainfreeze"" (Sixty7)
  77. Tom Waits, ""Mule Variations"" (Anti-)
  78. Señor Coconut Y Su Conjunto, ""El Baile Alemán"" (Emperor Norton)
  79. Aranos, ""Making Love In Small Spaces"" (Pieros)
  80. Mika Vainio, ""Ydin"" (Wavetrap)
  81. Bass Communion v Muslimgauze, ""Bass Communion V Muslimgauze"" (Soleilmoon)
  82. Lobe, ""Hibernation"" (Swim)
  83. Sneakster, ""Pseudo-Nouveau"" (Bella Union)
  84. The Hope Blister, ""Underarms"" (4AD)
  85. Bill Laswell, ""Invisible Design"" (Tzadik)
  86. Mirror, ""Ringstones"" (Some Fine Legacy)
  87. The Black Heart Procession, ""2"" (Touch & Go)
  88. Songs: Ohia, ""The Ghost"" (Secretly Canadian)
  89. Headcase, ""Mushiness"" (The Music Cartel)
  90. Death In June, ""Operation Hummingbird"" (New European Recordings)
  91. Volcano the Bear, ""Volwheat"" (Volucan)
  92. Piano Magic, ""Low Birth Weight"" (Rocket Girl)
  93. Sam Prekop, ""Sam Prekop"" (Thrill Jockey)
  94. Squarepusher, ""Selection Sixteen"" (Warp)
  95. Bauhaus, ""Gotham"" (Metropolis)
  96. Irr.App.(Ext.), ""Their Little Bones..."" (Errata in Exelsius)
  97. Jimmy Scott, ""Holding Back the Years"" (Artists Only!)
  98. Ku-Ling Bros, ""Creach"" (Off World Sounds)
  99. Fennesz, ""plus forty seven degrees 56' 37"" minus sixteen degrees 51' 08"""" (Touch)
  100. Ghost, ""Tune In, Turn On, Free Tibet"" (Drag City)


Single of the Year

  1. Coil, ""Winter Solstice: North"" (Eskaton)
  2. Aphex Twin, ""Windowlicker"" (Warp)
  3. Elph, ""Zwölf"" (Noton)
  4. Autechre, ""EP7"" (Warp)
  5. Boards of Canada, ""Peel Session"" (Warp)
  6. Mogwai, ""EP"" (Chemikal Underground)
  7. godspeed you black emperor!, ""slow riot for the new zero kanada"" (Kranky)
  8. Pan Sonic, ""B"" (Mute)
  9. The Angels of Light, ""Praise Your Name"" (Young God)
  10. Add N to (X), ""Metal Fingers in My Body"" (Mute)
  11. Co–Ω, ""Vox Tinnitus"" (Raster-Noton)
  12. Sigur Rós, ""Svefn-G-Englar"" (Fatcat)
  13. Einstürzende Neubauten, ""Total Eclipse of the Sun"" (Mute)
  14. Jim O'Rourke, ""Halfway to a Threeway"" (Drag City)
  15. GusGus, ""Ladyshave"" (4AD)
  16. Tino, ""Tino's Breaks Volume 3: Christmas"" (Tino Corp)
  17. Tino, ""Tino's Breaks Volume 4: Mambo"" (Tino Corp)
  18. Four Tet, ""Glasshead/Calamine"" (Output)
  19. Add N to (X), ""Revenge of the Black Regent"" (Mute)
  20. Low, ""Christmas"" (Chairkickers' Music)
  21. Broadcast, ""Echo's Answer"" (Warp)
  22. CoH, ""Into Memories Of S-Tone. For Gavin Bryars"" (Noton)
  23. Squarepusher, ""Budakhan Mindphone"" (Warp)
  24. Squarepusher, ""Maximum Priest"" (Warp)
  25. To Rococo Rot, ""Cars"" (City Slang)
  26. GusGus, ""Starlovers"" (4AD)
  27. Stereolab, ""The Free Design"" (Duophonic)
  28. Stereolab, ""The Underground Is Coming"" (Duophonic)
  29. Richard H. Kirk, ""Darkness at Noon"" (Touch)
  30. Four Tet, ""Misnomer"" (Output)
  31. Mouse On Mars, ""Distroia"" (Sonig)
  32. Komet, ""Manhatten"" (Noton)
  33. Low, ""Immune / I Remember"" (Tugboat)
  34. Mouse On Mars, ""Diskdusk"" (Sonig)
  35. To Rococo Rot, ""Telema"" (City Slang)
  36. Ladytron, ""He Took Her To a Movie"" (Invicta Hi-Fi)
  37. GusGus, ""VIP"" (4AD)
  38. The Black Dog, ""Peel Session"" (Warp)
  39. Current 93, ""Misery Farm"" (Durtro)
  40. Ladytron, ""Miss Black And Her Friends"" (Bambini)
  41. Monolake, ""Gobi. The Desert"" (Imbalance Computer Music)
  42. Mr. Oizo, ""Flat Beat"" (F Communications)
  43. Andrea Parker, ""The Unknown"" (Mo Wax)
  44. Natacha Atlas, ""One Brief Moment"" (Mantra)
  45. Nightmares on Wax, ""Finer"" (Warp)
  46. Papa M, ""Up North Kids No. 2/She Said Yes"" (Acetone)
  47. Papa M, ""Travels In Constants (Vol. 5)"" (Temporary Residence)
  48. Ice, ""Wrapped In Three Dimensions"" (Morpheus)
  49. Pan•American, ""Quarry"" ((K-RAA-K)³)
  50. Edward Ka-Spel, ""Share the Day / Dream Stealer"" (Brainwashed)


