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It is impossible to squeeze a lifetime of stories and visuals of Boyd Rice into a half hour, but we hope everybody can appreciate this. Boyd Rice was the first artist signed to Mute Records as Non. Over the last three decades he has made his mark on experimental music with releases as Non and involvements with bands like Coil, Current 93, and Death In June, just to name a few. He has often been boycotted and made a target of by the religious right wing for his involvement with Anton La Vey and the Church of Satan and the far left wing by articles on male empowerment and might. The truth about Boyd Rice, however, is that he's a very friendly and charismatic guy, loves girl groups and pop music, lounge and Tiki art and a tasty cocktail, the Beatles and Abba, and the hours of interviews and footage captured last weekend in Boston during his visit for the Symposium on Evil at MIT will probably be weeded through during the creation of a full-length documentary in the works by author Brian M. Clark. Since his set at the symposium was so brief, footage for this installment of The Eye has been gathered from the video releases The Tyranny of the Beat and Live In Osaka to visually accent this segment.