2000 Readers Poll - The Results

They say history never repeats but almost unsurprisingly much of the 2000 Brainwashed Readers Poll looks closely identical to the first time we took the poll, 10 years ago. Thanks to everyone who participated in both rounds this year. Now it's time to go to your collections and dig out the music from 1999 for the nomination round (coming shortly)!

Album of the Year

  1. godspeed you black emperor!, ""Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven""
  2. Coil, ""Musick to Play in the Dark volume 2""
  3. Sigur Rós, ""Agaetis Byrjun""
  4. Current 93, ""Sleep Has His House""
  5. Einstürzende Neubauten, ""Silence is Sexy""
  6. A Silver Mt. Zion, ""He Has Left Us Alone, But Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of the Room""
  7. Broadcast, ""The Noise Made By People""
  8. Coil, ""Constant Shallowness Leads to Evil""
  9. Boredoms, ""Vision Creation Newsun""
  10. Antony and the Johnsons, ""Antony and the Johnsons""
  11. Current 93, ""Faust""
  12. Shellac, ""1000 Hurts""
  13. Gas, ""Pop""
  14. Yo La Tengo, ""And then nothing turned itself inside out""
  15. Do Make Say Think, ""Goodbye Enemy Airship the Landlord is Dead""
  16. Electric Wizard, ""Dopethrone""
  17. Amon Tobin, ""Supermodified""
  18. The Legendary Pink Dots, ""A Perfect Mystery""
  19. Boris, ""Flood""
  20. Nurse With Wound / Aranos, ""Santoor Lena Bicycle""
  21. Mouse on Mars, ""Niun Niggung""
  22. Goldfrapp, ""Felt Mountain""
  23. Dirty Three, ""Whatever You Love, You Are""
  24. Sunn O))), ""00 Void""
  25. Acid Mothers Temple, ""La Nòvia""
  26. Primal Scream, ""Xtrmntr""
  27. !!!, ""!!!""
  28. Aix Em Klemm, ""Aix Em Klemm""
  29. Death In June, ""Operation Hummingbird""
  30. Mimir, ""Mimir (3)""
  31. Biosphere, ""Cirque""
  32. Christoph heemann & Andrew Chalk, ""Mirror of the Sea""
  33. Irr.App.(Ext.), ""Dust Pincher Appliances""
  34. Smog, ""Dongs of Sevotion""
  35. Sol Invictus, ""The Hill of Crosses""
  36. Explosions in the Sky, ""How Strange, Innocence""
  37. Pan•American, ""360 Business/360 Bypass""
  38. Avey Tare & Panda Bear, ""Spirit They've Gone, Spirit They've Vanished""
  39. Ryoji Ikeda, ""Matrix""
  40. Songs: Ohia, ""Ghost Tropic""
  41. Zoviet France, ""The Decriminalisation of Country Music (Themes for Tramway)""
  42. Add N to (X), ""Add Insult to Injury""
  43. Peaches, ""The Teaches of Peaches""
  44. The Tear Garden, ""Crystal Mass""
  45. The White Stripes, ""De Stijl""
  46. 16 Horsepower, ""Secret South""
  47. Clinic, ""Internal Wrangler""
  48. Fly Pan Am, ""Sédatif en Fréquences et Sillons""
  49. The Legendary Pink Dots, ""Farewell Milky Way""
  50. The Microphones, ""It was Hot, We Stayed in the Water""
  51. Luomo, ""Vocalcity""
  52. Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, ""Sunset Mission""
  53. Bowery Electric, ""Lushlife""
  54. CoH, ""Mask Of Birth LP""
  55. Lustmord, ""Purifying Fire""
  56. Melvins, ""The Crybaby""
  57. The Avalanches, ""Since I Left You""
  58. The Fall, ""The Unutterable""
  59. Twilight Circus Dub Sound System, ""Dub Plates Volume Two""
  60. Flying Saucer Attack, ""Mirror ""
  61. Plaid, ""Trainer""
  62. Songs: Ohia, ""The Lioness""
  63. The Third Eye Foundation, ""Little Lost Soul""
  64. Aranos, ""Making Love in Small Places""
  65. Edward Ka-Spel, ""Red Letters""
  66. Hangedup, ""Hangedup""
  67. Kid 606, ""P.S. I Love You""
  68. Laika, ""Good Looking Blues""
  69. Mirror, ""Nightwalkers""
  70. Oval, ""Process""
  71. The Sea and Cake, ""Oui""
  72. Alva Noto, ""Prototypes""
  73. Kid Koala, ""Carpal Tunnel Syndrome""
  74. Mouse on Mars, ""Instrumentals""
  75. √ò, ""Metri""
  76. The For Carnation, ""The For Carnation""
  77. Vladislav Delay, ""Entain""
  78. Damon & Naomi, ""with Ghost""
  79. Michael Gira, ""The Somniloquist""
  80. Pole, ""3""
  81. Pram, ""The Museum of Imaginary Animals""
  82. Arovane, ""Atol Scrap""
  83. Charlemagne Palestine, ""Karenina""
  84. Chris Carter, ""Electronic Ambient Remixes one""
  85. Colin Potter, ""And Then""
  86. Francisco Lopez, ""Untitled #104""
  87. Phill Niblock, ""Touch Works, for Hurdy Gurdy and Voices""
  88. Scorn, ""Greetings from Birmingham""
  89. Shalabi Effect, ""Shalabi Effect""
  90. Cat Power, ""The Covers Record""
  91. John Zorn, ""The Big Gundown""
  92. Melt Banana, ""Teeny Shiny""
  93. Mirror, ""Visiting Star""
  94. Trans Am, ""Red Line""
  95. Ulan Bator, ""Ego: Echo""
  96. Anti Pop Consortium, ""Tragic Epilogue""
  97. Aube, ""Seton""
  98. Chicks on Speed, ""Will Save Us All""
  99. The Hafler Trio, ""Hljóðmynd""
  100. Ulver, ""Perdition City""