Vault/Reissue of the Year

  1. Swans, ""Various Failures 1988-1992"" (Young God)
  2. Swans, ""Cop/Young Good/Greed/Holy Money"" (Thirsty Ear)
  3. Swans, ""Public Castration is a Good Idea"" (Thirsty Ear)
  4. Cocteau Twins, ""BBC Sessions"" (Bella Union)
  5. Mimir, ""Mimyriad"" (Streamline)
  6. Dif Juz, ""Soundpool"" (4AD)
  7. Skinny Puppy, ""The Singles Collect"" (Nettwerk)
  8. Skinny Puppy, ""The B Sides Collect"" (Nettwerk)
  9. Scorn, ""Anamnesis"" (Invisible)
  10. Pan Sonic, ""X"" (Mute)
  11. The Legendary Pink Dots, ""Live at the Metro"" (SPV)
  12. The Legendary Pink Dots, ""–ü–æ–π –ü–æ–∫–∞ –ú–æ–∂–µ—à—å"" (Brudenia)
  13. Current 93, ""Calling for Vanished Faces"" (Durtro)
  14. Current 93, ""All Dolled Up Like Christ"" (Durtro)
  15. Can, ""Music (Live 1971-1977)"" (Spoon)
  16. Stereolab, ""Switched On"" (Too Pure)
  17. 808 State, ""Newbuild"" (Rephlex)
  18. The Birthday Party, ""Live 81-82"" (4AD)
  19. Psychic TV, ""Best Ov: Time's Up"" (Cleopatra)
  20. Dopplereffekt, ""Gesamtkunstwerk"" (International Deejay Gigolo)
  21. Pere Ubu, ""Dub Housing"" (Thirsty Ear)
  22. Talk Talk, ""London 1986"" (Pond Life)
  23. Fluxion, ""Vibrant Forms"" (Chain Reaction)
  24. Psyche, ""Insomnia Theatre"" (Synthetic Symphony)
  25. Swell Maps, ""International Rescue"" (Alive Records)
  26. Xhol, ""Motherfuckers GmbH & Co KG"" (Ohr)
  27. Guru Guru, ""Hinten"" (Ohr)
  28. Lisa Germano, ""Happiness"" (4AD)
  29. Psychic TV, """"Origin Of The Species"" Volume Too! A Second Supply Of Two Tablets Of Acid"" (Invisible)
  30. The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud, ""Rest On Your Arms Reversed"" (Arthur's Round Table)
  31. Pere Ubu, ""New Picnic Time"" (Thirsty Ear)
  32. Lisa Germano, ""Excerpts from a Love Circus and Small Heads E.P."" (4AD)
  33. Andreas Martin & Christoph Heemann, ""Lebenserinnerungen Eines Lepidopterologen"" (Robot)
  34. Biosphere, ""Biosystems - The Biosphere Remixes"" (Beatservice Records)
  35. Lustmord, ""The Monsterous Soul"" (Soleilmoon)
  36. DNA Le Draw D-Kee, ""DNA Le Draw D-Kee"" (Soleilmoon)
  37. Annexus Quam, ""Osmose"" (Ohr)
  38. Roy Montgomery, ""324 E. 13th Street #7"" (Drunken Fish)
  39. Tarwater, ""Silur"" (Mute)
  40. Quoit, ""Lounge"" (Invisible)
  41. The Sound, ""Propaganda"" (Renascent)
  42. Crispy Ambulance, ""The Plateau Phase"" (LTM)
  43. Gila, ""Night Works"" (Garden Of Delights)
  44. Sergius Golowin, ""Lord Krishna Von Goloka"" (Ohr)
  45. Anima-Sound, ""Musik Für Alle"" (Alga Marghen)
  46. A Minor Forest, ""So, They Were in Some Sort of Fight?"" (My Pal God)
  47. His Name Is Alive, ""Always Stay Sweet"" (4AD)
  48. Kammerflimmer Kollektief, ""Incommunicado"" (Temporary Residence)
  49. Red House Painters, ""Retrospective"" (4AD)
  50. Black Tambourine, ""Complete Recordings"" (Slumberland)


