Do Us All a Favor!

dear family, friends, colleagues!

Hi all, i spent last night writing letters to my government representatives asking them to fight hard for success at the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit. I  asked them in my letters to insist upon the reduction of carbon emissions level to well below 1990 levels within ten years. Anything less than that will not achieve our goal of limited global rise in temperature to 2 degrees celcius.

More than 2 degree Celcius rise in temperature will ensure that at least half the worlds species are lost. I imagine a car engine with half its parts missing. Will it continue to run?

If the temperature in the arctic tundra raises a few more degrees, the ground will melt, and the rotting permafrost will release massive amounts of methane gas. Game over.

Please sign the petition below. Also check out the Guardian on line every day as they are doing comprehensive coverage of the Copenhagen conference.

You wont find significant coverage in the US media because of the oil lobby. I just hope they are building space ships big enough for all of us.

I for one have no interest in human life without Nature. I am tied to the mast of this beautiful place.

If i am lucky I might be allowed to sing "Another World"  to the Copenhagen delegates before one of the public conferences. its a long shot, but I have my fingers crossed.  If not, I will be singing it in my sleep.

love Antony x

"Right now, we are counting down to the most important meeting of our lives. This December, world leaders will come together in Copenhagen to hammer out a global climate treaty. There are less than a hundred days left, which is enough time to show them that we want a bold, ambitious, and fair agreement. It is time for us to come together to build a cleaner and more secure world, but the clock is ticking.
Please join me in adding my voice to the largest mandate for action that the world has seen.

Check out  and sign the pledge. You can also share your own climate story, find campaign tools, and more."