Single of the year

  1. Coil, ""Queens of the Circulating Library""
  2. Boards of Canada, ""In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country""
  3. Current 93, ""I Have a Special Plan for This World""
  4. Broadcast, ""Extended Play""
  5. COH, ""Vox Tinnitus""
  6. Broadcast, ""Come On Let's Go""
  7. Broadcast, ""Extended Play Two""
  8. Thighpaulsandra, ""Some Head""
  9. Low, ""Dinosaur Act""
  10. Sigur Rós, ""Ný Batterí""
  11. Stereolab, ""The First of the Microbe Hunters""
  12. Rachel's/Matmos, ""Full on Night""
  13. cLOUDDEAD , ""Apt. A""
  14. Add N to (X), ""Plug Me In""
  15. Six Organs of Admittance, ""Manifestation""
  16. Macha & Bedhead, ""Bedhead Loved Macha""
  17. Black Dice, ""Black Dice""
  18. Low & Spring Heel Jack, ""Bombscare EP""
  19. Non, ""Solitude""
  20. Arab Strap, ""Fukd I.D. #2""
  21. Meat Beat Manifesto, ""Eccentric Objects""
  22. Richard H. Kirk, ""Loop Static [amine ß ring modulations]""
  23. Wire, ""Third Day""
  24. Macha & Bedhead, ""Bedhead Loved Macha""
  25. Kid606, ""GQ on the EQ""



  1. Coil, ""Astral Disaster""
  2. Suicide, ""Suicide""
  3. Swans, ""Filth/Body to Body, Job to Job""
  4. Nurse With Wound, ""Alice the Goon""
  5. Polygon Window, ""Surfing On Sine Waves""
  6. Love and Rockets, ""Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven""
  7. Cocteau Twins: A Collection (1982-1990), ""Stars and Topsoil""
  8. Suicide, ""Second album + The First Rehearsal Tapes""
  9. Love and Rockets, ""Earth • Sun • Moon""
  10. Faust, ""The Wümme Years 1970-1973""
  11. ESG, ""A South Bronx Story""
  12. Sun Ra, ""Heliocentric Worlds Vol. 2""
  13. Cosey Fanni Tutti, ""Time to Tell""
  14. Organum, ""Volume One""
  15. Section 25, ""Always Now""
  16. Muslimgauze, ""Abu-Dis""
  17. Organum, ""Volume Two""
  18. Raymond Scott, ""Manhattan Research Inc.""
  19. Organum, ""Birds' Wings Were Glued to Their Bodies and Their Feet Froze to the Ground""
  20. Terry Riley, ""You're Nogood""
  21. Alan Gorauger, ""La Planete Sauvage [ST]""
  22. Chicks on Speed, ""The Re-releases of the Un-releases""
  23. Peter Murphy, ""Wild Birds 1985-1995""
  24. Sorrow, ""The Final Solstice II""
  25. The Residents, ""Roadworms (The Berlin Sessions)""


Various Artist Compilation

  1. clicks_+_cuts (Mille Plateaux)
  2. Emre [dark matter] (Source Research)
  3. Compilation 2000 A.D. (Young God)
  4. Wild Planet (Subconscious Communications)
  5. Futurism & Dada Reviewed 1912-1959 (LTM)
  6. Split Series 1-8 (Fat Cat)
  7. Total 1 (Kompakt)
  8. Putting the Morr Back in Morrissey (Morr Music)
  9. Take Me Home - A Tribute to John Denver (Badman)
  10. The Wire Tapper 6 (The Wire)


Boxed Set

  1. [V/A], ""Ohm: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music 1948-1980""
  2. Muslimgauze, ""Your Mines In Kabul""
  3. Belle & Sebastian, ""Lazy Jane Painter Jane""
  4. Merzbow, ""Merzbox""
  5. [V/A], ""Xen Cuts""


Artist of the Year

  1. Coil
  2. Current 93
  3. Broadcast
  4. godspeed you black emperor!
  5. Sigur Rós
  6. Nurse With Wound
  7. Einstürzende Neubauten
  8. Antony & the Johnsons
  9. Kid 606
  10. Boards of Canada

Label of the Year

  1. Threshold House/Eskaton/Chalice
  2. Warp
  3. Mute
  4. Durtro
  5. Kranky
  6. Constellation
  7. Mille Plateau
  8. Thrill Jockey
  9. Matador
  10. Young God

New Artist of the Year

Silver Mt. Zion

Worst Album

  1. Sleater-Kinney, ""All Hands On The Bad One""
  2. GusGus, ""GusGus vs. T-World""
  3. Hawksley Worksman, ""For Him and the Girls""
  4. Maya Shore, ""Farewell to Introductions""
  5. Raccoons, ""Raccoons""
  6. The Clarke & Ware Experiment, ""Pretentious""
  7. Cex, ""Role Model""
  8. Kid Spatula, ""Full Sunken Breaks""
  9. Sylvester Boy, ""Monsters Rule This World!""
  10. Divine Styler, ""Wordpower2: Directrix""