Various Artist Compilation of the Year

  1. ""Warp10+1 Influences"" (Warp)
  2. ""The Swinging Reflective - Favourite Moments of Mutual Ecstasy"" (United Dairies)
  3. ""Splendor - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"" (Astralwerks)
  4. ""Warp10+2 Classics 89-92"" (Warp)
  5. ""AuralOffalWaffleTenPintsOfBitterAndABagOfPorkScratchings"" (V/Vm Test Records)
  6. ""Total 1"" (Kompakt)
  7. ""Warp10+3 Remixes"" (Warp)
  8. ""Points In Time 001"" (Good Looking Records)
  9. ""Points In Time 002"" (Good Looking Records)
  10. ""Points In Time 003"" (Good Looking Records)
  11. ""From Brussels With Love"" (Les Disques Du Crépuscule)
  12. ""π: Music For The Motion Picture"" (Silva Screen)
  13. ""The Ghost Orchid: An Introduction to EVP"" (Ash International)
  14. ""Sub Rosa vs. Kompakt"" (Sub Rosa)
  15. ""Shanti Projet Collection"" (Badman Recording Co.)
  16. ""Four Ways Of Saying H‚ÇÉO"" (Hushush)
  17. ""Time : Space"" (Transmat)
  18. ""End ID"" (Digital Narcis)
  19. ""The Final Solstice"" (Piski Disk)
  20. ""X-Ray Music: A Blood And Fire Dub Directory"" (Blood & Fire)
  21. ""Ischemic Folks"" (Schematic)
  22. ""Tonal Evicence 1999"" (Mute)
  23. ""Rude Mechanic"" (PIano)
  24. ""Modulation & Transformation 4"" (Mille Plateaux)
  25. ""Adrian Sherwood Presents The Master Recordings Volume 2"" (On U)

Boxed Set of the Year

  1. The Creatures, ""Zulu"" (Sioux)
  2. Can, ""Box"" (Spoon)
  3. Robert Wyatt, ""EPs"" (Hannibal)
  4. [V/A], ""On-U Sound Box"" (Cleopatra)
  5. Muslimgauze, ""Box of Silk and Dogs"" (Staalplaat)


Artist of the Year

  1. Coil
  2. Add N to (X)
  3. Current 93
  4. Pan Sonic
  5. GusGus
  6. Stereolab
  7. The Angels of Light
  8. Low
  9. Four Tet
  10. Mogwai


Label of the Year

  1. Warp
  2. Mute
  3. 4AD
  4. Kranky
  5. Young God
  6. Drag City
  7. Raster-Noton
  8. Durtro
  9. United Dairies
  10. Soleilmoon


Worst Album of the Year

  1. VNV Nation, ""Praise the Fallen"" (TVT)
  2. Pita, ""Get Out"" (Mego)
  3. Buckethead, ""Monsters and Robots"" (CyberOctave)
  4. Ovuca, ""Lactavent"" (Rephlex)
  5. Alec Empire, ""Miss Black America"" (Digital Hardcore)
  6. Plone, ""For Beginner Piano"" (Warp)
  7. Skylab, ""#2 (Large As Life And Twice As Natural)"" (Eye Q)
  8. The Church, ""A Box of Birds"" (Cooking Vinyl)
  9. B. Fleischmann, ""Pop Loops For Breakfast"" (Morr Music)
  10. The Rapture, ""Mirror"" (Gravity)